Global studies on India’s air quality flawed: CPCB

Bodies such as WHO used ‘arbitrary’ conversion factors to measure pollutants

Panel submits report on Tiruvannamalai project

Road widening may not affect flora and fauna, NGT told

Wind tariffs at a low of Rs. 3.46 per unit

The price realised at the maiden auction for wind projects follows the historically low solar tariffs

Tough taking food to firefighters

Forest Department grappling with logistics in Bandipur National Park

Arctic vault receives new seed deposits

50,000 samples, including from India, to play a role in developing climate-resilient crops

Choke on it

Air quality continues to deteriorate, but there is no pressure on the government to take action

A disaster that’s still unfolding

The inadequate response to the oil spill off the coast of Chennai raises questions of accountability

Four new tiny frog species found in Western Ghats

They are no bigger than a human thumbnail, make a distinctive chirping sound

How ponds can speed up global warming

They gradually lose capacity to soak up a type of greenhouse gas and give off even more of another

‘Shoot at sight’ against poachers in Corbett

Orders were issued after information on movement of suspected poachers in the tiger reserve

Smoke on the water

Weak official response to the pollution of Bengaluru’s wetlands threatens public health

The groundwater beneath their feet

In 1995, a chromium factory in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district shut shop leaving behind a legacy of contaminated soil and water. Two decades later, agriculture remains unviable and people continue to flock to hospitals with health issues.

Massive fire in Bengaluru lake

Residents blame it on garbage burning; officials suspect ‘chemically active’ sludge

Antarctic sea ice hits record low

Antarctic sea ice extent has shrunk to the lowest recorded-level in last four decades, scientists say.

The foul air we breathe

A new international report has drawn attention to the deadly pollutants that pervade the air that people breathe in India, causing terrible illness and premature death.

The ecological balance-sheet

Much greater focus is required to reverse both inadequate budgetary allocation for the Ministry of Environment and its under-utilisation

181 Irrawaddy dolphins counted in Odisha census

Chilika Lake has recorded marginal drop in the population of the species from 144 in 2015 to 134 this year

How land use affects climate change

Interventions like converting agricultural land for housing or industry and filling up ponds impact ecosystem services

Music to the ears: New species of songbird found

Researchers exploring the forests of Western Ghats also designate two new genera that is endemic to the region

What’s in a name? The future of an ecosystem, apparently

When the forest officers attached to the British Raj surveyed the vast expanse of grasslands and woodlands in the country, they decided to term them ‘forests’. For many modern-day scientists, however,