Current Affairs

18th International Day for preservation of the Ozone Layer

Mon 17 Sep 2012

The Montreal Protocol is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Theme : Protecting our Atmosphere for Generations to come

ZSL and IUCN released data of hundred species fearing extinction

Wed 12 Sep 2012

100 different species first in line for extinction from 48 different countries announced during the World Conservation Congress held in Republic of Korea on 11 September 2012

Two Proteins that can Protect against Diabetes

Tue 11 Sep 2012

proteins called Puma and Bim can result in to self-reactive immune cells accumulating and attacking many different body organs, causing illness

India’s first multi-lateral Social Science research

Fri 07 Sep 2012

multi-lateral Social Science research collaboration with four European Nations by the approval of projects for networking and social science research cooperation in between the researchers of these nations

Brain does not allow math, memory to mix

Wed 05 Sep 2012

The brain is not wired to allow you to balance your chequebook while introspecting, say researchers who have practically wire-tapped a hard-to-reach region of the brain

Gene Therapy which can restore the Sense of Smell

Tue 04 Sep 2012

The scientists used gene therapy to regrow cilia, cell structures that are important for olfactory function.

Balwan Pyaj

Thu 30 Aug 2012

The farmer has distributed the seeds to about thousand farmers in Haryana

Massive Greenland surface ice cover melt picked up by satellites

Sun 26 Aug 2012

An estimated 97 per cent of the ice sheet surface thawed at some point in mid July

A New Strain of Rice that could boost Crop Yields

Fri 24 Aug 2012

It could increase crop yields by a fifth for small farmers. It grows well in soils lacking the nutrient phosphorus

MoEF issued Advisory to reduce the Impact of Communication towers

Thu 16 Aug 2012

Recommendations made by an expert panel