India-Africa summit: beyond the event

For most African countries, India doesn’t represent just a trading partner but a country with similar challenges of poverty and disease that it has overcome through low-cost innovations

France’s climate warning: life on planet is at stake

France’s top diplomat, who will preside over a year-end Paris summit tasked with inking a global pact to rein in global warming, warned Sunday of a looming planetary “catastrophe”.

China passes blame for ASEAN split

ithout naming the United States or Japan, China has blamed “individual countries outside the region” for the failure of the ASEAN Defence Ministers and their partners to agree on a joint statement after their meeting

‘All countries must abide by 2002 declaration on conduct’

Expressing “interest and concern” at the recent developments in the South China Sea, India on Wednesday called for an early conclusion of the ‘Code of Conduct’ in the region for resolving disputes.

The greening of India Inc

Corporates are into clean energy schemes for CSR and business reasons. Conducive policy and market conditions would help

Reaching out to Africa

That 41 heads of state and government from 54 countries in Africa were present at the India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi, itself demonstrates the importance both sides attach to mutual ties.

India, Africa two bright spots of hope, opportunity: Modi

Calling India and Africa “the two bright spots of hope and opportunities in the global economy,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the leaders of African nations here on Thursday

Prior to Africa forum meet, India polishes its UNSC pitch

India and Africa must work together to ensure U.N. Security Council reforms, says External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, calling this a “major issue” for them as the U.N. celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Growing forests in the air

In its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs), announced last month ahead of the 12th Climate Conference of Parties (COP) in Paris, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) made a co

Modi may attend U.S. nuclear security summit next year

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to travel to the United States for the fourth Nuclear Security Summit on March 31-April 1, 2016, an initiative of President Barack Obama who considers nuclear terrorism

Climate goals on target

The significance of India’s re-framing of climate change as climate justice goes beyond the numbers, which focus on milestones in emissions reduction rather than global transformation.

India to oppose uniform migration policy at BRICS meet in Sochi

India might be home to a considerable number of refugees, but it has decided not to be a signatory to a uniform migration policy that is coming up for discussion at the first BRICS Migration Conference in Sochi, Russia

Hoesung Lee to head U.N. climate panel

Hoesung Lee, 69, a Korean professor of economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development, was on Tuesday evening elected as head of the Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change

These migrants need attention, too

Life is an interconnected web, and we ignore changes in the life cycles of other species at our peril.

Unbundling the coal-climate equation

Indian INDCs reflect an enduring paradox: India will need to grow its coal capacity if it is to successfully go green

To counter China, Navy expands reach

Two developments on Friday, several hundred kilometres apart, emphatically captured India’s naval challenges and growing opportunities.

How to avoid Copenhagen in Paris

National Geographic has said the shrinking of ice caps has forced them to make the biggest change in their atlas since the Soviet Union broke apart

‘Demonstrate technology used to mitigate impact of climate change’

‘Warming, temperature extremes and strong variability in rainfall are likely to impact food and livelihood security of the population in India’

India to hold G20 Chair in 2018, Delhi may play host

India is set to be the G20 Chair in 2018, and New Delhi could host the prestigious annual G20 summit.The G20 member nations took a decision on the Chair for 2018 earlier this month

Develop standards and assess teachers: expert

In order to bring in quality in education, schools and educational institutions were urged to conduct assessment for teachers and develop their own teacher standards.