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Studies show that socio-economic distress is brewing in slums

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Reality check

Simultaneous polls pose too big a legal and logistical challenge to be implemented now

A chronicle of collaboration

There has been a long-standing Carnatic tradition in the church which goes back to the time of Tyagaraja himself

Sovereignty and sensitivity

Given concerns over Indian influence, New Delhi must exercise caution in the run-up to Bhutan’s elections

Always a peacemaker

As Foreign Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister, Vajpayee tried to repair ties with Pakistan

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The risk of cardiac mortality in the 40s is often glossed over

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Intellectual openness, which must be an integral part of our education, is missing in today’s world of democratised knowledge

The relationship of parents with their grown-up children

In a fast-changing world, the grievous neglect of parents is one side of the coin; the other is obsessive parental demands on adult children

Walkabouts help the brain

Study finds two-minute breaks from sitting, every half hour, can help long-term brain health

Continental shifts

India is well-placed to prove a thing or twoat the Asian Games in Indonesia

Kerala’s trauma

All efforts, private and governmental, need to be stepped up to assist flood-affected people

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Imran Khan’s election victory has ushered in a new normal for Pakistan