Underwater reinforcements

On the 50th anniversary of the Navy’s submarine arm, a wake-up call on acquiring dedicated rescue vessel

Is there a case for a relook at EVMs?

In order to restore public confidence, weneed to go back to paper ballots

Getting back on track

The GDP numbers are good but for growth to pick up further, we need to push private investment

Awakening of Moosads.

Jan Sangh member burns copy of Bill

The world of Machine Learning

A future where machine beats man is not a reality yet

Lessons from the field

Progress in the Swachh BharatMission has been nothing shortof inspirational

Island hopping

The Maldives’ FTA with Chinasignals a drift in Delhi-Male ties

Unwavering caution

The RBI’s decision to hold rates reflectsits expectations of faster inflation

Unable to see the bamboo for the trees

Deregulating bamboo production does not address the issue of building a transparently governed forest sector

Universal health coverage is the best prescription

UHC provides the framework in which the issues of access, quality and cost can be integrated

Recognise the technology constraints

India’s reliance on imported digital technologies cannot be levelled overnight to make wayfor a uniform data law

Let us be realistic about the UNSC

If a permanent Security Council seat is unavailable, India must not spurn other proposals on the table

New party in Pakistan

Mr. Montagu at Calcutta.

Stories of the forgotten

Encountering a name from a report a year later

Fight for market economy status

Why the U.S. is blocking China’s bid

With that smile

Shashi Kapoor, from big-budget romanceto indie innovation to theatre revival

New India formula?

The 15th Finance Commission’s job willbe especially tricky in the time of GST

Of crime and punishment

Low conviction rates and a lack of a lawful definition of crime mark criminal administration in India