Political funding: Donor and recipient to get tax exemption

Delineating the details surrounding the changes he had proposed to bring in transparency in the system of political funding, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said: “the donor and the recipient will get a tax exemption.”

Rs. 2,000 ceiling for cash donation to parties

But individuals can give funds by cheque or through digital mode

I-T relief for those earning Rs. 2.5-5 lakh

Uniform benefit of Rs. 12,500 per personfor all other categories of taxpayers

Demonetisation’s long shadow

“To deify or demonise demonetisation that is the difficult question the world is asking, to which the survey tries to respond.”

This land is their land

Eminent domain is a colonial doctrine imported by the colonial government to India and retained by the independent Indian state

Drawing up a diet plan

The welfare challenge lies in providing assistance to needy households to ensure adequate diets without creating conditions in which they opt for inferior diets that are too heavy on cereals

‘Gandhiji said poverty is about dignity and self-respect’

In the government, counterfactuals are a luxury one can’t afford: CEA

Push to solve India’s twin balance sheet problem

The Economic Survey called for a need to set up a government-owned asset reconstruction company, PARA (Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency) in an attempt to resolve India’s twin balance sheet pr

‘Time ripe for discussions on Universal Basic Income’

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be an efficient substitute for a plethora of existing welfare schemes and subsidies, according to the annual Economic Survey.

Economic Survey wants modification of FRBM Act

The N.K Singh panel had submitted a report on FRBM.  

‘Mother, child bearing brunt of weak health services’

On health and fertility, the Economic Survey has noted signs of “growing regional inequality among the Indian states.”

Eight core industries grow 5.6% in December

The eight core industries registered a growth of 5.6% in December 2016 on the back of healthy output recorded by refinery products and steel.

Note ban a radical measure: CEA

Economic Survey pegs growth at 7.1% based on pre-Nov. 8 data

‘Reward States’ good fiscal show’

Redistributive Resource Transfers should be linked to fiscal and governance efforts of the States

‘U.S. visa rules to hit Indian IT majors’

Proposed bill aims to double wages of H-1B visa holders

The hidden agenda of benevolence

If the UBI is about reducing inequality and poverty, then there are many things the state could do at a fraction of what it would cost

Don’t speak, don’t tell

Quantitative tests indicate that the banking system is apparently not even prepared for the withdrawal of 10% of depositors’ funds

Banks’ ‘Gyan Sangam’ to discuss digitisation, consolidation at PSBs

The push for digitisation in the wake of demonetisation and the proposal for public sector bank (PSB) consolidation are likely to top the agenda for Gyan Sangam which is the retreat for PSBs, governme

Clues from the previous post-demonetisation Union Budget of 1978

Sluggish private investment was an issue that Finance Minister Patel too had to grapple with

EC renews plea to RBI for higher cash withdrawals

Commission wants cap raised to Rs. 2 lakh per week for candidates in five poll-bound States