A new anti-HIV strategy

Mushroom ingredient may ‘reset’ brains of the depressed

New genetic signature for autism

Healing by machine

For the queen of Malwa, with love

All that Baz Bahadur did to ensure that Rupmati could worship the Narmada

A plan to stamp out animal TB

Zoonotic TB continues to remain largely hidden, posing many health risks

Consultancy wisdom

Only a giant statue of a holy cow can save India

Capital would have dreamt up another Hefner

Why someone would have created something exactly likePlayboyeven if Hugh Hefner did not exist

Facts matter even more in the post-truth age

Cynicism about facts is symptomatic not only of a cognitive crisis but of a wider moral malaise

We need to talk about AMR

Without policies to stop the worrying spread of antimicrobial resistance, the mortality rate could be disturbing

Keen contest ahead

With smaller parties fading away, Himachal Pradesh will see a polarised campaign

Benefit of doubt

As Aarushi’s parents are set free, there are troubling questions about the probe and trial

The legal message

Removing the current marital exception to rape will also have an important signalling effect

Six steps to job creation

It is crucial to align policy across sectors and upgrade the country’s social infrastructure

Crimea and punishment

An alien fruit took root in India two decades ago, sparking an export-driven boom that brought overnight prosperity to thousands of farmers. But today gherkin cultivation is in crisis, and the fingers of blame are all pointing in the direction of Crimea, reports Mohit M. Rao

Letters: Oct 12

Averting disaster

Invest in efforts to adapt to climate change even while reducing disaster risk

Regulatory upgrade

Addressing the deficiencies in the Insecticides Act, 1968

Talk it over

There is still an opportunity for Madrid and Barcelona to pull back from a confrontation

Saving child brides

Not the reasoning but the implications of the ruling on child marriage are a cause for worry