Tendered vote

Fodder Substitute.

World’s first total eye transplant

In an oil slick

India is testing its traditional tieswith Iran by giving in to U.S. bullying

The halfway mark

With a month to counting day, BJP has upped the Hindutva pitch in the Hindi heartland

A natural next step

The deepening India-Australia security relationship must be seen against the backdrop of expanding bilateral ties

The problem with cherry-picking data

If it’s the government’s case that NSSO figures are suspect, what has it based policy decisions on?

The permanence of Arab uprisings

As protests hit Sudan and Algeria, it’s anybody’s guess if they will go the Tunisia or the Egypt way

India’s perilous obsession with Pakistan

The hyper-nationalistic frenzy to ‘defeat’ Pakistan comes with huge human and material costs

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Preventing further attacks andkeeping the peace are vital in Sri Lanka

A scuffle averted in the Lok Sabha

Line of caution

The suspension of cross-LoC tradewill cause hardship — it must be revoked

A half-written promise

Political parties must steer public debate to crucial issues relating to women’s health and reproductive rights

Talking with a different Modi

If he returns to power, as the Pakistan Prime Minister wants, Modi’s priorities would be different from those in his first term

Down to earth on the ASAT test

India has neither achieved a higher level of deterrence nor enabled a more stable strategic security environment

The court is not above the Constitution

The expectation of citizens is that the Supreme Court will lead by example, not by arbitrary diktat

Rough road

The U.S. President’s legal troubles over his campaign are not over with the Mueller report

King’s wait in vain for ‘uthappam’

Workers and refugees are not criminals

Global political action is required to reinforce the legitimate identity of a worker

Internal resolve trumps external threats

What propels journalists to carry on with their job