The beginning of taper

GDP growth has rebounded in the second quarter to 4.8 per cent, though the growth impulse continues to be weak.

A cure worse than the malady?

Not much will change under the new Lokpal for the Central Bureau of Investigation except that it will have one more master.

Protecting women at workplaces

As many victims will shy away from the publicity and procedures in the criminal justice system, the alternative process under the new Act needs much alteration.

A punitive sexual security apparatus

While the definition of rape is now expanded, the new enactment has taken us dangerously in the direction of a sexual security regime than toward more rights.

Counting tigers more accurately

A mere 10 per cent of the habitat today hosts 90 per cent of the reproducing populations of the big cat.

Unwise intransigence

Mr. Ganguly will indeed get an opportunity to contest the allegation, but the process may lead to the appointment of an enquiry committee.

India in a tough neighbourhood

India’s approach in crafting a good neighbour policy with its South Asian sisters comes from the strategic calculation that our security does not exist in a vacuum.

International law only for weaker states?

The harsh truth is that the U.S. interprets the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations restrictively at home but liberally overseas so as to shield even the spies and contractors it sends.

Waking up to human problems

As the global and business profile of India increases, it is only natural that more Indians find themselves in legal and diplomatic crosshairs around the world.

An army in search of artillery

Despite the efficacy of artillery firepower unleashed by the Bofors howitzers during Kargil, the Army’s longstanding Field Artillery Rationalisation Plan stands stymied.

Early retirement is in retreat

A shrinking share of older Americans are dropping out of the labour force and relying exclusively on retirement benefits and savings.

War leaders must be held to account

Rather than boasting of calamitous missions, the politicians responsible for them must be held to account.

Drowning out reason

By not allowing a discussion, members belonging to the Seemandhra region who are votaries of a united Andhra Pradesh did their own case no favour.

Outrage and overreaction

Government must be remembered that under the same Vienna Convention, the host state is under “a special duty” to protect embassy and consular premises.

A wait-and-watch policy

Liquidity levels in the system are comfortable. The extraordinary liquidity tightening measures that were introduced to support the rupee are being wound down.

In defence of drones

The most basic falsehood is the use of the term “drone” — a name that conjures up images of computer-controlled machines, free from human oversight. It is a legitimate term in the right context but mostly it is used erroneously.

An internal struggle in Iran

Iran’s hardliners are opposing the nuclear deal, but there is a public yearning to escape the drabness of the Islamic Republic.

New ways of learning old rules - English Language

Traditional grammar classes should be replaced by tutoring in language awareness and analysis guided primarily by languages already known in the classroom.

Welfare policies & electoral outcomes

There is no disparagement of subsidies in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh because those who attack the social welfare policies of the Congress regard them as examples of good governance by a party of the Right.

A sea of conflict

Tamil Nadu fishermen entering Sri Lankan waters interfere with the livelihood ofSri Lankan Tamils struggling to make a living from the sea after a brutal war.