Turmoil in the heart of Africa

The crisis in the Central African Republic and the ongoing military intervention highlight the security challenges in Africa and the need for a rapid reaction force.

A new paradigm for inclusion

The report of an RBI-appointed committee on financial inclusion and financial deepening has stimulated a wide-ranging debate on these crucial areas.

Easing tensions in the Palk Bay

Over the years, Tamil Nadu fishermen have with increasing stridency made the demand for the right to fish in the entire Palk Bay, describing it as their “traditional fishing grounds”.

Cracking a taboo

Rape thrives when discussing it is considered taboo. Now, people are increasingly speaking out on the issue, from India to Kenya to America.

Keep an eye on gene therapy

After therapy to correct a faulty gene, the men could read two to four more lines on an optician’s sight chart, a dramatic improvement that has held since the doctors treated them.

Estrangement and engagement

The challenge is to extricate India-U.S. dialogue from the pattern of complaining against or making excessive demands on each other.

Troubled legacy of a bulldozer

The settlements, for Ariel Sharon, were an instrument to make life so miserable for Palestinians that they would eventually quit the remainder of their lands.

Bengali Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh

The ‘Partition’ was swift and vicious in the Punjabs and Sindh where religious minorities have ceased to exist for all practical purposes. This is not so in the Bengals, where many still live on their ancestral land.

Testing the limits

The controversial debenture issue is to be seen as another attempt to conceal the true ownership of large sums of money.

The judges’ dilemma

There is a moral dilemma created by complaints that can be described as belated, going by the lapse of time, or timely, if one considers the present atmosphere as one that is more conducive to ensuring gender justice.

The rationale for a boycott

Instead of asking why Israel is singled out, we must explore the reality of Palestinians. In any case, the ASA calls for a boycott only of Israeli academic institutions.


When capitalism begins to bite back

The greatest illusion that social democrats experienced was their belief that once reforms were won they would be won for good.

Environment and development

In the case of the equally high-profile Vedanta bauxite mining project in Niyamgiri in Odisha, the Ministry has deferred to the sentiments of the tribal residents and rejected the bid.

The medium and the context

All of this is a tribute to the average middle class family’s tenacity and dedication to go the extra mile to inculcate among the younger generations a taste for, and sensitivity towards, the fine arts.

General Musharraf in the dock

While Musharraf’s lawyers have openly spoken about a safe passage being offered to their client, the Sharif government seems determined to take the case to the bitter end.

Fashioning a vision of the future

As the AAP begins to push ahead, the demand for a clearer understanding of the nature of society and its aspirations would certainly become acute.

Arming India into dependency

The government-to-government weapon contracts between the U.S. and India, with no competitive bidding or transparency, are deepening India’s import dependency without arming it with a decisive edge.

Knowledge as power

Common people, acting collaboratively, are a wonderful source of public good. Regretfully, experts, when assigned a monopolistic role, can abuse public interest.

Reforms in the house of God

The need for state intervention in temple management was realised during the temple entry movement, which stressed the importance of treating temples as public spaces.