Tiruchi civic body outsources maintenance of 18 wards

Shortage of sanitary workers has been a major problem in several big wards, especially in the newly added ones.

Centring the Northeast

The Northeast needs a skilful person who can take the region out of its insurgency grip, mobilise leaders of substance and work out a decentralised multi-level development strategy

Take your kettledrums elsewhere

It was unfathomable that a reporter could have a life beyond news, that he or she may be in a relationship, or would like to read, or watch a play or a film.

The tragedy of Muzaffarnagar

Most of them are scared and, in the absence of any security, determined not to return to their villages. In many cases their homes have been burnt and their property has been looted.

Curbing hate crimes

There is clear evidence suggesting that Mohsin could have been saved had the police acted quicker in quelling tension after initial protests.

The tasks in Uttarakhand

The valley where the Ganga, the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda flow should be declared an eco-sensitive zone.

Maharashtra passes Bill banning dance bars

The Bill proposes a fine of up to Rs. 5 lakh and imprisonment of up to 3 years on violators. The licence of such establishments will be cancelled.

A laboured reform

Even if the Rajasthan Assembly were to pass amendments to the legislations specific to the State, they would require the Centre’s assent under Article 254 (2) of the Constitution.

Harmful waivers

The Chief Minister of residual Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu may have bought time in implementing his lavish pre-poll promise of waiving ₹54,000 crore worth of farm loans.

The North-eastern challenge

In almost every movement, ‘outsiders’ have been targeted — whether it is those from another State, of a different linguistic or ethnic group or the so-called ‘Bangladeshis’.

Telangana is born

As the countdown to the birth of Telangana, the 29th State of India, began on Sunday, celebrations erupted all over its territory.

A historic opportunity

Hyderabad will remain a joint capital for ten years, a period long enough to allow for reinvestment and resettlement.

A needless row

Telangana and the successor-state of Andhra Pradesh must look forward to working in coordination, and not start off in confrontationist mode.

A dead end on the road to peace?

The sad truth is that Kashmir’s Islamists are the only political force offering disenfranchised youth a transformative language.

Claiming the four-step formula

The Manmohan Singh government’s record on Kashmir could remain the template for the new government to build on in order to resolve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

Political recipe for environmental disaster

It is not the quantity of water-sharing between the riparian States that is the bone of contention but the height of the dam and submergence of areas in Odisha.

Bodo hopes and minority rights

The violent rivalry between Bodo political outfits and gradually emerging non-Bodo political conglomerations is a reflection of the agenda of elite ethnic dominance.

Lessons from Mullaperiyar

The verdict sends out a message that rights crystallised by judicial orders cannot be abrogated by legislation.

The Gujarat middle

Maharashtra does better on all the summary indexes. Why, then, should it not be held up as a model?

The unorganised sector: Government must shake out old laws and focus on new ones

With a new government, there is an expectation of overhaul of the legal system, which means dispute resolution and re-examination of "laws".