The U.S. is not No.1!

The U.S. excels in access to advanced education but ranks 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation, and 31st in personal safety.

U.S. secretly built ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest

It is unclear whether the scheme was legal under U.S. law, which requires written authorisation of covert action by the President and congressional notification.

The endless calamity in West Asia

The Jewish state and its toxic right-wing hardly have any tolerance for the plight of Palestinians, but does the Indian public even care any longer about the situation?

Voting while in the Army

Only in peace stations can service persons claim they are ordinary residents and vote locally. If their units move to non-peace stations, they cannot register themselves there.

The curious case of Neiphiu Rio

When asked why he decided to contest the election, Rio said “there is a larger responsibility in Delhi”

Public purpose of architecture

The Pritzker Architecture Prize, the most distinguished and celebrated award in architecture, is given to a professional in the field who has contributed substantially to humanity and displayed excellence in built work.

The tech edge to Africa’s first Islamic insurance for herders

Mr. Bashir, 48, set up Takaful Insurance of Africa three years ago which, unlike ordinary insurance schemes prohibited by Islam, takes only a management fee from clients.

An Ambedkar for our times

Today, Ambedkar certainly outshines every other leader in terms of public acceptance. However, the incidences of casteism also show parallel growth.

Poorly performing public services

Implementation of the Right to Education Act and the National Rural Health Mission should lead to better outcomes but we see the reverse.

If women play a greater role in conflict resolution, you would have more peace

Certain messages are timeless. It is how you adapt them to the current situation. Gandhi is timeless.

Maintaining the status quo

The policy statement, it has been emphasised, is an economic and regulatory statement and ought not to be viewed through the prism of contemporary politics.

A milestone for Pakistan

The transgressions of former military dictators are now the subject of history and they all ruled with impunity.

The employer’s creed

If human resources bosses decide they want to hire a certain sort of person, then young people begin turning themselves into that sort of person.

Second sunrise of Indian jihad

Each bombing the Indian Mujahideen carries out is a medium for a political message enmeshed with India’s dystopic communal landscape: that democratic politics cannot defend India’s Muslims.

When the courts legislate and execute

Protection of our fundamental rights remains paramount and the Judiciary must curb acts of excess, and ensure checks and balances.

Shooting the messenger to kill the message

While the Pakistan government is planning to set up a media commission and repeatedly talks of the safety of journalists, mere assurances cannot set things right.

Final reprieve for Bhullar

His death sentence stands commuted to life on two grounds — that there was an unexplained delay of eight years in disposing of his mercy petition, and that he suffers from mental illness.

Message from Sri Lankan polls

Though the losses do not appear massive, the message behind it cannot be wished away. The UPFA’s loss did not result in its main rival, the UNP, gaining votes.

The experiment of the century

Wherever you turn, whether in the factory, the newspaper, the farm or the university, the Chinese Communist Party secretary retains a decisive voice.

Abstention louder than any vote

With India’s abstention vote, it would seem that South Block is wresting back control of its decision-making authority from that domestic sphere that has ridden roughshod over several foreign policy decisions.