History beckons: On the trail of the lost Saraswati

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology aims at establishing the likely origin and course of the mystical river

Centre to invite bids soon for 36 waterways

Moving to get its ambitious waterways project under way, the government has said it will augment the process of development for 36 waterways in the first phase and soon float tenders to invite bids for the project.

Technical team begins State visit in Cauvery basin

The Supreme Court-mandated technical team began the exercise of assessment of the ground-level situation in the Cauvery basin by embarking on a two-day visit in Karnataka on Friday.

Central team to inspect Cauvery basin from today

The Karanataka government will submit a memorandum highlighting poor rainfall in the Cauvery basin and water level in all four reservoirs to the high-level Central technical team that will start its two-day inspection of the basin area in Karnataka on Friday.

Don’t dig well when house is on fire, SC tells Centre

“Don’t dig the well when the house is on fire,” the Supreme Court on Wednesday observed as it warned the Centre of not repeating last year’s “mistakes” in tackling the drought situation in various parts of the country this time.

Karnataka starts release of water, ends defiance of SC

Legislature’snew resolution ‘empowers’ State government

‘Private consumption to rise on better monsoon’

Monsoon rains, the best in three years, are set to boost rural incomes and increase private consumption to 8.3 per cent this financial year compared with 7.4 per cent in the previous year, according to credit rating agency CRISIL.

More rain forecast for next two days

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned of heavy rain in the State over the next two days.

“Intercrop cultivation will increase farmers’ income”

Intercropping of horticulture and floriculture crops in one field has not only enhanced profit for floriculturists but also ensured economic safety and better returns for them.

When the river weeps

We need to find ways to recharge the Cauvery, increase inflow of water and efficiency of water use, and clean up hotspots of pollution

Monsoon may withdraw in four days, says IMD

The southwest monsoon could start withdrawing in three or four days, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Tuesday. The overall rainfall deficiency has, however, increased to 5 per cent.

IMD gets August forecast wrong

As The Hindu reported in July, the IMD is planning to shift next year to a forecast system that relies on a supercomputer-led dynamical weather-modelling. Moreover, unless September gets 150% more rain than normal, it is unlikely that India will meet its forecast target of 6% surplus rains for the monsoon season. So far the all-India monsoon deficit as of August 31 was 3%.

Fossil find points to life on Earth 3.7 bn years ago

Life on Earth is even older than we thought, Australian scientists said on Thursday as they unveiled fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years.

The Anthropocene is here, propose scientists

The approval process is likely to take at least two years

Allocate Krishna water among four States, insists Telangana

The Telangana Government has made a strong pitch for reallocation of Krishna river water among the four riparian States – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Return of the great deluge

Once again, a vigorous monsoon so vital to India’s economic fortunes has left some States in a shambles. From Assam to Karnataka, heavy rainfall in a short span of time has created paralysing floods

Surplus river basins face drop in rainfall: IIT study

While there is a statistically significant decrease in the monsoon rainfall over major water surplus river basins, there is no statistically significant increase in monsoon rainfall over major water

Supercomputer to forecast monsoon with dynamical model

Next year, India’s annual summer monsoon forecast may be made by a supercomputer running a dynamical model.

Centre injects Rs.22,915 cr into 13 public sector banks - BUSINESS - The Hindu

<h2>The remaining amount, to be released later, will be linked to performance</h2>

Chronicle of a tragedy foretold

Normally it feels nice to be able to say, “I told you so”. Not this time. As news came in from Gujarat on the crisis of freshwater shortage and salinity ingress faced by farmers and industries around