Catalysing ‘Make in India’

Manufacturing can enter the big league if India uses its talent pool to create competitive, cutting-edge designs

A wrong corrective

The apex court has gravely erred in ordering blanket quashing of coal blocks

Expanded U.S. ocean preserve to be world’s largest

Far off America’s shores, an ocean preserve flush with rare seabirds, turtles and marine mammals will grow to roughly three times the size of California under a memorandum that U.S. President Barack Obama signed on Thursday.

Space exploration not a prerogative of the West

Critics say India has too much poverty for such an endeavour. But space exploration should not be the preserve of the rich West.

Re-defining the engagement

With 35 engagements planned over five days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States will be a whirl of events.

Dealing with the coal burden

The government will now have to come up with a plan of action to deal with the economic fallout of this extraordinary verdict.

War against the Islamic State

There can be no stability in West Asia withouta Saudi-Iranian engagement, since Iran has to work with the Shia regimes in Syria and Iraq to shape accommodative and inclusive governments, while the Kingdom has to wean ‘moderate’ Sunnis away from the IS coalition

Supreme Court judgement on coal blocks wrecks investor confidence

The court went by the government's assurance that it would manage things even if all the allocations were cancelled.

Nuclear law is asset, not liability

India's approach will increase the insurance burden and cost of nuclear power but this will allow policymakers to make a more transparent costbenefit comparison between different power sources and lead to a more rational nuclear-conventional mix.

Wrong acts

While the rules of the Act are, by and large, well-drafted, the lack of commitment of a section of the bureaucracy maligns the genuine intentions behind the Act.

Myanmar means business

India should leapfrog its efforts to tap the myriad opportunities emerging from this fast-growing economy

Tiny wasp SWAT teams to protect Indonesian crop

The wasps are being released in Indonesia, the latest country threatened by the mealybug. It’s a chalky white insect shaped like a pill that has been making its way across Southeast Asia’s fields for the past six years.

A war strategy develops

Simply decapitating the leadership could create a chaotic battlefield that would remain unstable for years to come

Dangers in disclosure

The Whistleblowers Protection Act provides protection to whistle-blowers from harassment, but not complete anonymity. Under the Act, no action need be taken on the basis of a complaint if there is no disclosure of the identity of the complainant.

Mars mission success

After a journey of over 660 million kilometres that took 10 months, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission has swept with effortless ease into orbit around the Red Planet, making this country the first to achieve such a feat in a maiden attempt.

A global call for climate justice

Neither Narendra Modi nor Xi Jinping attended the U.N. climate change summit despite being leaders of countries that are among the top three annual emitters of greenhouse gases

A faster, cheaper Mars orbiter

India’s Mars orbiter mission tells the world that the more technology was denied the more determined the country became to master space technologies

Contours of caste disadvantage

Average wage gaps between OBCs and upper castes have been narrowing over the years, but notably, the discriminatory component is rising.

India right in taking on WTO top guns

Why sign the trade facilitation pact and barter away our sovereignty on food policy?

Engaging Uncle Sam

A little bit of give and take will benefit both India and the US