P.M. willing for dialogue on Centre-State ties

Back on track

India and the Maldives must continueto build a shared strategic vision

Beyond the ‘us-them’ binary

By calling the Christchurch attacker a terrorist, the New Zealand Prime Minister sent a powerful message

Travesty of justice

The Samjhauta blast case raises doubtsabout India’s resolve to prosecute terror cases

What can India do to influence China on Masood Azhar?

India-China dialogue has expanded but the two countries are not on the same page on terror

When free speech is truly free

Its true power is its capacity to make those in power accountable to those who don’t have power

A lot to lose

Tamil Nadu’s regional playersare locked in a national battle

Useful tool

The dollar-rupee swap allows the RBI to directly influence rupee value and liquidity

Manekshaw to succeed

Reality of impunity, rhetoric of human rights

Isolated innovations are not enough to stop cases of custodial torture

Hold them responsible

The fight against terrorism can never succeed without holding people to account for costly lapses

The case of the missing election in J&K

The failure to hold Assembly polls shows up problems in the working of the Election Commission

A short history of data

Why the recent undermining of the credibility of India’s statistical output is especially regrettable

Goan roulette

The State needs political stabilityto be able to crack down on rent-seeking

Mediation in river water issue

On the learning curve

The systemic approach to transforming education outcomes in India is leading to success

Disempowering gram sabhas

Sabotaging the Forest Rights Act damages democracy

A fight for Kiev

The presidential campaign has been animated by the debate on Ukraine’s place in the world

What has changed post-Balakot?

Not much — the post-Pulwama attack timeline shows that India did not cross any Pakistani red line

The dome to protect is the Constitution

A crucial question in the Ayodhya matter concerns India’s vision at independence