Silencing a sensitive writer

The rights under the Constitution are designed to protect the freedom of expression of writers like Perumal Murugan who may seek to question uncomfortable truths from the past. It is a pity that a range of forces conspired to silence him.

Learning from one another

Indian research was deeply influenced by the knowledge of foreign works on the subject,and in turn, Indian maths influenced mathematical work in other countries

Cash transfers, the lazy short cut

Alleviating poverty in India requires not only cash transfers but also other enabling changes

In maya, the killer and the killed

The intellectual can hurt with his words. The soldier can hurt with his weapons. We live in the world where the former is acceptable, even encouraged. The latter is not.

A New Year wish for more decentralisation as it helps cut public deficit

The world today is, in many respects, better than that of our grandparents, except for the vulnerability.

A curious case of camaraderie

Despite dissonances, relations between India and Russia have been marked by a unique sense of harmony

Bold words, weak vision

The UN secretary-general’s message could have been more forthright about global inequality and ecological crisis

Policy distorts gender equity

The Supreme Court recently refused to hear a petition challenging the Rajasthan Panchayati Raj (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2014 on procedural grounds, sending it back to the High Court.

Striking truths in the coal sector

The government may have won the first round in its tussle with employees of public sector monolith Coal India, but stiffer challenges lie ahead as it attempts to reform an industry that is critical to the country’s growth.

Speaking power to satirical truth

A joke or laughter from a position of superiority over other people is unworthy of moral support, although it may obtain legal protection

The Naxal challenge to electoral process

India’s general election is the largest exercise of its kind in the democratic world. Since it fell on me to oversee four out of five phases of the election in 2009, it was also viewed by the country as being my responsibility.

An uncertain Hobbesian life

India’s small farmers have been struggling for centuries now and they need social and governmental action to change their future

How India’s economy will benefit from keeping exchange rate at a competitive level

Policymakers in Asia have traditionally placed more emphasis on the role of the exchange rate as a facilitator in aiding economic development.

Towards faster, more inclusive growth

The World Bank president has high hopes of India — and some words of caution as well

What’s the prescription?

The new National Health Policy is silent on institutional and regulatory reforms

Waiting for government

After a bitter campaign and a hotly contested election, political parties in Jammu and Kashmir could not possibly have come to a quick agreement on power-sharing and government-formation.

No room for choice

The pressure to meet targets, the incentives given to motivators and doctors and the permanent nature of sterilisation would mean that the question of counselling men and women of the different options may remain on paper.

America in a tangle over aid to Pakistan

The Indian government probably harbours concerns about the possibility that Pakistan might be diverting resources towards combat operations

In defence of the chronicler of Kongu

It would be tragic if Perumal Murugan is silenced in his prime

A moment of reprieve in Pakistan

The world might have never heard aboutShafqat Hussain had Pakistan not briefly liftedits moratorium on executions. His case reflectsa flagrant disregard for local and international rights and the harsh realities of Pakistan’sjustice system