Elephant slaughter, ivory sales out of control: conservationists

The slaughter of Africa’s elephants and the illegal trade in ivory in China are “out of control” and could push wild elephants to extinction within a generation, conservationists said Tuesday.

Free market or private monopolies?

The state has the powers to make business serve us better. A north London borough is leading the way

One book for India

What Ms. Swaraj calls into question is the secular nature of India, whether a holy book of one religious community can be imposed as the national book of Indians of all faiths.

No room for complacency

The need to investigate if other duck species have been infected and for continued surveillance cannot be overstated, especially since duck-rearing is widespread in Alappuzha district.

Conversations with a lady taxi driver

It was barely dawn and I was being driven to the airport by a woman, who was confident and also eager to make conversation. How many women in our country are allowed this space?

Uber’s constant overreach

We definitely need constant innovation, but we also need a better balance between the need to innovate and the need to have everybody play by the same rules

For a warmer Russian bear hug

With the triangular relationship between India, Russia and China undergoing major changes, the downside risk for India isa Russia-China entente facilitated by the West’s determination to isolate Moscow.

Reward efficiency in fertiliser production

And make subsidies available — they will fuel the effort. Besides, it’s time India depended less on imports

Power and responsibility

Winding up the Planning Commission must accompany empowering the States with greater financial autonomy

New satellite takes wing

India has a new bird in the sky — the communication satellite GSAT-16 that was successfully launched aboard Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket in the early hours of Sunday. GSAT-16 has 48 transponders, the largest number thus far

A new age of activism

There is a thin line between high-pressure policing and oppressive policing. Heavy hands leave bruised spirits, and occasionally buried bodies.

Withdrawal symptoms in Afghanistan

Many fear that after the U.S. withdrawal, the Taliban will take over southern parts ofthe country with growing terrorism and insecurity threatening a weak government in Kabul

Unanswered questions

At this stage, many unanswered questions remain, and a great deal more of conceptual thought needs to go into the making of the new body that is to come into being by the end of January.

Tampering with scientific temper

Is scientific temper an attitude for both the public and the private domains or is it only for the public domain? Is it opposed to or can it coexist with superstition? These are questions India must debate

Being middle class in India

The Lok survey indicates that, for all the talk of ‘middle class’ support for the BJP, the evidence is not clear-cut. Self-proclaimed middle class Indians were only marginally more likely to have voted for the BJP in the recent general election

P-notes can take a hike

If tighter disclosure norms make them leave India, so be it. P-notes account for barely 12 per cent of portfolio flows

Arbitrary curbs on creativity

The Delhi High Court recently upheld an order of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting prohibiting transmission of programmes over the television channel ‘Comedy Central’ for 10 days, for broadcasting “obscene content “denigrating women”.

Complex challenge in Kashmir

New Delhi must find a partner in the new government that will come to power in J&K, with whom it must talk about the State’s material and political aspirations.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Women are told that they should speak up against harassment, and yet when two young women took on a bunch of men on a bus in Rohtak, they were described as ‘aggressive’

Understanding inflation targeting

Inflation targeting re-emphasises the primacy of price stability as the objective of monetary policy. Given the rigidities in the economy and lags in policy impact, it must be operated with flexibility.