The Influenza Epidemic.

Day and Night School for Fishermen.

Taking #MeToo to the subaltern

We need to seek out narratives beyond those of upper-caste, urban, non-disabled, cisgender women

Rent-seeking through revolving doors

Patent regulators are likely to favour companies that further their own personal interests, finds a study

Not just liquidity

Policymakers must address the structural problems behind the NBFCs crisis

The Bhutan vote

As the country prepares for the secondround of elections, change is certain

Castles in the air

Economic ideas such as ‘Charter Cities’ need to be challenged for their implausible premise and iniquitous framework

Hamstringing the RTI Act

Instead of holding a public debate on making the Act more effective, the government is seeking to dilute its provisions

Falling short on most counts

Insurance-based schemes like Ayushman Bharat are no substitute for public provisioning of health

Decoding the Rafale controversy

The opacity in the Rafale deal only raises doubts, with its fallout on national security and the ‘Make in India’ programme

Nitric Acid Incident.

The Defence Act Case. Sentences Awarded.

Resisting resistance

India needs to strengthen and implement regulations on antibiotic misuse

Bonding with Africa, in partnership

India and China need to link their development plans for the continent


M.J. Akbar should have resigned.Or else, asked to go

Helping the invisible hands of agriculture

With the ‘feminisation of agriculture’ picking up pace, the challenges women farmers face can no longer be ignored

The imperative of impact assessment

The outcomes of laws need to be analysed before enactment

Journalism after #MeToo

The Indian newsroom must be made safe and equal for women — or it will lose all credibility

When the judiciary rewrites a faith

If a community believes in, and establishes a religious practice as essential, it should be accepted

Lessons from the Philippines