A Nobel collaboration

It’s time to acknowledge that scientific achievements draw from more than individual genius

Will India get over its obsession with godmen?

They are here to stay, until social consciousness undergoes a qualitative change

The house on Primrose Hill

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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia dead

Adulteration of Food Bill.

Making dissent invisible

Why protests should not be barredat Delhi’s Jantar Mantar

The art of the nuclear deal

The Trump cliffhanger on Iran

Banning the bomb

ICAN’s Nobel Peace Prize highlightsthe urgent need to outlaw nuclear weapons

The will to die

Advance directives on withdrawal of life support must come with robust safeguards

Accountability, not armour plating

We need a debate on police reforms

The architecture of choice

The ‘nudge’ philosophy, and how it can be used to encourage certain outcomes

Regulating the gig economy

The Uber case in London is a test of how to deal with the employment model

Learning from history

It’s not enough to know who killed Mahatma Gandhi — we must understand why he was killed

Wet Mysore faces toddy shortage

Important results in Flanders battle

More than a cameo

When a reporter sees himself depicted on screen

The wrong options

GST and demonetisation are not the structural reforms that will boostthe economy

Well-deserved ‘nudge’

Richard Thaler has been crucial in puttingthe human at the heart of economics

Foggy thinking

Delhi’s firecracker ban may not work any better than Punjab’s stubble-burning ban did

Measuring judicial merit

In making collegium decisions public, the Supreme Court must also reason out its measurement of ‘merit’