The Champaran example

Gandhi’s movement, a century ago, was a political campaign operating in a more hostile environment than today’s. Yet it brought lasting reform without alienating the opposition

Revisiting a passage from India

The challenge before India lies in the way it taps its widespread disapora’s financial and intellectual capital. For this it needs to adopt a wise, pro-active, secular, non-jingoistic tone

‘Develop curricula in Indian languages’

Prakash Javadekar, Human Resource Development Minister, speaking at the All-India Convention of Samskrita Bharathi in Udupi on Sunday.handout_mail  

The unbecoming of Bollywood

Bollywood 2016 had little sense of togetherness with those in the film fraternity in the neighbourhood, and was a slap to the idea of South Asia

Still frowning upon intermarriages

A survey in two diverse areas shows that the desire to stop other people from having inter-caste or inter-religious marriages is not as uncommon as we might like to think

Foreign policy, Act III

In the second act, when Mr. Modi began encountering complex issues, rivals and adversaries, things appeared complicated

The ‘witches’ of Jharkhand

On the night ofAugust 7, five women from a village in Ranchi were hacked to death. It wasn’t a one-off. Shiv Sahay Singh reports on the inconceivable cruelty that awaits women who are brandedas witches

An equal music, a beautiful society

No aspect of life in India from the exalted heavens of the classical arts to the most mundane pits of bodily waste can escape the totalitarian structure of caste

Queen Victoria’s last letter to India unveiled

Written a month before her death, it was gifted by Viceroy Lord Curzon in 1904

Row in Uttarakhand over break for namaz

Rawat says the concession will be extendedto all religions

The decisiveness of 1971

Looking back at the restraint and planning that stood India well in the Bangladesh War

‘Kannada greatly benefited from Prakrit’

Ham Pa Nagarajaiah speaking at the two-day international seminar on ‘Kannada-Prakrit, Tradition and Influence’ that began at the Kannada University in Hampi on Thursday.  

Fort in Kalaburagi holds the world’s largest cannon?

The Bara Gazi Toph measures 29 ft in length,with a circumference of 7.6 ft

Malayalam repays its first lexicographer

Hermann Gundert  

World’s sole Sanskrit daily struggles to stay afloat

K.V. Samapth Kumar, Editor of Sudharma, at his printing centre in Mysuru.— PHOTO: M.A.SRIRAM  

Raichur all decked up for Kannada meet starting today

The spick-and-span look of the venue of the Kannada Sahitya Sammelan in Raichur on Thursday.

Cuban rumba and Ugandan music now on UNESCO’s heritage list

Portuguese pottery and Belgian beer also named intangible cultural treasures

No space to contemplate

Unlike the book, the Internet and digitalised reading, at least as they are today, seem more likely to lead to demagogy than to democracy

HC rejects plea to recover Raja Raja Cholan statue

Refusing to entertain a public interest litigation (PIL) petition seeking a direction to the authorities to take appropriate steps to recover antique idols allegedly stolen from temples in the State,

His voice carried across barriers

In the demise of Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna on Tuesday, the world of Carnatic classical music has lost a multifaceted artist whose work defied neat definitions, as his popular appeal transcended barriers of geography and language.