Has the Science Nobel lost its way?

Apart from a record of surprising choices and glaring omissions, the award seems out of sync with the times

In a first, transgender chosen for Rajyotsava Award

This is not Akkai’s award, but an award for the entire civil society movement Akkai Padmashali Activist

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe gets China’s Nobel peace prize

The chairman of an award dubbed China’s Nobel peace prize has defended the decision to honour Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean President, for supposedly “injecting fresh energy” into the global quest for harmony.

A Nobel for the idea of well-being

Deaton has constantly questioned the divorce between policymaking and public discussion. His contribution has not only been as an economist, but also as a public intellectual. He is a firm supporter of government action for social policy

5 things to know about the Nobel Prizes

The beginning of October means Nobel Prize time, when committees in Stockholm and Oslo announce the winners of what many consider the most prestigious awards in the world.

A good choice

An accomplished moderate gets the Nobel

Jamaican writer Marlon James wins Man Booker

Jamaican writer Marlon James has been named the winner of the Man Booker Prize for 2015 for his novel A Brief History of Seven Killings.

Angus Deaton and an unequal world

The Economics Nobel winner has blended meticulous data with broad-based field observations to interpret inequality

British economist Angus Deaton wins Nobel for studies on income, poverty

Professor Angus Deaton, a British economist, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science on Monday for improving the accuracy of basic economic gauges, including measures of income, poverty and consumption.

Tunisian mediators win Nobel Peace Prize

It proves that dialogue is the only way to solve a crisis and not weapons Abdessattar Ben Moussa, president, Tunisian Human Rights League

Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 announced

The Nobel Prize 2015 in Physics jointly went to Takaaki Kajita from the University of Tokyo and Arthur B. McDonald from Queen's University, Canada.

Journalist wins literature Nobel

It’s not an award for me but for our culture, for our small country, which has been caught in a grinder throughout history — Svetlana Alexievich, BelaruSian investigative journalist

Chemistry Nobel for mapping how cells repair damaged DNA

Tomas Lindahl, Paul L. Modrich and Aziz Sancar were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for having mapped and explained how the cell repairs its DNA and safeguards its genetic information.

3 win Nobel Prize in Medicine for parasite-fighting therapies

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering “therapies that have revolutionised the treatment of some of the most devastating parasitic diseases,” the Nobel committee announced on Monday.

Right Livelihood Award for Inuit activist

Inuit and Arctic activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier of Canada won the 2015 Right Livelihood Award, the jury for the Swedish human rights prize announced on Thursday.

SASTRA prize for Dr. Jacob Tsimerman

The 2015 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize will be awarded to Jacob Tsimerman of the University of Toronto, Canada.

UNESCO award for Kerala temple

India has won the top UNESCO prize ‘Award of Excellence’ 2015 for the remarkable conservation efforts of the majestic Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple in Kerala, the U.N. body announced on Tuesday.

Indian scientist awarded first Sunhak Peace Prize

Noted Indian agriculture scientist Modadugu Vijay Gupta, who has done pioneering work in aquaculture in India and several other countries, was on Friday awarded the first Sunhak Peace Prize, billed as an alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with the President of Kiribati Islands.

Whistleblower, activist win Magsaysay Award

Whistleblower officer Sanjeev Chaturvedi and human rights activist Anshu Gupta are among the five winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Award this year.

M.S. Swaminathan hails World Food Prize winner

Eminent agricultural scientist M.S.Swaminathan has congratulated Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, recipient of this year’s coveted World Food Prize award.The announcement of Mr. Abed as recipient of the prestigious award was made