Will data do us apart?

We have all seen what growth of 8 per cent feels like in the past and whatever is happening now isn’t anything like it

India basks in glow of UNESCO honours

The listing was announced at the 40{+t}{+h}session of the WHC, currently under way at Istanbul in Turkey. The KNP is the first ‘mixed’ heritage site from India to make it to the list.

Census 2011 records rise in literacy among disabled

The difference between literacy rate of males and females is wider in rural areas — 72 per cent of disabled males and 61 per cent of disabled females in urban areas are literate, a difference of nine

Labour pain

What is the future of work in India?

The RCEP effect on India

China may step up trade and investment in India vis-à-vis the Asean countries. A lower bilateral trade deficit is a possibility

India to seek help for services pact at UN

The proposed pact, among other things, is aimed at making it easier for services professionals and skilled workers to move across borders for ‘short-term’ projects.It will officially be known as the

Storm in the South China Sea

ASEAN’s inability to build a united front on the South China Sea disputes is a major challenge for the regional bloc

India’s widening gender gap a concern, says ILO

“One of the issues which have come to my attention since I have been in India is gender and the question of women participation,” Mr. Ryder, who is on a three-day India visit ending July 8

RBI board flags risk of conflict of interest in MPC appointments

“Since the Executive Director reports directly to the Deputy Governor, who also does the ED’s performance appraisal, it could be difficult for the person to have an independent view,”

‘British science can survive Brexit’

The United Kingdom has played a pivotal role in shaping research in the European Union (EU), which is today a superpower in science.

Why the Chilcot report is vital

Tony Blair has tried to brazen it out, and even claims he can look the families of the British soldiers who died ‘in the eye’

CAG links unused funds to drop in West Bengal’s child sex ratio

“The Audit noticed that only 40 per cent of (Rs 20.96 lakh) of the available funds (Rs 52.75 lakh) was utilised by the five test-checked districts during the period from 2009-10 to 2013-14,”

Not all is bright and shining with LED light: Study

The excessive blue wavelength contributes to glare effects as a result of larger scattering in the human eye. Contrary to the popular notion that bright LED lighting increases road safety, the report

Olympics in the time of Zika

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the Olympic Games scheduled to be held in August in Rio de Janeiro will go ahead, the Zika virus notwithstanding.

Why China failed to make it to the MSCI Index

Last week, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), a widely-tracked global index provider, said it would not add China’s local currency shares to its benchmark emerging markets index.

Pranab wants push for U.N. reforms

President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday made out a strong case for a “concerted push” to make the United Nations more democratic and representative at the annual session of its general assembly schedu

India Post gears up to begin Ganga jal delivery service

The postal service will begin Ganga (water from the Ganga) delivery service before the end of the month. The announcement was made by Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Bonhomie and after

India-US embrace goes beyond political and strategic interests to solid economic and business reasons

Preparing cities for high water

If governments paid serious attention to the economic geography of India’s cities, they would be doing a lot more to prepare for annual weather events like the monsoon.

Quest for another holy grail

Support from Switzerland and Mexico will not make any difference as there won’t be a vote. The U.S. may reiterate its support, but China will object