Technology unlocks secrets of a Biblical scroll found 50 years ago

‘Virtual unwrapping’ method helps researchers read contents of the document that was discovered on the western shore of the Dead sea

Walking with the marginalised

Throughout his life, Manto carried the accusation of being vulgar. But he never apologised

A small step for women, a big crack in tradition

Women participate in the Pulikali dance in Thrissur for the first time as part of Onam celebrations

Stone Age tools found in Tunisia

The discovery could explain the spread of humans from Africa to the world

The atheist and the saint

At Tirunelveli in 1956, Periyar and Kundrakudi Adigalar reiterated their commitment to eradicating caste and give Tamil its due

Archaeologists map heritage of Afghanistan

For archaeologists Afghanistan, rich in ancient treasures and once a key stop on the legendary silk road, is an “open-air museum”, albeit one ravaged by war and plagued by looters.

Triple whammy

The egregious practice that many Muslim men employ to divorce their wives instantaneously and without their consent, merely by uttering the word talaq thrice, was rendered legally invalid by the Sham

Mother Teresa is now a saint

She’s so near to us, we continue to call her Mother: Pope

Bidar’s Surang Bavi suffers a damage

Earthwork taken up in front of the heritage structure’s entrance has closed its vents

New stamp for Mother Teresa’s canonisation

The canonisation of Mother Teresa in the Vatican on Sunday will be marked by India with the release of a commemorative postage stamp.

Meditation can take all sorts

Intense rituals in Thailand include corpses and snakes as aids

Dasara elephants accorded traditional welcome at Mysuru palace

The first batch of six elephants, led by Arjuna, was accorded a warm and traditional welcome on arrival at the Mysuru palace to participate in the Dasara festival, here on Friday.

Selling the country’s jewels

Another prospect was selling our Indian embassy property in Tokyo, for which around Rs.900 crore was offered

Notes from the fringes

Dissent and critique always creep up in unexpected white spaces and can grow to challenge what has been highlighted many times over

“So what if jallikattu is an age-old tradition”

“The epic cites Lord Krishna controlling a violent bull in the atrium of King Kamsa’s palace. In another chapter, Lord Krishna tames seven bulls to marry Princess Naganajiti, daughter of King Nagnajit

The sullying of scientific literature

In a rare and highly commendable move that has sent out a strong message to the Indian scientific community, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has dismissed a senior scientist working

Why caste matters less in urban India

Caste barriers are being lowered on the matrimonial stage as a trade-off for better future economic prospects

Satavahana capital faces submergence

Karimnagar revenue officials alert people to move to the Relief and Rehabilitation Colony

All that we cannot read or watch

For a country that prides itself on its loud, rambunctious cinema and regards it as its best export till date, it is surprising that the cry for a ban on a film we don’t like, or are distinctly uncomf

‘Chains of causality whose ends we cannot see’

t was happening, we knew that at the back of our minds, yet we continued to ignore it, until one fine day it came to claim our lives... Climate change — the upsetting of weather patterns across the wo