Kumble’s farewell

His graceful exit as coach shows the mirrorto the superstar culture of Indian cricket

Jailing a judge

Justice Karnan’s imprisonment should have been avoided to keep the judiciary’s dignity

Mental health and the university

The education system must treat mental health as a valuable public good in its own right

The high cost of ageing

Evidence shows that health systems must be recast to accommodate the needs of chronic disease prevention

A moment for realism

The case for India-U.S. partnership has been always strong, but the romanticism accompanying it is on test

Where are the commons?

From land to creative spaces, our commons are being fenced by encroachers and even the state

Extremists active near Naxalbari

Dateline Kathmandu

Reporting trips tell a saga of diplomatic slips by India

American voyage

The PM’s meeting with Trump gives India a chance to study its options in a changed world

Macron once more

With a parliamentary majority, he is well placed to heal an ideological rift in Europe

The pre-GST grand sale

Why companies are scrambling to clear old stock ahead of GST implementation

Bringing GM to the table

Promoters of GM food need to reach out to consumers in a transparent, engaging manner

‘We have to keep the door open for possibilities’

Pakistan’s outgoing High Commissioner says the two countries need to continue engagement on terror and other issues

The art of positive messaging

The opposition parties might do well to take a leaf out of the BJP’s playbook

Reciprocal curbs on Chinese embassy

The economic legacy of empires

A paper reports a strong link between the share of Europeans in colonies and the latter’s present income

Origins of us

How humanity just got tens of thousands of years older

End the violence

And take steps to empower the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration

Sunday revival

Pakistan overcame the odds and displayed glimpses of world-beating teams of the past

Lessons for investigating terror

We have been systematically diluting the capacityand skills of the local police forces