Karnataka budget 2014-15- Highlights

Karnataka budget 2014-15- Highlights

194 posts sanctioned for SIT investigating mining cases

The Lokayukta Special Investigation Team that will investigate cases related to iron ore mining will have a large contingent of nearly 200 personnel under the overall charge of an officer of the rank of Inspector-General of Police.

The cult of the leader

There is a depressing dysfunction in India’s political culture: choices are increasingly about aesthetic preference, rather than rational decision-making.

For whom the tolls pay

The anti-toll stir may not have the same resonance as the one against migrants but it has once again focussed the spotlight on the MNS.

The great Indian racist

We can be outraged by the racism in India only when we begin to accept that cultural and ethnic contamination is the overriding theme of our identity.

Cabinet clears Telangana Bill

Both the BJP and the Telugu Desam Party support creation of Telangana but have complained that the Bill does not address the concerns of Seemandhra.

Interrogating the anti-graft platform

A pro-business anti-corruption programme can only have a short-run perspective. Over time, as it leads to inequity, slowdown in the economy, and social discontent, the rulers will have to turn authoritarian.

Cultural ignorance and prejudice

Racism in India has so far been debated in relation to the caste question but the northeast question is an opportunity to imagine modes of collective living which go beyond lip service multiculturalism.

New scourge in Assam

As the movement demanding a homeland for the Bodo people runs its course through its second decade, it remains one of the most serious potential sources of violent political confrontation in the region.

After e comes m-governance

Giving a fillip to the mobile governance initiatives of the State government, the Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) is all set to make available government services over smart phone platforms in a couple of months.

Nagaland: descent into chaos

The absence of a credible state in Nagaland has created a power vacuum that is being filled by chaotic sub-nationalist forces often at war with one another.

Haryana govt. suppressing facts, Khemka tells CAG

Sources in the CAG office told The Hindu that Mr. Khemka’s letter had been sent to the head office, and the audit would be conducted only after its approval.

Freeing temples from state control

What is scandalous is the corruption after the takeover of temples as politicians and officials loot the temple’s wealth and land, and divert donations of devotees to non-religious purposes.

The Centre cannot hold

It is perhaps because a national, party-based politics of the old-fashioned kind is in crisis that mobilisations at the centre are so concerned with recovering the nation as an undifferentiated and even anti-political idea.

A credible probe required

Electoral defeats in four States and the shadow cast on the way the Congress-led government in Maharashtra handled an enquiry report on the Adarsh Housing Society scam have put the party on the defensive.

Nothing inevitable about these events

When riots occur, they are often spoken about as events waiting to happen. They are actually nothing of the sort. They are organised by political organisations to achieve very definite political ends.

Different strategies for different booths

For the first time in decades, the Maoists have encouraged calibrated polling in some areas, instead of fanatically implementing a policy to boycott the election.

Brutalised migrants of western Odisha

This trafficking fetches the touts, middlemen and mafia dons huge profits, with the turnover of the migration industry of western Odisha estimated to be more than Rs.500 crore per annum.

Deliberateness and spontaneity in violence

There is much evidence, not only from India, of the link between political authority and its capacity to arouse ethnic tensions, sometimes leading to violence.

Beyond small mercies

In the harsh lives of the elderly, the pension is a chance to enjoy small comforts — relieving their pain with some medicine, winning the affection of grandchildren with the odd sweet, or simply avoiding hunger.