Current Affairs

ICRISAT, ICAR jointly to fight climate change

Thu 21 Jun 2012

The two organizations and their partners emphasized adoption of a different perspective and approach by listening, observing and learning from the people that they are supposed to help with research findings, technology and know-how.

CO-4 grass used as fodder increases milk yield considerably

Thu 21 Jun 2012

Feeding one bundle (15Kg) of CO4 grass has been found to increase milk yield by almost 200 ml per cow

IUCN released Red List of Threatened Species for Year 2012

Thu 21 Jun 2012

Euphorbia mayuranthanii of Kerala were listed in the extinct in the wild category, while a leaf frog species and six plants were reported to be extinct.

Nepal launches drones to combat poachers

Wed 20 Jun 2012

Conservationists in Nepal are to send drone aircraft into the skies in the battle to save the Himalayan nation's endangered tigers and rhinos from poachers

China launches Shenzhou-9 manned Space-craft

Sat 16 Jun 2012

China launches its 4th human spaceflight with China's first woman Astronaut

World's oldest cave paintings

Thu 14 Jun 2012

Prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils on Spanish cave walls are now the world's oldest known cave art, according to new dating results perhaps the best evidence yet that Neanderthals were Earth's first cave painters.

Labour saving tool for sugarcane cultivation

Thu 14 Jun 2012

New tool to help pruning of mother shoot of sugarcane

Powdery mildew in sunflower

Thu 14 Jun 2012

Powdery Mildew is a disease infecting Sunflower especially during the flowering and grain formation stages affecting crop growth and yield.

Most Environmentally Sustainable States

Thu 14 Jun 2012

ESI had referred to 41 key environmental indicators which were classified into nine thematic sub indices with respect to policy formulation

Earthquake observatory in Koyna-Warna area

Wed 13 Jun 2012

Project to measure physical and mechanical properties of rocks before, during and after a quake by drilling a 7 km hole into the crust.