Two chaiwallahs and a budget

Unlike the success story of the tea stall owner who became Prime Minister, there are many others whose dreams have been forgotten. But their lives have been rebuilt by MGNREGA

A blueprint for the defence industry

The Narendra Modi government needs to set up a national committee to resolve turf battles between various government agencies and reconcile competing interests of small and medium enterprises and industry majors.

Rail Budget 2014: Freight has to regain its lost focus

The operating ratio is slated to rise further to 92.5 per cent this fiscal, based on modest and realistic revenue projections. Plan funds will be used to step up investment in the dedicated freight corridors, and that's welcome.

Full of ideas, short on substance

The markets, which expected some major policy announcements, were obviously disappointed, and went south even as Mr. Gowda finished his budget speech.

End to illegal fatwas

In some parts of the country, Muslim women have formed women’s Sharia courts for themselves, contending that orders of Sharia courts are invariably adverse to women.

Reforming statutory codes

The ad hoc culling and editing of laws to respond to perceived problems of outdated legislation is likely to create more problems than it solves

On the track to innovation in Railways

Augmenting research, promoting greater engagement with the academic community and ensuring safety can make the Railways ready for the future

Battling for Islamic space, imagination

The most fascinating aspect of the scenario that will play out in coming months will be the rivalry between ISIS andal-Qaeda as the fountainhead of global jihad .

Rangarajan panel's report on poverty: Imperative to find right balance between subsidy & investment

The Rangarajan committee report on poverty estimates has estimated India's poor to be more numerous than previously estimated. Instead of the poor accounting for 21.9 per cent of the population in 2011-12, they were 29.6 per cent of the population.

The Budget and beyond

The Government is expected to step up supply side moves in a more concerted manner than its predecessor.

The road forward

NHAI’s functional autonomy should be restored to put the highway programme back on track.

Weak foundations

We need a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsafe building practices.

Interference in the name of regulation

That the UGC is incapable of regulation is evident from the fact that many deemed and private universities are illegally collecting huge capitation fees for admission.The regulatory role of the University Grants Commission involves forming and implementing rules and imposing penalties on violators. Sadly, it has failed in all these areas

Legalising intelligence gathering

Intelligence reform cannot succeed unless it is dovetailed with police modernisation andboth technological and human capabilities of State police personnel are upgraded.

On the mythology of social policy

India is among the world champions of social underspending. Without enlightened social policies, growth mania is unlikely to deliver more under the new government than it did underthe previous one.

Rail line to Katra isn't even 1% of what India needs

Why no rail link to Tawang and other strategic spots in Arunachal Pradesh that were taken over by China during its 1962 invasion and are still claimed by China?

CSR, a great idea

With increased integration of world capital and improvement in communications, ethics has become all the more integral to corporate behaviour.

The stabilisation opportunity

The Centre should rope in private players for effective market intervention in agri-commodities.

Shadowboxing in India-U.S. ties

Good U.S.-India ties are in the “enlightened national interest” of both sides. A way must be found to break the ice before the September Washington summit.

Welcome homecoming

The safe return of 46 Indian nurses from Iraq is the result of astute diplomacy and a calibrated exercise of soft power by multiple agencies of government.