When Brecht speaks as Ambedkar

Citing literary sources, turning to parables, prose, plays, poetry is the wherewithal of political discourse

Alleged Extortion.

Bonds to rescue the rupee

On raising money from NRIs to boost currency

Lucknow Political Murder Appeal.

Upping the ante

The U.S. ratchets up the trade warwith China, but to what end?

Impatient move

Lack of consensus in the Rajya Sabha isno reason to issue an ordinance on triple talaq

How far does a PhD go?

As the job market is tight for those with PhDs in science,it is important that they develop other skill sets

The death of a tigress

The SC has approved a shoot-to-kill order for a tigress. Is the objective to make forests safe for humans, or for wildlife?

Preparing for the floods

Kerala has a unique opportunity to put in place climate-resilient water management

Bringing data under the rule of law

The debate on data localisation must not be reduced to a good-bad binary

Guilt by association and insinuation

A recap of the Saibaba case shows just how urgently the UAPA needs to be read down

Inter-Caste Marriages Bill.

Indian Reforms. Sir A.H. Fraser’s Views.

With protesters in a police station

How an agitation against price rise cost the protesters

Celestial misfit

We should accept Pluto as a dwarf planet, though an exceptional one

A poor imitation

The Congress is ceding ideological ground to the BJP by increasingly adopting ‘passive Hindutva’

The pointlessness of hashtags

Twitter wars over the label ‘urban Naxal’ do nothing to address the deprivation of marginalised groups

Banking on mergers

The move to merge banks is understandable, but shareholders should have been consulted

‘India’s challenge will be fighting non-communicable diseases’

The Apollo Hospitals chairman on the growth of private health care, Jayalalithaa’s illness, and expectations from the Modi government

Ten years on, in uncharted waters

The crises in emerging economies show how vulnerable they remain to the vagaries of U.S. economic policy