Surveillance and its privacy pitfalls

The Gujarat snooping incident should be used as an opportunity to ask how the government has assumed the power to order such invasive, unchecked surveillance.

Rationales for separation

The violent agitations leading to and following the Cabinet approval for Telangana were in part engendered by the indecisiveness of the government at the Centre, and the absence of any structured dialogue among the various stakeholders on the bifurcation.

Panchayat Raj Rule 4(2) not in conformity with Act’

ZP members questioned the action of the regional commissioner under the Rule.

Tightrope walking

Policymaking on the basis of a sound economic rationale, overriding practical political realities and social concerns, would be particularly difficult in an election season.

Article 371(D) under focus

With various theories and arguments for and against the validity of 371(D) after bifurcation and the Presidential Order, resolving it first is important.

The garb of policy-making

Experience shows that corrupt deals do take place in the garb of overtly proper administrative decisions, while policies and norms ostensibly serving the public interest are on many occasions framed in such a way as to suit vested interests.

Opinion polls: the way forward

Opinion polls should be regulated, not banned. Ideally, it should be self-regulation by pollsters and media organisations.

People want to move on, want good governance

Gujarat administration and the police were in no way complicit in the 2002 riots, and Mr. Modi has been able to reach out to the people, including Muslims, through “good governance.”

The politics of public memorials

By taking the moral high ground on the Sardar Patel statue issue, the Congress has conveniently forgotten that it was among the earliest to take to statues in a big way.

Feeding on fires

What distinguishes negligence or lapses in administration from gross negligence or disregard of legal duty is a failure of the government or its law enforcing machinery to take swift action in the face of warnings and forebodings.

A palpable failure

Both the Centre and the States must evolve specific security strategies and evolve better coordination of intelligence-sharing, in fact even institutionalise mechanisms for intelligence and security coordination.

Wrestling with the rural economy

Kushti is located at the intersection of sports, politics and culture and is deeply embedded in the agrarian economy. If farming tanks, so does Maharashtra’s greatest spectator sport.

Regrettable and irresponsible

The manner in which leaders of the principal political parties have traded allegations in the last few days over the tragedy of the Muzzafarnagar communal clashes reflects an increasing trend of competitive irresponsibility.

Worlds apart in a divided city

Muslims, who used to live across Ahmedabad, are now increasingly flocking to ghettos, mostly along the city’s fringes.

Serial blasts rock Modi’s rally venue in Patna, five killed

IEDs were used in all the blasts, and timers and improvised switches were used in some. The bomb planted at the station was complicated.

World Bank approves aid of $250 million to Uttarakhand

India had sought assistance from multi-lateral agencies like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for undertaking rehabilitation work in Uttarakhand.

Choosing image over alliance

That the Congress and one of its potential allies, the Rashtriya Janata Dal, were among the first to see their members disqualified from Parliament following conviction in corruption cases is only incidental.

A golden dream

Folklore, maps, diaries, and fragments of documents have all triggered treasure hunts in real life and in novels and movies, but the dreams of a sadhu have never been known to form the stuff of archaeological activities.

Getting the IITs back on top

India’s premier institutes of technology are losing their academic edge because of unplanned expansion and excessive politics.

Liberating the radio?

If all the players in the radio sector — private FM, campus radio and the community radio — are permitted to air news and current affairs, then we may well witness the next level of information revolution in this country.