Fatal fires

Fire safety norms for hospitals need to be strengthened and strictly enforced

Two more Kerala naxalites held in Madras

Bolstering Paris

The Katowice consensus does not adequately reflect the challenge to limit global warming

‘There is no question of going back to the paper ballot’

The former Chief Election Commissioner on the EVM controversy, why the Supreme Court verdict on criminals in politics is a missed opportunity, and electoral bonds

Restoring the balance

India must remain invested in strengthening democratic institutions in the Maldives

The slow, tortuous path to justice

The Delhi High Court judgment convicting Sajjan Kumar reminds the country that it must not forget mass killings

Govt. to take over spot in Birla House

Right prescription

The Delhi High Court restores the retail sale and private manufacture of a life-saving drug

The brilliance Down Under

Watching and reporting on cricket in Australia is a different game altogether

The shadow of 1984

Sajjan Kumar’s conviction reignites hopeof substantial justice for riot victims

Not a decisive factor

It is misleading to say that NOTA determined the Assembly election results

Making every citizen an auditor

Various steps need to be taken to strengthen social audits

Centrism holds in India

The Congress succeeded by offering itself as the default alternative for farmers and the youth, not by soft Hindutva

Hot air at Katowice

Key issues of concern for the poorest and developing nations were diluted or postponed

C.M. can advise Assembly dissolution

Widening Gulf

Qatar is now taking the fightto the Saudi Arabia-led OPEC and GCC

Reflections of readers

News cannot wait, but an informed editorial can

Old vs new

The Congress must strengthen itsdemocratic processes while choosing CMs

The spectre of deportation

The outcome of the NRC exercise has implications for India’s ties with Bangladesh

Restoration of political sanity

But Sri Lanka’s biggest worry is a fresh eruption of the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe power struggle