The child’s right to dignity

Neither is all sexual contact with children rape nor should there be a blind exemption to sexual violence within marriage

A great divide

There is a contrast between the status of women and their political presence, as Nagaland and Haryana show

Partition or Independence?

The horror of Partition is gradually coming to displace the idea of freedom. This carries immense dangers

An overhaul at seventy

We must choose national security as our overriding priority to sustain our position in a troubled world

Naga rebels want peace talks

An educational exception.

Exploring Bhutan

It’s a mystery why so little has been written about it

Sound and fury

The U.S. President needs to wind down war talk and initiate direct talks with North Korea

Wages of neglect

The Gorakhpur tragedy demands a prompt inquiry and a holisitic health-care overhaul

A full antibiotics course

There is no evidence that a shorter course will guarantee cure of the infection

Journalists and social media

Technology platforms must ensure that they are safe spaces

An odd leniency

So-called ‘minor’ sexual offences such as stalking inhibit women from occupying public space

History is not repeating itself

Street power and the electorate’s wishes may well redefine the nature of who holds power in Pakistan

Beauty and the regulatory beast

Data from gene trials should be open to the wider public for greater transparency and abundant caution


Is generic drug deflation good?

Our problems are solvable now

What is lacking is the will, the focus, and clear plans

Cities on our reading list

Seeing new places with the coordinates given by favourite writers and books

Odisha shows the way

The model of a telemedicine project begun in the State, that is creating jobs and widening health access, is now going national

The reader will not dance

If someone generates violence on the basis of a book or a film, it’s a crime that we must condemn