The new Cold War

Russian governments also recall the unilateral U.S. recognition of Kosovo in 2008, and Mr. Putin was incensed when plans emerged for Ukraine to join NATO.

The verdict on stimulus

Superficially, economic stimulus seems common sense. If private-sector demand is inadequate, the public sector ought to fill the void. In practice, it’s not so simple.

Echoes of Big Bang detected

By observing the cosmic microwave background, or a faint glow left over from the Big Bang, small fluctuations gave scientists new clues about the conditions in the early universe.

Why Russia needs Crimea

The new leaders in Kiev installed with the West’s support are the same people who staged the “orange revolution” in Ukraine in 2004 and set Ukraine on the path of NATO membership.

Healing the wounds of a bitter war

Sri Lankans wanting to understand what happened amongst the bloodshed should not be deprived of answers.

I fear that the more I speak the truth, the more I’ll subject myself to danger

Interview with Adivasi school teacher Soni Sori , the candidate for the Aam Aadmi Party in the Bastar Lok Sabha constituency.

The web we want

The only reason it took off is because people were prepared to invest in it because it’s open and free…The word ‘World’ was global, which was important.

Good news, but some worries

The wholesale price-based inflation (WPI inflation) eased to a nine-month low of 4.48 per cent in February. At the same time last year it was 7.28 per cent, while in January 2014 it was 5.50 per cent.

U.K. to study resettlement of Chagos islands

The British Foreign Office is to ‘neutrally’ examine options and risks involved in re-establishing the Chagossian community on the Indian Ocean archipelago.

The poor without the benefits

Restricting the price subsidy to coarse grains alone will not only work better from both fiscal and equity points of view but also weaken the incentives for graft.

Making peace with the enemy

The government knows, based on bitter past experiences, that an operation may not resolve the terror challenge.

The deepest self

Deep in the core of our being there are the unconscious natural processes built in by evolution.

Nigeria’s northern challenge

The federal government has closed five federal secondary schools in three northern states; the pupils have been offered alternatives.

An opportunity to mend ties

India has to strengthen the principle of reciprocity in dealings with other nations. It needs to devise a code of conduct under which its officials posted abroad will not violate domestic laws.

The many shades of grey in Ukraine

The key struggle in Ukraine is not between Russia and the West. It is for democratic values often associated with the West, but not always promoted by the West. While opposing Russian strongarm tactics, we need to be sceptical of Western interference.

Northeast’s Myanmar connect

Northeast India’s inability to move from subsistence agriculture to a production and manufacturing economy can be solved by collaborating with Myanmar.

The franchise as the fulcrum of democracy

While we may feel justified pride in the relative stability of our democratic institutions, it is time some of these challenges were addressed urgently.

Time-bound trials for legislators

The Court has asked trial courts to wrap up trials involving legislators within a year; and if they are unable to do so, they need to explain the delay to the Chief Justice of the High Court.

The wages of scientific fraud

It pays to remember that there are no short-cuts, and that doing good science ethically brings lasting benefits.

Diamond hints at vast ‘wet zone’ inside Earth

The water is not sloshing around inside the planet, but is held fast within minerals in what is known as the Earth’s transition zone, which stretches from 410 km to 660 km beneath the surface.