The deadlock in Nepal

The political turmoil in Nepal continues as the prospects of reaching a consensus over a new draft Constitution still appears bleak. The Constituent Assembly was expected to promulgate a new Constitution on January 22,

Momentous vote in Greece

The momentous victory of the radical left-wing Syriza party in Greece is certain to send shock waves through Brussels, already trying to contend with the rising popularity of forces lined up against the European Union.

Concern over climate, compromise on nature

While technological solutions like renewable energy are being aggressively pursued for combating climate change, little value appears to be placed on keeping natural systems intact

BCCI monopoly and judicial review

Common law has imposed a duty on monopolistic powers to act fairly, a rationale which our courts must now extend to hold private associations like the BCCI accountable

A visit and outcomes in superlatives

The question was whether it would be a great visit, and a historic visit. Clearly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted it that way and he has successfully put his imprint on India-U.S. relations.

For the India that is not shining                  

A partnership between American philanthropists and India’s social sector entrepreneurs will work wonders 

Building a smarter future together

The US’ technological expertise can spur our ‘Make in India’ initiative

Booster shot

The ECB’s massive stimulus for the Eurozone should help them combat low growth and low inflation

‘We are the lowest cost pension providers in the world today’

To increase the coverage in the next five years especially in the unorganised sector

Critical transition in Saudi Arabia

The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, at the age of 90, beckoned a cautiously orchestrated transition of power to his successor Salman in the Al Saud dynasty that holds power in the nation.

Yet another QE programme

Even as the global economy grapples with the after-effects of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing (QE) programme and its withdrawal, QE is back with a bang again, this time from Europe.

The love for sons and appropriate attire

Although urban Indians are slowly showing more openness in their attitudes towards women’s attire, this is not the case when it comes to the issue of son preference

Reasons for remembering King Abdullah

His state visit to India as chief guest on Republic Day in 2006 paved the way for improved bilateral relations

Beyond the immediate present

President Obama’s attendance on this January 26 is as important from the perspective of furthering bilateral ties, as it is to show the world that India is ready to play a central role well beyond its borders

Eurozone nations face stronger pressures to lift economies

As the European Central Bank deploys its most powerful economic weapon, the onus for growth now lies with the 19 individual countries in the euro currency union, a fractious and highly political group.

The two largest emitters of carbon can work together to tackle climate change

Promoting economic growth, protecting the environment and improving public health are goals that go hand-in-hand. The tremendous progress that India is making toward each of them can be a model for other nations to follow.

A launching pad for Indo-US defence ties

Obama’s visit can pave the way for technology transfer in a range of areas, including cyber security and homeland security

Fifty years on, no post-Churchill Britain

As the last great public gathering of the victors of the Second World War, Churchill’s funeral was qualitatively grander and more international than anything since

Another Ebola battle won

On January 18, the World Health Organization and the Malian government declared Mali free of the Ebola virus disease. Mali is the third country after Nigeria and Senegal to become free of the deadly disease.

Restoring cricket’s purity

The most welcome feature is that the verdict addresses the BCCI’s credibility deficit in more ways than one.