Discretion, the better part of valour

In order not to deter whistle-blowing, past court observations should encourage a debate on the need to remain discreet about the identity of informers in high-profile corruption cases

Talking trade and peace with China

From India’s standpoint, attracting Chinese investment is imperative for reviving growth. Besides, its deepening ties with Japan, Australia and Vietnam have opened up more room for manoeuvre in Asia

Five big takeaways from Xi Jinping’s visit to India

The personal rapport and chemistry that developed in this Modi-guided tour at Ahmadabad should be reflected in certain intangibles in the bilateral relations for at least the next five to ten years of Modi-Xi tenures.

China President Xi's India Visit: The economics behind setting up two industrial parks in India

China is interested in relocating some of its labour-intensive industries from China to India. This makes sense for China since the labour force in that country began to decrease after 2012 and the cost of Chinese labour is now increasing.

Crippling cost of disparities

Recovery in the G20 is also threatened because, with over 100 million people unemployed and 447 million living on less than $2 a day, consumption and investment are constrained, argues a second report.

Uneven recovery

With the next monetary policy announcement of the RBI close at hand, pressure is rising on the central bank to review its hawkish stance now that retail inflation is close to its benchmark of 8 per cent by January 2015.

The link between sanitation and schooling

In addition to adequate provision of funds for cleaning, sanitation training and maintenanceof toilets in schools, the issue of fixing accountability must also be addressed

Neither warmongers nor wimps

In a drive to secure his own fragile power basis at home, Vladimir Putin seems to be determined to bring the Ukraine back into Russia’s orbit, at any cost.

India and China can and should rise together

Beyond symbolism and new catchphrases, there is much serious business for the leaders of India and China to transact during the visit and later.

India needs to deftly deal with multiple strategic partners, and with China

China's rise and the fear this causes in Asia and elsewhere is at the root of India's importance. China's aggressiveness has frightened even the more powerful Asian powers such as Japan.

‘Modi’fied Plan Panel

does the finance ministry have the necessary expertise to scrutinise the schemes of States and Central ministries like the Plan Panel?

The biggest problem with labour laws

Our existing trade union law is outdated. The absence of norms for fixing the representative union scares investors

How the media didn’t play fair to the Scots

If they vote for independence, they will do so in defiance not only of the Westminster consensus but also of its enforcers.

U.S. boots already on the ground

The question is whether Obama will decide to say publicly that more U.S. boots are coming, or remain in his preferred role as covert Commander-in-Chief

After the great Bengal scam

How credibly the various political parties deal with the fallout is going to influence the outcome significantly.

Lessons from a disaster

This, then, has been a costly environmental wake-up call for Jammu and Kashmir — as it was for Uttarakhand a year ago.

Developing model village clusters

Creating central towns with urban facilities for 100 or so villages in each tehsil will prevent wastage of national resources on ‘model villages’ and ‘smart cities’

Chronicle of a tragedy foretold

Even in Srinagar, people had absolutely no idea of the impending disaster till the waters entered their houses and colonies. No agency provided any prior warning about the massive floods in Jammu and Kashmir

For a victim-centric approach

Closed-door proceedings place an additional responsibility on a judge to ensure that he or sheis duty-bound to maintain the delicate balance between the rights of an accused for a fair trial and the rights of a rape victim for protection against the violation of her dignity

A Kelkar Committee model could be the best option for oil and gas pricing

Contracts are won by bidders offering the government the highest shares in these three phases: cost oil, profit oil and residual oil.