Wall of shame

The shutdown over the Mexico wall demand will long define Donald Trump’s presidency

Hurrying through a legislation

The passage of the quota Bill highlights grave gaps in India’s parliamentary procedures

Meghalaya’s rat hole traps

As efforts are under way to reach 15 miners trapped in an illegal coal pit in Meghalaya since December 13, the tragedy puts the spotlighton the dark underbelly of coal mining in the State, despite a ban by the National Green Tribunal. Rahul Karmakar reports

No freedom without equality at Sabarimala

Freedom of religion means the right to practise one’s own religion, not the freedom to undermine fundamental rights


Presidency Cricket Match.

Pull-out puzzle

As Turkey rebuffs its plea to protect Syrian Kurds, the U.S. must evaluate its next move

India’s proposal on dispute settlement

Caught in the babble

Unless the political project of Hindutva is tackled head-on, pseudo-scientific claims will continue to be made

Caution ahead

Election-season temptations for populist spending pose a challenge to the economy

Let the grassroots breathe

Local bodies must not be administrative vessels for implementing programmes of the Central and State governments

Has India earned the number one spot in Test cricket?

The victory in Australia suggests the sport’s momentum could stay with India

A solution in search of a problem

Instead of addressing inequality, the 10% quota for economically weaker sections creates huge anxieties

A question of citizenship

Why the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is so contentious in the Northeast

EMS challenges Centre to order inquiry

Korean consensus?

Kim Jong-un’s visit to China is likely to force next steps after the Singapore summit

Why Adam Smith favoured public education

Contrary to popular opinion, he was not a free market apologist

Mass messaging

The BJP is recklessly reinforcing ethnic and religious fault lines in the Northeast

The Great Game is not a zero-sum deal

India and China can work together, bilaterally and in multilateral groupings, to build a secure Afghanistan

Sabarimala through the ages

The focus needs to shift from the entry of women to ecological destruction of the Western Ghats