Horror in Pollachi

Cases of sexual assault and blackmail must be pursued swiftly and the guilty brought to book

China’s block

Its decision on Masood Azhar is shocking — but India must keep up persuasive diplomacy

Field notes from the election battleground

Biryani, liquor and money are non-negotiable

Can sharing be private?

Facebook’s ‘pivot to privacy’ plan signals a shift in its centre of gravity

An abhorrent and unjust device

Retention of the death penalty utterly undermines India’s moral foundations

Will a court-mandated mediation on Ayodhya solve the issue?

The Supreme Court’s attempt at mediation has its share of supporters and critics

From revolutions to roses

Women’s Day should be an occasion to ponder over how much more is to be done for gender justice

In slow mode

Manufacturing, inflation data give monetary policy makers room for an interest rate cut

Ayub agrees to universal adult franchise

A model policy for women in the police

It must ensure equal opportunities for women in all aspects of policing as well as a safe and enabling work environment

Heavy-handed order

The contempt law must not be used,or seen to be used, to stifle dissenting views

Down, but definitely not out

On the verge of being wiped out territorially, the Islamic State still poses a big challenge to intelligence apparatuses

The need for constitutional courage

The Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute is a title dispute, not a religious one

India’s grand strategy on Pakistan

Develop a sophisticated counterterrorism strategy, while exuding a vision of peaceful coexistence

D.P. Mishra’s election held void

The power of two

Assembly election campaigns could havea bearing on the parliamentary polls

Final showdown

The IS is facing defeat, but the search fora political solution in Syria should continue

‘India must work slowly on China so that it aligns itself with us on terror’

The former diplomat on India’s next steps with Pakistan, the China-Pakistan relationship, and India’s evolving ties with China

In the pursuit of four freedoms

The principles that inform a lived life of dignity must dictate choices in the great Indian election of 2019

To serve the governed

The Official Secrets Act has no place in a democracy, as the Goswami Commission had suggested in the late 1970s