Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20

Russia gains lead in space race

Railway Provident Fund Scheme.

Not bounty but property

Updating the Payment of Gratuity Act

Planning jingles

Doordarshan and All India Radio are beaming family planning commercials reminiscent of the 1970s

A first step

The debut of gold options should be seenas a step towards greater reforms

West Asia, post-IS

As the IS loses yet another stronghold,a post-conflict road map is essential

A separate peace

Is thwarting India’s rise now the greater reward for the Pakistan Army?

Do all women have a right to enter Sabarimala?

Prohibition of women’s entry to the shrine solelyon the basis of womanhood is derogatory

Back to the future

As the Prime Minister revives the Economic Advisory Council and other advisory structures, transparency is vital

Postal strike prospects.

Protest wave in U.S. against Viet Nam war

The man who would be POTUS

Recalling an old interview with Donald Trump

Power of the hashtag

Social media must not only be a medium of protest but also a toolto mobilise people

Of faith and fever

Governments must not endorse alternative and unproven remedies for dengue

New kid on the bloc

Sebastian Kurz pulls off an audacious winin Austria, but his rightward shift is worrying

Political and partisan

We need to find ways to protect the Speaker from undue political pressure and incentives

‘The Congress has the ability to adapt, adjust and rejuvenate’

The former President reflects on the post-1996 coalition era, his stint as Finance Minister, and various political controversies during this time

Making the Internet disappear

Courts must take into account the exceptional character of Net shutdowns and their impact on civil liberties

Postal strike prospects.