Federal reverses in Nigeria

Reading list from San Marino

Armchair travel with a difference

The foreign façade

The notion that anything foreign is taboo to our economy is flawed thinking

Missing investors

The Sahara case calls for a thorough probeto reveal all its money laundering dimensions

Social media’s phantom

Is it a myth that trust in mainstream media is sinking?

Separate ways

Sharad Yadav has adopted a long-term viewin deciding to part with Nitish Kumar

Moby addiction

The uproar over ‘Blue Whale’ highlights our uneasy adjustment to a hyper-connected world

Safeguarding the interests of farmers

Providing food to the poor or targeted groups at subsidised prices is fully WTO-compatible

Patriot games at Attari-Wagah

Seventy years after 1947, it’s time to wind down the choreographed hostility at the India-Pakistan border

A cry for help

Time for a targeted programme?

Scientists question the universal supplementation approach that is prevalent in India, arguing it may not work for all children

Have you taken the New India pledge?

Why solve only six problems when you can solve 56?

The rise and fall of Delhi’s only female monarch

Remembering the incredible Sultan Razia by her graveside

Do not blame it on women

The only way to stop rapes is by not obstructing the agency of women

The importance of a country’s self-image

Publicly acknowledging and attending to flaws rather than ignoring them is pivotal to nurturing a healthy, positive self-image

Meet the bacteria that save babies

A community-based trial in Odisha finds that administrating synbiotics to newborns can halve sepsis-related deaths

Barcelona horror

Spain suffers a terrible terror strike, raising questions about counter-IS strategies

Getting charged up

Research and smart trade agreements are needed to realise India’s ambitious electric vehicles target

Politics of probe

The inquiry into Jayalalithaa’s death is another set piece in Tamil Nadu’s political theatre

Cause for caution, not gloom

Macroeconomic stability has been a hard-won battle. We must remain mindful of the lurking dangers