‘India, a lab to learn about what works in development’

World Bank CEO says the country influences global growth

India’s door open while others look inward: Jaitley

Says the world is turning increasingly protectionist

Merely opening accounts for women won’t ensure equality

Changing attitudes will address gender imbalance in financial services

Wind tariffs at a low of Rs. 3.46 per unit

The price realised at the maiden auction for wind projects follows the historically low solar tariffs

‘Bad bank’ to help speed up stressed-assets resolution: Fitch

It may simultaneously require a bank recapitalisation plan

Note ban sucked cash like vacuum cleaner: IMF

Fund cautions authorities on potential build up in banks’ non-performing assets

An extraordinary economist

Understanding the genius of Kenneth Arrow

Ageing with dignity

We may be a young nation, but we need to gear up to meet the needs of the elderly

Necessary limit

Price control for cardiac stents is inevitable to promote access to treatments

Private sector gratuity to soar

Workers in private firms could see maximum payout double to Rs. 20 lakh

Acharya sets timeline on NPAs

Says ‘surgical restructuring’ required

‘Workers’ mobility issue is key to U.K.-India FTA’

Real potential of bilateral trade has not been tapped: Envoy

In India, diverging incomes despite equalising forces

Disparities have been strengthening, not weakening, over time. The less developed States are falling behind the richer ones instead of catching up

A brave new self-help world

We may have complained about the post-War order, but the lack of an intellectual replacement is a nightmare

Currency in India: from more to less

Keynes’s 1913 book explains how paper currency was introduced and its use encouraged

Law may make your home appear less hazy

With States drafting rules for a Real Estate Regulatory Authority, the onus is now on builders to guarantee quality

Urjit Patel takes fresh guard, changes stance

The RBI’s latest bimonthly policy saw its Governor reassert the central bank’s monetary independence

Working on the ISRO principle

Its successes demonstrate that it is possible to create high-performing public sector organisations

The groundwater beneath their feet

In 1995, a chromium factory in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district shut shop leaving behind a legacy of contaminated soil and water. Two decades later, agriculture remains unviable and people continue to flock to hospitals with health issues.

TRAI seeks views on tariffs’ debate

Consultation paper follows a decision by CEOs in January