Opposition to India’s space research plan

Papering over

The BJP’s alliances in the Northeast are underpinned by political contradictions

A fatal margin of error

The inconsistent and arbitrary application of the death penalty remains a matter of great concern

Lokpal, at last

The establishment of the anti-graft bodyis a welcome development

A prayer for our times

Unsound judgments and faulty moral reasoning are not the lot of leaders alone — but also of those who support them

‘U.P.’s law and order has become a model for the country’

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on encounter killings, cow protection, renaming places, and the Lok Sabha polls

Christchurch massacre

The attack on mosques is a wake-up call on the anti-immigration, white supremacist cult

Regional languages in IAS exam

Antisocial behaviour on social media

Two events last week showed that technology has its limits in responding to humanitarian crises

Lapse and collapse

Mumbai’s creaking public infrastructuremust be urgently upgraded

Nehru, China, and the Security Council seat

Today’s policymakers fail to understand Nehru’s eminently sensible approach

The problem is jobs, not wages

There is obfuscation of both the existence of a jobs crisis and the diagnosis of it

An election that is not about one

For the Opposition parties, this is the time to enlarge democracy’s base, not necessarily any one party’s

A fresh warning

India must recognise the human cost of poorly enforced environment laws

Partition, freedom and democracy

Roots of the India-Pakistan conflict can be found in a shared attitude of derision towards the past

Softer, slower

Parliamentary votes give the British PM hope that a hard Brexit can be avoided

The jawan on the border

Can a granular Opposition response be a counter to Prime Minister Modi’s overarching nationalist script, post-Pulwama?

A personal and political act

The emergence of Chennai’s Casteless Collective shows a growing interest in engaging with art that talks about social and political issues. Jayant Sriram reports on the musical traditions it draws from and the possibilities that lie ahead

Mujibur Rahman warns of movement

Kerosine Oil.