Growth of independent India an amazing story; empower it by health investment: Bill Gates

Report stated that about 11 per cent of the economic growth in low- and middle-income countries over the past generation resulted just from reductions in adult mortality.

Climate change — what’s that?

Most Indians are not aware of, or responsive to, the issue. For this, the media is squarely responsible.

Offering hope without hype

Small things can make for big changes. In his first Independence Day address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid almost as much emphasis on a dirt-free India as on a Digital India.

Unshackling Prasar Bharati

Amidst the changing dynamics of information dissemination and consumption, public media institutions should not suffer from bureaucratic control, but instead have infusion of skills, technology and autonomy.

The Indian Army’s ‘welfare’ malaise

The recent outburst of an Army officer’s wife is illustrative of how easily so-called welfare activities subsume the Army’s professional duties

Ushering in a new era

Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech was an attempt to evoke an everyday civics, replacing empty policy as the first step to development

The story of my Sanskrit

A language is only a means to an end. Sanskrit is a powerful tool, but whether its uses are salutary or destructive depends on whose hands it happens to fall into.

Spending wise

Ideally, how much a government spends and on what should be determined by that government. An EMC is at best a ploy to create a distance between the government and certain hard decisions it ought to take.

Tentative recovery

he economic data released this week send out mixed signals. While wholesale price inflation showed a decline at 5.19 per cent in July, consumer price inflation, which is the Reserve Bank of India’s benchmark, inched up to 7.96 per cent.

Doing more on climate

The BASIC meet stressed that the 2015 outcome in Paris should be comprehensive, balanced, equitable and fair — but so far nothing has been fair in the climate negotiations.

Young and jobless in India

India must devise a demographic policy to separately meet the requirements of the young, middle-aged and elderly

For a judicial search committee

By insulating the judiciary from political influence at all the stages of appointment and further elevation and transfer, the collegium in effect did secure the independence of the judiciary; this major achievement should not be lost sight of now.

India needs to have nuanced policy on Pakistan

The multiple power centres in Pakistan are still vying for more space, and India's response should always be a judicious mix of applying requisite pressure on hardliners still committed to using terror groups as an extension of foreign policy.

Ball set in motion to carry forward defence ties between India-US

The outcome of the deliberations make it amply clear that the ball has been set in motion to carry forward the defence and strategic relationship between the two countries that started with the Kickleighter Proposals in 1991.

Warning signals

The disappointment over the latest industrial growth and inflation data is mainly due to unrealistic expectations.

Confronting a new enemy

Obama’s strategy may be to deter the Islamic State from attacking the West. But deterring terrorists is a risky course, because it counts on their rationality

Hangover of a bitter struggle

That differences and disagreements will mark Telangana-Andhra Pradesh relations seem to have been written into the very conditions and circumstances of their coming into being.

Ill-advised on Pakistan

Common sense demands that India should be doing whatever it can diplomatically to strengthen Mr. Sharif’s hands, or at the very least do or say nothing that will serve to undermine him.

Food security and Rodrik’s trilemma

The Narendra Modi government deserves the warmest congratulations for its firm stand at the World Trade Organization, which finds support in Rodrik’s trilemma

Mr. Modi’s river disconnect   

Purely technological solutions like the ambitious river interlinking project are myopic precisely because they do not adequately study, understand or prioritise the socio-economic and long-term well-being of those who are affectedby these mega projects .