Israel seeks to export cybertech

Industry experts say that tech companies and intelligence agencies would likely be loath to trade secrets and reveal their own vulnerabilities.

The agony of awaiting death

A convict sentenced to death has a constitutional right to petition the President for relief against his sentence, and the consideration of his petition is not an act of grace or mercy by the President but a necessary relief provided by the Constitution.

When caring less may actually help

Science and practical experience clearly show that we cannot care for every individual wild tiger. Animal lovers and conservationists should therefore focus on saving the species as a whole.

New scourge in Assam

As the movement demanding a homeland for the Bodo people runs its course through its second decade, it remains one of the most serious potential sources of violent political confrontation in the region.

A surprise from the RBI

Reserve Bank of India sprang a big surprise by hiking the policy repo rate by 0.25 percentage points to 8 per cent.

Anarchist or activist?

When streets erupt in a democracy, it is nearly always because institutions are not delivering as they had promised to. It is never a good idea to barricade popular voices by institutional walls.

Making the powerful accountable

If powerful figures are not subjected to transparent court proceedings, the opacity in the face of a critical issue is likely to undermine public faith in the judiciary.

Crossing the language barrier in films

In a country as diverse as ours, how do we prevent the ghettoisation of the regional film industries? Subtitles could be a start.

A strengthening relationship

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, there are no two opinions in India on the importance of building ties with Japan.

No lessons learnt

That 29 people could be rescued is indeed a silver lining, but even more could have been saved as the site was not far from the coast, according to the survivors.

Redeeming the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has taken the position that it cannot be expected to abandon its role of being the guardian of the fundamental rights of all persons within the territory of India.

Whose journalism is it anyway?

Journalists of Bastar are often exposed to serious security threats by Maoists who want to release a statement or by the police who want to gather information.

India’s Syria venture

Syria is coming close to shifting from an India-friendly regime to a possibly hostile, Islamist regime.

A visit to Auschwitz

The anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp is an occasion to remind ourselves that we cannot build the future without remembering the past.

Outsiders seize the moment

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” - Samuel Beckett

Decoding the President’s address

But to ask the people to vote for a stable government can mean little more than to ask them to vote for a party widely seen as the front-runner.

A mother and a judge speaks out on section 377

A review petition is now up for hearing before one of the two original judges plus another, who will replace the now-retired Justice Singhvi. It will be heard in chambers . No lawyers will be present.

Keeping India at bay

India’s support for devolution of power and substantive demilitarisation are all overshadowed by the Palk Bay fishing conflict between Tamil Nadu fishers and Northern Sri Lankan fishers.

Tombstones do not remain mute

The Army’s clean chit to the accused in the Pathribal fake encounter case is an insult to the sacrifices made by its men in Kashmir.

Japan, India and the balance of power

India and Japan can honestly say that they are not building relations in hostility against China; but it is right for them to plan for the eventuality of Chinese hostility.