Sedition, once more

Invoking it against those opposed tochanges in citizenship law is reprehensible

Science and reason

The history of science in India must be treated as a serious subject rather than a matter of speculation

Preventing student suicides

The rising number of cases must provoke a discussion on how outcomes of education are perceived in India

The contours of contest ahead

In the Lok Sabha election, voters will assess whether they are better off today than they were five years ago

Where the rich got their way

Katowice signals a global climate regime that leaves the fate of the world hanging in the balance

Sharing, and not caring

The SP-BSP tie-up poses a challenge to the BJP, but does little for pre-poll opposition unity

Delhi student to be released in exchange for Pakistani

Change in Congo

A contentious election may lead to the country’s first transfer of power via the ballot

Basic income works and works well

India has the technological capacity, the financial resources, and the need for a simple, transparent basic income scheme

Reflections from within

Two books provide insights into the changing media landscape

Taking back control? Not really.

Less than 80 days before Britain is due to leave the EU, the future remains as uncertain as ever

A way out of the morass

The U.S.’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan is an appropriate time to re-examine the idea of enabling its neutrality

Making seat belts matter

Pan-India survey shows most believe roads to be unsafe for children

Inexplicable U-turn

The perception challenge

The challenge for the BJP is to change some perceptions and reinforce others

Enlightenment and its discontents

In the Sabarimala agitations, the state is acting as an agent of Enlightenment and the protesters are enacting the Counter-Enlightment critique

Must we finish books?

By not doing so, we often do ourselves and the writer a favour

Always cool, always Hardik, always a dire embarrassment

As it looks to penalise Hardik Pandya and K.L. Rahul, the BCCI should consider initiating workshops for young cricketers to sensitise them to gender and race issues

Tapping AI to spot AD

Haryana-based research team develops framework for Alzheimer’s disease detection

Disquieting decision

The unseemly tussle in the CBI’stop echelons reaches an unsatisfactory end