A weak agreement saves the day

The ‘Twentieth Conference of the Parties’ of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ended in Lima on December 14, as the negotiations extended by two days beyond schedule.

Creating a global classroom

Since the fee charged to an international student is much higher than what is charged for local students, this could be a great source of additional revenue for the ailing state universities

Damning indictment of CIA

The report by a Senate committee of the U.S. Congress that said the Central Intelligence Agency used inhuman and cruel methods on terror suspects is damning enough, but it would not have served its purpose if those who carried out the torture and authorised it get away scot-free.

Damned by development

Though the Union Environment Ministry acknowledges its damage, Uttarakhand’s hydroelectric project-driven development agenda remains unchanged

New wars on the Cold War relic

The innumerable problems India has faced on account of the U.N. resolution and the U.N. Adhoc Committee on the Indian Ocean must be recalled before we take any formal initiative in this regard.

India cannot wait indefinitely for Saarc to become an effective grouping

It is apparent that India’s development will not just drive South Asian development — particularly in the east — but will also be driven by it. The question is, will this be done within Saarc, outside Saarc or beyond Saarc?

Reading the tea leaves

Growth-inflation data puts recovery story in doubt

‘We needed a father figure to take crucial decisions’

Interview with Justice Krishna Iyer’s brother, V.R. Lakshminarayanan, on how the family saw him, on the people who influenced him and his interests apart from law

Political response to a legal battle

Even as political tactics, making noise in Parliament, and organising protests in Bengal will not take the Trinamool very far if its leaders do not face the allegations head-on and are not cleared after due investigation.

Sanskrit deserves more than slogans

Real renewal of the language happens not in shrill sloganeering but in funding top-notch libraries and in sponsoring research chairs and encouraging the study of Indology

For better signage on the cyber highway

A stable and open Internet will be inextricably linked to the Indian economy’s ability to grow, innovate, and compete in a global environment.

Why India should bring its nuclear liability law in line with global norms

The way ahead is to duly amend the law, and in tandem ratify the 1997 Convention on Supplementary Compensation, which we have already signed.

Getting GST going

States must realise that higher growth benefits all and that delays hurt everyone’s interest, including their own

Findings from bird family tree

Birds use the same genes to sing as humans do to speak. And flamingos are more closely related to pigeons than they are to pelicans.

Fight poverty, not conversion

Is the practice of religion a deeply private affair, confined to values and belief systems at the level of the individual, or is it an open community activity, carried out in the public domain with social participation?

Testing times for India-Russia ties

It is increasingly important for New Delhi and Moscow to reassure each other in spheres other than the commercial ones of defence, energy and trade.

Overturning Ataturk’s legacy

By keeping secularists at bay and riding on his popularity in Turkey’s heartland, President Erdog˘an is trying his best to shake off Ataturk’s long shadow

Interpreting the Kashmiri vote

Concluding that huge participation in an election as an absolute verdict on the political will of Kashmiris is not only reductive but renders the act ahistorical.

The Central Reserve Police Mess

The CRPF is so ill-prepared to fight Maoists, it is a miracle its troops are not deserting en masse

Why contraception is needed to control population explosion

There was a time when we worried about a “population explosion,” with ever more people fighting over ever fewer resources.