Rebuilding Visakhapatnam

The level of preparedness and the response by the Andhra Pradesh and Central governments, along with their agencies, in the face of the severe cyclonic storm Hudhud that ravaged Visakhapatnam on Sunday, have been commendable.

Corruption and the courts

If there is a larger message in the Karnataka High Court’s refusal to grant bail to former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, it is that the judiciary will treat corruption among public servants with greater seri

A Scotland on Kashmir?

Many thousands of Kashmiris who live in Scotland could vote in the Scottish referendum,but they have little say in their own State

Data in the service of the poor

Telangana’s household survey, by collecting first-hand information, throws up many opportunities for administrators, policymakers and researchers in social sciences

Widows of Vrindavan

The widows of Vrindavan need urgent help, but the last thing they want is their elected representative to push for their eviction rather than providing them some relief and dignity.

Alliance formed for AFPSA’s repeal

The struggle against State terrorism started on the same day for the inalienable civil, political and cultural rights of the peoples of Northeast India with the imposition of AFSPA 56 years ago.

J&K; floods a ‘national disaster’

Five additional NDRF columns and 70 boats were sent to the flood-affected areas on Sunday morning. PM announces Rs. 1,000 cr. more; Army evacuates 15,000

Trying out all options

Delhi needs an elected government soon, either from the present Assembly voted in last year and now in suspended animation, or through a fresh election.

A harvest of horror and shame

Women are the worst sufferers in the violence perpetrated during the recent communal riots and other upheavals in Uttar Pradesh. And the truth about violence against them is deliberately left vague, in case it needs to be tweaked later

Conflicts within

The region as a whole should be able to imagine a common future and subsume and transcend its fragmented ethnic identities.

Centre urges Assam-Nagaland talks

As two die in firing, Rijiju heads for Guwahati; to meet Gogoi, Zelian

Threat to personal liberty

The latest amendments made to the main preventive detention law in Tamil Nadu have great potential for misuse.

Hangover of a bitter struggle

That differences and disagreements will mark Telangana-Andhra Pradesh relations seem to have been written into the very conditions and circumstances of their coming into being.

State to have separate farm budget

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to have a separate budget for agriculture and allied sectors for 2014-15 on the lines of Karnataka.

Involving people in governance

Any process that encourages the participation of people must first ask the questions: which people? How will the diversity of experiences and exclusions be accounted for in planning?

My neighbour, the environmentalist

What does the Kashmiri separatist machinery achieve by preventing 40 persons from undertaking an ancient pilgrimage?

Playing with fire

In the politics over the control of Sikh religious institutions that is being recklessly played out in Punjab and Haryana, neither the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab or the Congress in Haryana appear mindful of its consequences.

Closure to a tragic episode

The main feature of the Kumbakonam fire tragedy, in which 94 children died in the Tamil Nadu town in July 2004, was that it need not have happened.

HSGPC: Centre may seek Presidential reference

Under Article 143, the President is empowered to refer to the Supreme Court any matter of law or fact. A reference through the Centre can be made in matters of public importance and where it is expedient to obtain the court’s opinion.

The sting in the division

The Centre’s unbridled powers to the Governor in Hyderabad can have far-reaching implications for other major cities in India