An antidote to joblessness

GST, Aadhaar, and the cow are part of a strategy

Are minority rights a good idea?

In diverse, egalitarian societies, it is always good to have them. They are not at the majority’s expense

Us versus them: the burden of association

Human ‘difference’ is not the same as ‘superiority’ — difference assumes human equivalence

Who really needs to be gluten-free?

Despite the current focus on gluten, there are probably many with celiac disease who don’t know they have it

A foregone conclusion

The BJP has managed to set the toneand agenda for the presidential race

Engaging Pyongyang

The latest U.S.-North Korean tensions couldbe turned into a diplomatic opportunity

Limits of exclusivism

The recent crisis in Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council has more to it than a fight against corruption

Mandsaur, the farmers’ story

Information has not graduated to storytelling to dent the regime’s idea of agricultural policy

The anonymous addicts

Women in Kashmir are finally seeking help for drug abuse in a society that is still struggling to acknowledge the problem. Vidya Krishnan and Peerzada Ashiq report on de-addiction initiatives in the Valley

Size of Nizam’s wealth remains a riddle

Inclusion in the Backward Classes list

The select committee’s report on the 123rd Amendment is expected in the monsoon session

Game of thrones

Mohammed bin Salman’s elevation as Crown Prince could herald a more hawkish Saudi line

The clean-up begins

But will the RBI’s move for insolvency proceedings against borrowers succeed?

Debunking myths about the cattle rules

The new rules governing cattle markets only attempt to prevent cruelty

Keeping the ‘Sixth Republic’ on track

Emmanuel Macron’s objective is to expand the centrist turf as a uniting force and secure the pro-Europe platform

Is prohibition the answer?

Whether or not people can drink is a debate fuelled by upper-caste hypocrisy, a mix of religious guilt and bigotry

India to stick to nuclear policy

Madras Internments. Protest in Madras.

A tiff within Sri Lanka’s Tamil polity

On the turbulence in the Northern Provincial Council

Too much profit?

The GST’s ‘anti-profiteering’ clause makes no economic sense