The biggest problem with labour laws

Our existing trade union law is outdated. The absence of norms for fixing the representative union scares investors

How the media didn’t play fair to the Scots

If they vote for independence, they will do so in defiance not only of the Westminster consensus but also of its enforcers.

U.S. boots already on the ground

The question is whether Obama will decide to say publicly that more U.S. boots are coming, or remain in his preferred role as covert Commander-in-Chief

After the great Bengal scam

How credibly the various political parties deal with the fallout is going to influence the outcome significantly.

Lessons from a disaster

This, then, has been a costly environmental wake-up call for Jammu and Kashmir — as it was for Uttarakhand a year ago.

Developing model village clusters

Creating central towns with urban facilities for 100 or so villages in each tehsil will prevent wastage of national resources on ‘model villages’ and ‘smart cities’

Chronicle of a tragedy foretold

Even in Srinagar, people had absolutely no idea of the impending disaster till the waters entered their houses and colonies. No agency provided any prior warning about the massive floods in Jammu and Kashmir

For a victim-centric approach

Closed-door proceedings place an additional responsibility on a judge to ensure that he or sheis duty-bound to maintain the delicate balance between the rights of an accused for a fair trial and the rights of a rape victim for protection against the violation of her dignity

A Kelkar Committee model could be the best option for oil and gas pricing

Contracts are won by bidders offering the government the highest shares in these three phases: cost oil, profit oil and residual oil.

Autonomy to public sector banks key to better credit appraisal

The finance ministry's missive to bankers to hone their skills of judging a borrower before writing a cheque is unexceptionable.

Towards an Asian century of prosperity

As important global forces, it’s time our two nations worked out a plan of strategic coordination, says the Chinese President

Goodbye, Organisation Man

Post-Internet, many people assume big problems can be solved by swarms of small, loosely networked nonprofits; big hierarchical organisations are dinosaurs

Federalism in judicial appointments

States should have a say in any major constitutional amendment concerning the judiciary

Towards an Asian century of prosperity

The combination of the world’s factory and the world’s back office will producethe most competitive production base, writes Xi Jinping , President of China

A historic opportunity

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in India under extraordinary circumstances, when the political and economic dimensions of the international system are undergoing a profound transformation.

Obama’s Syrian dilemma

Syria provides no easy answers. This time, IS knows that the U.S. will not send massive troop deployments into Syrian territory and has signalled that it does not care about international norms and western reaction. It recognises that the West has its hands tied

Why the index of industrial production needs to be remodeled

The index actually suggests thoroughly declining output in the entire consumer durables segment, which again may well be improperly gauging growth in the industrial economy.

Waiting for recovery

July’s industrial output data show that the economy remains locked in a phase of continuing slowdown

Record keeping shows wild Chinese sturgeon on brink of extinction

No natural reproduction means that the sturgeons would not expand its population and without protection, they might risk extinction.

Disinvestment takes off

Having got Cabinet clearance, the disinvestment department should move quickly to complete the sale process and capitalise on the current positive atmosphere.