The mad chase after Bt brinjal

GM crops increase toxicity in the human body and will ring the end of delicious indigenous varieties

Unshackle the bureaucracy

Why amending the anti-graft law is crucial for efficient governance

How the CIA’s victims can still get justice

Everyone expected the Senate’s CIA torture report to be shocking. But I’m not sure anyone was really prepared for the depravity and sheer lack of humanity laid out in the 580 pages released on December 9 morning in Washington

What if whites were the minority?

“With us whites in the minority, some cops are just going to see you as a threat no matter what”

Moving forward on insurance

The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, which aims to increase the flow of foreign investment into the capital-starved insurance industry, is now just a step away from getting into the statute books.

Limiting the impact of Section 377

The Supreme Court’s judgment rested significantly on the presumption of constitutionality and did not cast light on the 'subject matter' of homosexuality in general

Good intent not enough for good policy

In order to deliver on its promise of an independent nuclear programme, unencumbered by foreign pressure, and uphold the importance of nuclear power in India’s energy mix, the Modi government will have to find a way out of the impasse created by the present civil liability regime

A flawed background check system

It is unfortunately true that a job applicant can get a certificate with wrong information if he or she is willing to grease the palms of police staff

Our untapped trade potential with Russia

Russia, pushed back by the West, seeks to boost economic ties with India. It has plenty of expertise to offer

Nurturing agriculture

The Centre should now focus on ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their produce

Moving ahead on railway stations

In its first Railway budget, the BJP-led NDA government had focussed on passenger amenities and inviting private participation in the modernisation of infrastructure.

When travel is unsafe

Making available safer public transport to women at all times should be an urgent task for transport authorities.

Universal rights and universal violations

As we mark the 66th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, disclosures of mass human rights violations have highlighted the need for greater accountability

An honest public accounting

There simply is no way for a democracy to get past a trauma like the interrogation issue without an honest public accounting

Confronting the right wing

India is a civilisation base for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and a host of tribal gods. One has to explore new forms of syncretism, new notions of economics and science emerging out of religion.

The Khaps in our homes

It is crucial that the law is made to work to uphold women’s right to choice, and that the courts recognise couples’ right to privacy, protection of life and personal liberty

Growing current account deficit calls for policy reforms

Avoidable imports of coal and steel result from messy domestic policy that creates shortage of coal and bans iron ore mining.

Lima Summit: India should commit to boost energy efficiency

At the Lima ministerial on global warming and climate change, India should be proactive and commit to smartly boost energy efficiency and reduce the output intensity of its carbon emissions.

An icy feel to Indo-Russian ties

Gone is the bonhomie of earlier decades, as India leans towards US. But Russia is too important to be antagonised


Banning ride aggregators punishes the wrong offenders for the wrong crime