Wars without winners

Unfortunately, for the West, there is also a pattern to its form of intervention — that the groups it enables, invariably take its weapons, and then turn their jihadi guns on it.

U.S. health agency reveals mishandling of biological agents

CDC director Tom Frieden said he was “astonished” that protocols could have been violated in that way, and described the latest flu incident as the “most distressing.”

Ceaseless conflict in West Asia

Anew dance of death has started in Gaza after Israel began ceaseless rounds of air strikes, following rocket attacks by the Palestinian Hamas.

Mean and petty labour reforms

Even decades after independence, the introduction of a ‘secret ballot’ for labourersto recognise trade unions remains elusive

A ‘smart’ idea for urban ills?

Smart cities cannot only be about displaying technology and delivering services, they have to be inclusive and equitable places to live in.

The good is in the detail

The national discourse is so superficial that it only talks of foreign direct investment, investment allowance, tax sops and the like which are just about a twentieth to a sixth of the national economy. It did not even notice paragraph 102 in the Union budget speech which is about half of India’s economy.

Gaza bombed yet again: Will US intervention for ceasefire yield result?

This conflict adds to the tensions in the region that have already sent crude prices up.

Redesign the New Kisan Vikas Patra; introduce goods & services tax

Small savings schemes are an expensive form of borrowing for the government, true. But inflation has eaten into people's saving.

Less activism, more research

Since all NGOs are required to be registered within the same set of laws, legally and in public perception, think tanks and the more activist NGOs are often perceived to be the same

Changing terms of engagement

As India diversifies its diplomatic and commercial ties, a thriving relationship with Britain can be leveraged to bolster its finely nuanced relationships with other major constituents of a multi-polar world.

Obama’s global challenge

Obama's conceptual framework for combating terrorism looks good on paper. But he hasn’t applied this framework successfully in dealing with the challenges that have arisen on his watch.

Sharp increase in allocation for internal security

Special Protection Group – which provides security to the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and their immediate families – has been given Rs. 408.98 crore.

Key issues identified

For all its limitations, however, the Economic Survey 2013-14 has done a commendable job in delineating the contours of an economy that has been struggling for more than two years to grow at more than 5 per cent.

More continuity than change

There has been no directional change, obviously on the reading that none was warranted.

Tactics aligned to strategy

There are many positives in the Union budget with the steps in its overall strategy well aligned to try and fulfil people’s aspirations. A negative is that they have not been integrated to tell a coherent story of how they are going to help solve the country’s problems

Economic Survey 2014: Its solutions are textbook-sound, to a fault

The Economic Survey makes sense when it expects growth to go north of 5 per cent this fiscal and the fiscal and current account deficits and inflation to improve.

Rethinking Wilson’s points

The tragedy of America’s role in the modern Middle East is that it became, without entirely intending or realising it, the protector of the very post-imperial order it once resisted.

Go for it now

An estimated 58 million children, a large proportion of them from sub-Saharan Africa, are still out of school.

Key issues identified

Economic growth during 2013-14 was dragged down by industry, which grew at just 0.4 per cent. A deceleration in manufacturing output and contraction in mining activities have been primarily responsible for the sluggishness.

Are you listening in on me?

Enough safeguards have been built into the law on telephonic interceptions. Yet, there is arbitrariness in its use by civil servants, and malicious manipulation by the political executive