To seize and punish

Taking on fugitive economic offenders

Arresting the drift

India needs to re-engage with its ally Russia, which is getting closer to China and Pakistan

Credit tangle

The RBI’s omnibus ban on a legitimate financing instrument is not the solution

Rexit and beyond

More proof that propriety, protocol, punditry no longer hold sway in the U.S. administration

A pattern the BJP cannot ignore

Will the Opposition now come together to field joint candidates against the BJP?

Is active euthanasia the next step?

The right declared in ‘Common Cause’ extends to active euthanasia in certain circumstances

The strategy of conflict

India must work towards some understanding with Pakistan before the situation on the border spins out of control

Sir A. Geddes’ Speech on the War Situation.

Gold panic threatens monetary anarchy

Hawking, 1942-2018

This great man took physics to the people,and changed the way we think about disability

The power of two

Will the SP-BSP victories be a catalyst forthe formation of new political alliances?

Explaining 1971

India’s intervention achievedstrategic objectives while maintaining a humanitarian veneer

The march on Mumbai

What the farmers’ march was all about

A political choice

What sparks an India-Pakistan crisis?

Far short of the potential

The India-Japan economic relationship remains underwhelming in relation to strategic ties

The Left doesn’t need the Congress

A wiser, though counter-intuitive, strategy would be to present the BJP with two separate fronts

Cosmology’s worst gambler

Stephen Hawking lost most of his bets, but beat all the odds to take physics forward and to the people

Alcohol Production.

Justice Grover stabbed in Supreme Court

The stars of my childhood

An obsession that helped me report on politics