The swine flu scare

Our creaky health infrastructure stands exposed

A ‘perfect storm’ brews in the Middle East

In the Middle East, Israeli, American, Palestinian and Iranian interests collide in a vortex

New thrust in India-Sri Lanka ties

Relations between India and Sri Lanka have not just been reinforced during the visit of President Maithripala Sirisena but have also gained new direction and momentum.

Egypt strikes back

Egypt seems to have set its foot deep into the Islamic State (IS) quicksand. Since Monday, the Egyptian military has been carrying out raids on IS camps and weapon storage areas in northeast Libya.

Brightening the future with the sun and wind

Renewables in India are different from renewables deployed in the U.S. and Europe, and understanding the differences is the key to viable policies

No more a déjà vu, but a new war

With funding support from outside and with TTP linkages, sectarian groups in Pakistan no longer need the establishment; their survival is secure and expansion assured

A Somalia on the Mediterranean

The Islamic State in Libya is not merely a Libyan problem but a regional one. The chaos in the country has allowed radical Islamists from across North Africa to take refuge there.

e-commerce needs a fair tax deal

The current tax regime does not address the diverse character of e-commerce activities. The GST holds out hope

Why households stay away from the stock market

Retail investors are withdrawing. It seems that perceptions of risk outweigh returns in the distribution of financial savings

Needed, real inclusion

The scope of the banking ombudsman system needs to be expanded to provide easier redress to small banking customers

Light bulbs vs. the Internet

The technology may be astonishing; its social and economic value is less so. Examples abound.

The menace of plastic waste

If there is one type of municipal solid waste that has become ubiquitous in India and most developing countries, and largely seen along the shores and waterways of many developed countries, it is plastic waste.

A flawed approach to food security

With India continuing to be plagued by malnutrition, it is foolhardy to use the changed food production situation in the domestic economy as a reason for dismantling the FCI

In America, bias wears a badge

The fear for visitors to the U.S. such as Sureshbhai Patel is that even where legal remedies for damages exist, there is far less to protect them from the actual acts of violence

A social role for NITI Aayog

For India, which remains very poor and very unequal, policies based on the interest of finance capital and a narrow section of society can only spell disaster.

Wing and a prayer

India’s air safety regulation regime is in urgent need of overhaul

Prospects for peace

Doubts over the durability of peace in Ukraine despite the ceasefire that formally came into effect on Sunday, represent a dangerous augury in the months-long, bloody and bitter conflict between government and separatist rebel forces.

AAP’s day in the sun

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has clearly indicated that he is a man in a hurry. Even before assuming office on Saturday, he had placed before Prime Minister Narendra Modi his government’s priorities.

Using law to bully comedians

The controversy surrounding the AIB roast video makes it clear that Indian law is still very prone to abuse by those who wish to exercise the heckler’s veto 

Profitability without accountability

Just because the Manmohan Singh government accepted the Faustian Indo-U.S. nuclear pact does not mean that India needs to bend its laws and spend billions of dollars on U.S. reactors