President Ayub not to seek re-election

Holding a mirror to war

The technology of warfare has evolved, but grief and loss remain

Bangalore Shooting Incident.

Healing touch

Kashmiri students elsewhere must be reassured of their personal safety

Picking sides in West Asia

India could find it difficult to maintain a ‘balancing’ approach between different West Asian powers


It is good the ‘angel tax’ has been moderated, but its arbitrary nature remains intact

The great Indian political shift

The Ambedkarite, Lohiaite and Dravidian parties are visibly moving to a politics without ‘othering’

After the terrorist strike in Pulwama, is war even an option?

Our conventional deterrence has failed. It is necessary to initiate strong military measures

Inflation pressure eases

The Indian economy benefits from the fall in global oil prices

Mujibur Rahman let out on parole

The big fight

For the AIADMK, the Assembly bypolls are more important than the Lok Sabha election

Splurging in the time of debt

Andhra Pradesh’s government continues to launch populist schemes despite its poor financial situation

With reservations

It’s not clear if the 103rd Amendment will protect the new quota for Gujjars in Rajasthan

A modern story of Ekalavya

The education system continues to exclude many people’s histories, world views and cultures

More symbolic than punitive

India’s trade-related action will encourage informal trade and propel Pakistan to look for markets beyond South Asia

The employment test

The labour force may have actually shrunk while the Modi government has been in office

Clean power

A viable financial mechanism must be evolved to remove pollutants in power plants

Surplus railway budget

Interim bailout

A system for sharing the RBI’s surpluses withthe Centre must be quickly institutionalised

The Saudi-India-Pakistan triangle

New Delhi should not be overly optimistic about prying Riyadh away from Islamabad