Becoming Pakistan?

The concern is that India will turninto an intolerant majoritarian state

A welcome move

India will now have amongthe strongest net neutrality regulations

Transatlantic rift

Donald Trump shakes the NATO consensus further by talking defence budgets

Literature in a hurry

How despite tight deadlines, the latest reports and results of the Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup were published

A helping hand for Indian universities

Leadership in philanthropy is central to enabling an institutional vision for higher education

Politics over the Constitution

Constitutions can be changed if they prove wanting. But there must be good reasons for doing so

Surprised by Jayalalithaa

What upset the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during an interview and how she dealt with it

The canvas of health care

Rethinking the risks

Study challenges orthodoxy on how weight management, obesity are viewed

The new b-towns

Ways to imagine spaces for just books and us

‘Sacred Games’, a coming of age for Indian television

While the series provides some pleasures, its numerous historical and political references could be lost on a Western audience

Convince the student first

Regulatory change won’t persuade students that they’re getting a better education

A clash of nations

The jokes about the France football World Cup team being mostly of African origin show that beneath the rhetoric of benign nationalism, a darker version of nationalism burbles

Burning calories with the pooch

Two studies highlight the benefits of using a pet to improve your health

Conferring eminence

Raising the quality of higher educationacross the board should be a priority

Quartermile stone

With a world-level gold, Hima Das takesIndian track and field to a higher zone

The Congress’s OBC outreach

The party appears to be waking up to the need for a proper strategy to woo backward classes for electoral gain

Coming home to jail

Why the Repatriation of Prisoners Act, 2003 will prove to be a win-win situation for India

Staring at statelessness

With the second and final draft of Assam’s National Register of Citizens set to be published on July 30, the fate of millions hangs in the balance. Rahul Karmakar reports on the predicament of those declared as ‘suspected foreigners’ and their efforts to convince the state otherwise

The Influenza Epidemic. Dr. Turner’s Note.