Surrender on CHOGM

A decision by Dr. Singh to go to CHOGM and include a visit to Jaffna would have been a powerful reaffirmation of New Delhi's stakes and interests in the region.

A flawed approach to Montreal

In rushing to embrace the U.S. proposal to amend the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion, New Delhi has neither helped multilateral efforts to tackle climate change nor ensured that the appliances industry gets access to viable alternative refrigerants.

‘Loss and Damage’ key issue at Warsaw climate talks

The Indian government has empowered its negotiating team in Warsaw to work with the Like-Minded Developing countries and the BASIC to ensure a formal mechanism on addressing Loss and Damage is secured at the Warsaw.

PM to skip CHOGM

As etiquette demands that the hosts should be first informed about the decision, government officials declined to publicly announce who would represent India at the summit.

High hopes at Geneva meet on Iran nuclear issue

A road map of confidence building measures is likely to address questions regarding the monitoring or removal of Iran’s existing stockpiles of enriched material, to prevent their diversion towards nuclear weapons.

Geneva talks could be inching towards a breakthrough

There could be some easing of sanctions if Iran agrees to freeze nuclear plan, says official. Iranians insist that they will not relinquish “right” to enrich uranium.

India is not a nay-sayer on climate change

Historical emissions and the principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibility (CBDR) are non-negotiable pillars of Indian strategy.

MEA recommends PM attend CHOGM

Within Core Group, Antony and Chidambaram express reservations; BJP has no objection to anyone attending meet.

Brazil approaches India for global summit to discuss U.S. surveillance

ICANN held multiple meetings along with the heads of ISOC and IETF last week at the Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia to answer the questions of various stakeholders.

Putting out to sea a new vision

As global economic power shifts to the east, maintaining prosperity and stability across the diverse Indian Ocean region has become imperative.

The case for making it to Colombo

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should attend CHOGM and reaffirm the first principles of India’s foreign policy that he has so often spoken of.

Khurshid will attend CHOGM

Mr. Khurshid indicated the thinking in South Block over India’s participation at the meeting, pointing out that it was not a bilateral meeting but a multilateral forum. India’s absence would be conspicuous.

Engaging for a fair settlement

With each passing episode that requires it to take a tough decision on Sri Lanka — be it attending CHOGM or voting against the regime at the UNHRC — New Delhi must wonder why it has been drawn to a corner.

Realpolitik plus principle

Wikileaked cables quote Arab leaders as saying Iran’s nuclear programme must be stopped by “all means available” and describing Iranian leaders in highly abusive terms.

No phasing out refrigerant gases: India

India settled for holding meeting of bilateral task force on the matter with the U.S. At Bangkok meet, India, China, Brazil block proposal to amend Montreal Protocol.

China will be more transparent on trans-border river projects

2014 has been designated as a year of Friendly Exchanges between India and China and both countries are to discuss with Myanmar ways to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Panchsheel.

India, China not to use force in case of face-offs

both sides shall exercise maximum self-restraint, refrain from any provocative actions, not use force or threaten to use force against the other side, treat each other with courtesy and prevent exchange of armed conflict.

Russia has stood by us: PM

The Prime Minister described India’s partnership with Russia as “one of the fundamental foundations of India’s foreign policy”.

Border pact with China today

The Depsang incident saw the status quo being restored within three weeks compared to a six-year face off in 1986-93 because there was a mechanism in place to do so.

A pound of flesh to feed the poor

Realising that New Delhi needs to clear its food security legislation at the WTO in time for the election, the West has sought increased market access in return for temporary relief.