Desai confident of food self-sufficiency

What runners should read

Amby Burfoot’s books are especially evocative

Internecine hill battle

To maintain the peace in Darjeeling, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha needsto sort out the leadership tangle

Crunch time at WTO

India faces a tough challenge on farm issuesat the Buenos Aires ministerial meet

Turn the page

South Africa’s ANC must seize the chanceto pull away from the Zuma cabal

The conundrum of naming

Reporting the Hadiya case requires a sensitivity thatshould not undermine individual liberty

Arbitrary and irrational

Declaring triple talaq a penal offence does not stand up to first principles of criminal jurisprudence

A game of chicken in the Korean peninsula

On North Korea, the world is way past tactical solutions. Only a comprehensive diplomatic solution will work

How a coast got its name

An Italian adventurer, who travelled to India for travel’s sake, has a good claim

Putting 3-D to the test

The right to choose

Following the silk route

IIT researchers create a bioartificial liver model using silk

The secrets about Fatehpur Sikri

Visiting with books is a different experience from hearing the stories of guides

Neech kisam ka air quality

The Sri Lankan cricket team’s antics have fooled no one

Collective honour and individual dignity

As we can neither live without communities nor live entrapped within them, notions of collective honour that are consistent with individual dignity are likely to flourish

Words that are emptied of meaning

When Hindus say Hinduism is inclusive and tolerant and Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace, these statements are not redeemed by action

A genomic view of cancer

That cancer is a genetic disease and not one specific to localised tissues and organs is percolating to therapy

Countering hate

Crimes like the Rajsamand murder mustbe swiftly prosecuted, explicitly denounced

Rights & wrongs

The Centre should reconsider itsdraft Bill on transgender rights

Living in a world of emerging microbial resistance

The presence of antibiotic resistance in the environment should worry us