When a dictionary has to be ignored

Good news on the Zika front

People with a history of dengue infection may not necessarily be at a greater risk of Zika infection

An antidote to hate

Potter provides an escape into a world that is full of wizards, and yet so human

In another court

K. Srikanth, Sai Praneeth and H.S. Prannoy have transformed men’s badminton in India

Mending the rift

The international community must pushfor a resolution of the Qatar crisis

An old new tax

The new GST regime is a work in progress, it must be fixed urgently

Who’s afraid of neutrinos?

The India-based Neutrino Observatory would greatly advance scientific research

The pathology of lynching

There is ‘blood at the root’ of the Hindutva movement whenever it refuses to see Muslims and other minorities as fully Indian

A controversial inheritance

P.N. Bhagwati was India’s most influential judge — it’s time his legacy is revisited

West Bengal CM warns Naxalbari extremists

Madness in his method

Daniel Day-Lewis will be remembered for his relentless pursuit of characters

Being smart

Any attempt to improve our cities dependson how data are compiled and shared

Whose privilege?

Legislatures must not invoke powerto punish for breach of privilege

Rancour is no substitute for due diligence

Editorial judgment tells whether a story is worth publishing while due diligence is used to scan it for journalistic rigour

Last wicket stand

The failure to make a visible impact on how cricket is governed in India is extremely worrying

Restricting protests, stifling dissent

A combination of coercive and non-coercive means is being used to silence criticism

New colours of the White House

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have an opportunity to shape President Trump’s basic views on Pakistan

Cinnamon helps address metabolic disorders

A range of health benefits reported in a Delhi-based study

Lighting the spark

Life and death in Burhanpur

A Mughal-era town that is curiously not on the traveller’s trail