Protecting forest lands

With the possible exception of designated protected areas, judicial scrutiny and oversight did not result in an effective regime to either reduce deforestation or to green alternative lands.

Time to bridge this river divide

The Indus Water Treaty must move beyond its logic of compensation and water sharing between India and Pakistan to address the energy and ecological concerns of Jammu & Kashmir.

Financial aid to boost North-East tourism sector

In a bid to give a fillip to tourism in the North-East, the government on Saturday announced Central Finance Assistance (CFA) of over Rs.1,230 lakh for various development projects in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Nagaland.

Too many pieces to this puzzle

The Congress’s tactical errors on the Telangana announcement and an ill-prepared State government have allowed full play to the multitude of separatist movements in Assam.

Doomed by definition - Handloom Industry

The move to redefine 'handloom' is in the interest of powerloom operators who will be able to corner benefits meant for weavers

African dust clouds worry Caribbean scientists

Experts say particulate matter found in the clouds may also be cause for health concerns, and are calling for more study to understand their potential impact.

A Cooch Behar resident declared a foreigner

I kept on pleading to the police that my home is in West Bengal but they said I was lying and that I was a Bangladeshi.

A state-of-the-art digital tool for India studies

The uses of the India Place Finder , described by Professor Mizushima as “the most detailed gateway to find place names with latitude and longitude and the 2001 census location code today in India,” are manifold.

Indo-Bangladesh enclaves’ people must be heard: Coordination panel

One has to understand that over 66 years these people have been denied citizenship and they are essentially Stateless. Now there is talk about 7,000 acres of land on this side and 17,000 on other side but no one talks about the people.

More compensation fosters better coexistence with wildlife

People and wildlife commonly co-habit in India, particularly on the fringes of many of our parks and sanctuaries. Households farming and living in close proximity to these “hard-edges” are more vulnerable to losses.

Where have all the women gone?

Overcoming son preference in India remains a daunting challenge as even educated women are prone to it.

Southern and north-eastern States get A grade on gender

India’s southern and north-eastern States get an A grade on a multi-indicator gender scorecard, while Gujarat gets a D and Delhi a G.

Neanderthal tools similar to modern instruments

Archaeologists have unearthed the oldest specialised bone tools ever found in Europe, at sites where Neanderthals lived more than 40,000 years ago.

The devil is in the detail

Per capita entitlements under the food security bill will not cover beneficiaries as comprehensively as household entitlements.

The shaky geopolitics of India’s food security

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) certainly seems to have, because it has pushed through a major food security initiative without so much as a murmur on how it will operate with respect to India’s international commitments.

From the granary to the plate

Despite its many flaws, the food security bill is an opportunity to end the leakages from the PDS and prevent wastage of public resources.

GI tag for Nagpur orange, Dharmavaram saris

The wait for the famous Hyderabad Biryani to get the GI tag continues as the application was kept pending for want of documents.

Rubber Board proposes extending development through MGNREGS

The proposal is likely to generate huge employment opportunities for the rural poor. Only job card holders to be employed for the unskilled work.

You are among the top 5% if you live in a village and spend Rs. 3,000 a month

The National Sample Survey Organisation’s newest set of consumption expenditure data for 2011-12 gives an insight into how those across the spectrum, from the poorest to the richest, live in different parts of India.

Nothing but skin and bones

The government’s food support programme to provide free ration to tribal families below the poverty line has not reached them.