India a key partner in defence

Both resolve to enhance cooperation in the fields of rocket, missile and naval technologies and weapon systems.

India latches on to G-33 plan to pay farmers inflation-linked price

At present, reference price for procurement is linked to what was decided in 1986-88. Agreement on Agriculture does not commit full allowance for inflation, say U.S. and EU.

Learn to keep your friends close

If it boycotts the CHOGM summit, New Delhi will alienate Sri Lanka and erode the progress it has made in nudging Colombo to devolve more powers to the Northern Province.

Syria: Geneva-II next month but opposition squabbles over its role

A divided Syrian opposition continues to pose hurdles in the convening of the much postponed Geneva-II talks, which, its backers say, is now slated for November 23.

Developed nations silent on funding

Developing nations had sought increase in funding. U.S. too has ignored the call for short-term commitment.

N-liability pact still elusive

India and Russia have almost finalised the agreement for two additional reactors at the nuclear power station in Kudankulam, besides the two that Russia has already supplied, but lawyers are vetting the text.

International support for India’s stance

India sought and received the support of major powers and some of its neighbours on insisting that the election process in Maldives be completed by November 11.

PM to focus on nuclear liability in Russia visit

The annual summit between India and Russia taking place in Moscow next week will see one more effort by both sides to bridge their differences over the nuclear liability issue.

All-party meet on Western Ghats on Monday

The High Range Protection Council, which has been running a campaign against the Madhav Gadgil Committee recommendations, has declared support for the hartal.

Iran’s nuclear talks with P5+1 begin on a positive note

Presentation delivered in English for the first time, underlining a shift. Snap inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities not on the table.

What’s Mandarin for great game?

In contrast to a flagging American foreign policy, China is hitting all the right notes in forging relationships and configuring partnerships.

Food Security Act will not distort trade, India tells FAO

Procurement & distribution under new Act will not be substantially higher than ongoing PDS.

S. Africa breaks ranks from BASIC on climate change

South Africa has formally demanded that the new global agreement on climate change be in the form of a protocol with targets, commitments and actions for all parties.

Three deals that can change the world

With new trade winds blowing across the globe, India must focus on getting the best out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement to be concluded by 2015.

World Toilet Summit kicks off in Indonesia

At the three-day summit in the Central Java city of Solo, speakers will talk about how to clean, repair and maintain toilets as well as the designs of public restrooms.

Not by single summits alone

Over the last nine years, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has regrettably kept putting off visiting Pakistan because it could not be crowned with a momentous announcement.

Beyond the Brazil-U.S spat

The NSA snooping revelations have underlined the urgent need for multilateral governance of the world wide web.

We need to first get LoC under control

They decided to ask the DGMOs to suggest effective means to restore the ceasefire and ensure it remains in force and in place.

Manmohan slams Pakistan-based terror

Even if terror machinery is shut down, there must be a clear understanding that J&K is integral part of India.

Looking beyond the Singh-Sharif meeting

India and Pakistan must break through the vicious cycle that dogs their peace efforts.