Cause to remain alert

Zika-associated birth defects could be a serious public health crisis in India

Beyond criticism?

The uproar overSarkar reveals a strong streak of political intolerance in Tamil Nadu

The algebra of Opposition unity

The Opposition should see in the Karnataka byelection results a goad for united action

Hashimpura’s long wait for justice

The conviction by the Delhi High Court of 16 personnel of the U.P. Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) for a massacre of Muslims committed 31 years ago was seen as bringing closure to one of India’s biggest custodial killings. Omar Rashid reports from Meerut and pieces together an account of the survivors

Tata Iron Company. Sir Dorab Tata’s Speech.

A sacrifice remembered

The centenary of the First World War has provided a welcome opportunity to recognise India’s role

Trapped tusker fails to make it

Straws in the wind

Congress-JD(S) success in Karnataka’s bypolls has a larger message on Opposition unity

What next after #MeToo?

It is important to use this moment to craft a new, more effective framework for due process

Political economics

The credit stimulus for MSMEs could have some unintended consequences

Independence and accountability

As the RBI’s autonomy is debated, it needs to revisit its exclusive focus on inflation-targeting

2018 Assembly polls: the semi-finals for 2019?

There is enough ferment in these elections to craft a heady new brew in 2019

Advancing BS-VI emission norms

With the April 2020 deadline, vehicle makers get a wake-up call

Public order: Supreme Court’s ruling

Always a world citizen

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay’s writings point to different facets of her interest in the people of Asia and Africa

Back in DC

By taking the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats can try to frame national agenda

Shape of sanctions

The U.S. waiver on Chabahar and on oil purchases from Iran brings relief, temporarily

Protecting against polio

Why the inactivated polio vaccine is essential for India

India and the U.S., oceans apart

There are conceptual differences between the two countries on the Indo-Pacific

The party of Hinduism?

Liberals hoping that Rahul Gandhi’s Congress would rescue them from Hindutva may be in for a rude awakening