Nothing to write home about

The Manmohan-Obama meeting at the U.N. General Assembly session is unlikely to be significant thanks to the stasis that has marked India-U.S. relations since 2008.

India happy over G-20 move to stem currency volatility

The other big comfort for India’s volatile currency market comes from Japan’s decision to enhance its forex swap arrangement with India from $15 billion to $50 billion. This will go a long way in boosting and stabilising the currency market sentiment in India.

Currency volatility tops Manmohan’s G-20 agenda

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday indicated some of the pressing issues that India and other emerging economies might raise at the 8th G-20 summit beginning Thursday at St. Petersburg.

U.N. Chief asks nations to reverse aid decline

In a progress report to the U.N. General Assembly on the millennium development goals (MDGs), Mr. Ban expressed concern at the drop in ODA — which comes under MDG8, the global partnership — over the past two years.

A high-level let-down

A recent U.N. report on sustainable development is soft on big business and private investments, making sustainability, equity and well-being difficult to achieve.

At WTO, India will face price catch

India is preparing to make out a strong case at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) justifying its much higher foodgrain procurement to meet the requirements of the Food Security Ordinance (FSO).

In Bhutan, India has to look for gains with caution

Both India and Bhutan cannot afford a rupture in ties owing to suspicions about Thimphu’s manoeuvrings on the international stage. India has a lot riding on Bhutan, and the reverse is also true.

African first ladies summit focuses on girls’ education

The participants included first ladies from the continent as well as Cherie Blair. Ms. Bush emphasised the importance of education for girls and women, enabling them to protect themselves and their families.

G-8 Summit help in Lough Erne in Northern Ireland

The two day summit was attended by the leaders from G8 Nations namely Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the USA and UK.

IAF gets first fleet of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Chosen after a thorough study of its capability to take off and land on short runways with heavy loads, and even on unpaved runways (mud runways) coupled with its ease of operation, the aircraft is set to complement the IAF's 20 IL-76 Soviet-era aircraft.

RBI imposes restrictions on bank loans against gold

The central bank further said that banks cannot give advances against gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and units of gold Mutual Funds.

India, Saudi Arabia to deepen counter-terror cooperation

Saudi Arabia deported deported Abu Jundal, wanted in the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack about a year back. Saudi is concerned about the rise of extremism in the region, including in Pakistan, notwithstanding their close ties.

Conference of Sports & Youth Affairs held in Delhi

The two day conference of Ministers of States/UTs in charge of Youth Affairs and Sports concluded on May 25th in New Delhi.

NCERT Study of Education in India

English introduced in Class I in most States and Union Territories. Study recommended to know the status of co-scholastic areas in actual practice.

Devas investors take Antrix to arbitration court in The Hague

The Hague arbitration panel will be chaired by Canada’s Marc Lalonde QC and will comprise Francisco Orrego of Chile and former Rajasthan High Court Chief Justice Anil Dev Singh

India gets observer status in Arctic Council

India’s bid for observer status in the Arctic Council was successful on Wednesday along with that of five other countries — China, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Singapore — at a meeting in Kiruna, Sweden.

India, Russia agree on Afghan peace, but differ on drawdown

The Istanbul Process conference on Afghanistan held in Kazakhstan’s Almaty on Friday confirmed a close affinity of views between India and Russia, even as they differ in their assessments of the planned withdrawal of the U.S.-led NATO mission.

Urgent need to remove space debris

There is now so much debris in orbit that the space environment is close to a cascade of collisions that would make space extremely hazardous, 6th European Conference on Space Debris in Darmstadt, Germany, has concluded. Prof Klinkrad was the chairman of the conference.

India, China hold dialogue on Afghanistan

India and China here on Thursday held their first dialogue on Afghanistan, agreeing to more closely their coordinate their positions in the lead up to the 2014 withdrawal of NATO forces.

Chief Ministers’ Conference on 5TH Report on ‘Public Order’ of 2nd ARC Held

Discussions on 153 recommendations contained in the Fifth Report of the ARC were held. The States expressed free and frank views on the various recommendations of the Commission on issues pertaining to police reforms, management of public order, reforms in criminal justice system, federal crimes and special laws & the role of civil society and media in the management of public order.