Voices from Russia

Making ordinary people count in the sweep of history

Online incivility

Social media users cannot forget their responsibility to their employers

Change in Mexico?

The ruling party faces an uphill battleahead of the presidential election

Parched or polluted

Urgent reforms are needed to deal withthe acute water stress in most of India

A life-affirming journey

Violence cannot stop journalism’s onward march

Shujaat Bukhari, a warrior for peace

He was a man of great discipline and clear sight when it came to the interests of Kashmiris

Before the ten days that shook India

Indira Gandhi’s note that P.N. Haksar helped draft changed the nature of the political economy

There are no detours in history

Pranab Mukherjee’s survey of history was at variance with his invocation of Nehruvian values

Handling a threat

Vitamin D armour for cancer

U.S. based study limited to white, postmenopausal women with breast cancer

Why Modi should visit Costa Rica

The country has a plan to eliminate fossil fuels. And it’s working

Gained in translation

How we talk when we talk about football

A heartbeat for every team

The Football World Cup gives the greatest pleasure to an Indian — you can hold multiple citizenship during the tournament

Drowning in a deluge of our own making

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s imagined future, cities are half-drowned but man still survives, innovates, and even manages to thrive

Mum’s not the only word

A parenting class in the U.S. for soon-to-be fathers sheds light on the role men play in child and family well-being

Act of intimidation

The murder of Shujaat Bukhari is aimed at silencing the middle ground in J&K

Sweet nothing

The bailout package for sugarcane farmers does little to fix structural flaws in the sector

Temple and state

How the seeds of secularism were sown in India, and why the state came to play a part in religious institutions

A spate of lynchings

As violence and mistrust take over, citizens are no longer encouraged to connect with others and nurture solidarity

When Shimla queued up for water

Taps in Shimla went dry this summer, posing an unprecedented water crisis in the hill town. Adverse climatic conditions are believed to be the main factor for reduced flow in streams. Vikas Vasudeva reports on the failure of State governments to check unplanned development and exploitation of water resources