What’s in a name?

Far from hubris, Anthropocene is a formal acknowledgement of guilt about what we have to done to the earth

How ponds can speed up global warming

They gradually lose capacity to soak up a type of greenhouse gas and give off even more of another

Smoke on the water

Weak official response to the pollution of Bengaluru’s wetlands threatens public health

How land use affects climate change

Interventions like converting agricultural land for housing or industry and filling up ponds impact ecosystem services

NW1 is economically viable, without increasing tariffs

It took 18 months to prepare the detailed study. Now, we are constructing three multi-modal terminals with railway and road connectivity at Varanasi, Sahebgunj and Haldia

Instead of chasing storms, scientists create their own

A researcher measures ice accumulation after a team of scientists sprayed water on trees the night before in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in Woodstock, New Hampshire, in the U.S.— Photo: Hubb

Central team visits Delta region to assess drought situation

Many had taken their life or died due to severe shock, said farmers in Nagapattinam

Surviving the drought

amil Nadu’s move to declare a drought, ironically on the eve of the harvest festival of Pongal, is an important step to address the agrarian distress that is sweeping the State following poor rainfall during the northeast monsoon.

Water to Tamil Nadu: Naidu promises all help to Panneerselvam

But says thatpost-bifurcation it is the Krishna board that has to decide the share of AP, Telangana

Study throws light on groundwater, rainfall link

Prof. Vimal Mishra  

‘Urbanisation has not led to hotter summer for many cities’

Cities with heavily built-up areas and concrete structures are supposed to have higher temperatures than non-urban regions due to urban heat island effect.

Unclogging the cities

The move to make New Delhi’s iconic Connaught Place a pedestrian zone from February

‘Nobody knows us in Bharat; we are a forgotten diaspora’

A stall from Réunion Island, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Bengaluru on Sunday.

Identifying with the Indus

The issue of water-sharing between India and Pakistan is an important aspect in the ties between the two countries.

CP to be vehicle-free zone from February

Come February and Connaught Place in New Delhi will become a vehicle-free zone for three months.

Ken-Betwa river linking project faces new hurdle

Lack of clarity on funding pattern of the first ever such initiative

Cold wave sweeps North India

Mild snowfall in high-altitude areas of Himachal; road and rail traffic hit in Punjab, Haryana

Kerala gears up to tackle drought

Mitigation measures include shift to drought-resistant paddy and promotion of non-irrigated crops.

Polavaram project gets Central funds

This should quell A.P.’s sense of distrust towards the Centre over funding for the project: Jaitley

Vizag emerges as model city in sanitation

Its ward-to-ward approach to end ODF figures in Centre’s documents