The war within the war

The main reason why the fight against the Maoists cannot go beyond a certain level is that New Delhi has failed to address issues that lie at the heart of this conflict.

Chauvinism and patriotism not the same

Sedition is an act against the security of the country. How does clapping for the Pakistani cricket team threaten security or even the interests of the Indian state? When did patriotism insist on uniforms or uniformity?

How oil palm could kill orangutans

Corporates have already ravaged so much of the forest that their pledges to avoid further felling are somewhat empty.

No room for complacency

On a cumulative basis, during the nine months of 2013-14, the CAD at $31.1 billion (or 2.5 per cent) marks a big improvement over the corresponding period last year when it was $69.8 billion (or 5.2 per cent).

Tripping on old mistakes

As in the case of past attacks, New Delhi and Raipur have busied themselves criticising each other for the loss of lives. It is time for both to step forward and admit that they are accountable for mistakes made, and lay out a blueprint to make amends.

Interpol tests airline access to passport database

It takes less than a second for countries to query the database via Interpol software and an Internet connection, once a passport is scanned.

Small States, big problems

Even a cursory look at how Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand have fared will tell us how the mere formation of a smaller State is no guarantee for better lives for those groups for whom these States have been created.

Armed forces as a vote bank

For almost four decades, soldiers have been not been able to vote because they are not allowed to register as regular voters at their place of posting.

Changing colours of racism

When it comes to accepting people from other races in our society, we are light years away from practising what we have preached.

Regulating stem cell therapy

A revised set of guidelines on stem cell research was recently released by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Department of Biotechnology, seven years after an earlier one was issued.

Nuclear test experts to check if Malaysian plane exploded

The head of the organisation that monitors the nuclear test ban treaty said on Monday that he has asked its experts to see if they detected an explosion at high altitude of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

‘Social news’ no panacea for ailing media

The study underscores the challenges of news organisations trying to make a transition from print to digital and keep revenues flowing.

Nalanda is not about nostalgia

As per the proposed amendments, the preamble to the 2010 Act would characterise Nalanda unambiguously as “a non-state, non-profit, self-governing international institution.”

Cheering is no duty, jeering is no crime

Sedition is easy to allege but difficult to prosecute; nationalism is easy to profess but difficult to define.

Mini capitals for mega development

Developing mini capitals is critical to ensuring that the benefits of economic growth reach vast rural hinterlands.

Once again, the fear of flying

In Indian aviation, we never learn from past accidents; nor do our regulators or airlines show any interest in preventing a recurrence

Decoding Hamid Karzai

Karzai has retreated from many ideological and political positions in the face of recalcitrant events and shifting context. The most irreconcilable are his opinions about the Taliban as well as his views on the role of the U.S. in Afghanistan.

The perils of blatant secessionism

Kashmiris’ anger against the Indian state is legitimate, but shouting pro-Pakistan slogans in Meerut is not going to alter New Delhi’s Kashmir policy in any way.

Safeguarding the many histories of India

Wendy Doniger’s book was Penguin’s to protect but freedom of expression is ours to safeguard; our responsibility is collective and so should be our response.

Abuse of sedition law

The reckless invoking of the grave charge of sedition for minor expressions of views that may be contrary to conventional notions of patriotism is an unacceptable affront to India’s democracy.