Model code as a moral code

The Election Commission cannot afford to object to expressions of divergent opinions on the code of conduct.

The republic of fear

The primary problem of politics is not creating growth. It’s creating order. Until that is largely achieved, life can be nasty, brutish and short.

An under-defined Constitution

The new document even keeps Mr. Morsy’s clause giving the government legal powers regulating the right to strike; the trade unions have strongly criticised this.

Decoding market exuberance

Economic growth remains stuck at around 5 per cent. The impressive turnaround in the current account is due to severe curbs on gold imports, which cannot last indefinitely.

Australia to water down race discrimination laws

It is not, in the government’s view, the role of the state to ban conduct merely because it might hurt the feelings of others.

The statistics of gender bias

It is sad that women have also been indoctrinated to believe that their security depends on good behaviour, as mandated by men.

Debating the secular-communal divide

The right-wing brand of politics seems to be a step ahead in articulating the idea of ‘justice for all,’ which should have ideally come from those championing secularism and more so from the religious minorities themselves.

A new window into an old world

That cosmic inflation may have happened at a higher-than-anticipated energy means physicists have access to the young universe through astronomical data.

Seeking clarity on human rights

The human rights gauntlet that Amnesty International has thrown down will not be easy to pass over when India’s political parties seek the people’s mandate in the coming weeks.

Gayoom comes back, in style

The elections were held even as the head and deputy of the country’s Elections Commission (EC) were removed by the Supreme Court.

Xinjiang’s cycle of violence

The Ku¯nmíng violence underscores the need for a more sensitive approach to the Uighur question in China.

Wanted, a vote for education

As a social need and national goal, education has become irrelevant to the political process.

A million missing patients

Until activists and patients question approaches to prevention, diagnosisand treatment, TB will continue to plague us.

Friction over drug patents

In April 2013 the Supreme Court upheld the 2006 decision of the Indian patent office denying the Swiss multinational Novartis patent on a drug that involved only incremental innovation.

No winners in a war of sanctions

It would be a nightmarish scenario for the United States, if western sanctions push Russia closer to China.

Employer of the last resort?

The Centre’s rural employment guarantee scheme can be substantially improved, but it has undeniably helped Dalits, Adivasis and women find work.

Road to urban future

The grim future of cities played out in Paris recently. Smog wrapped the city and air pollution increased beyond safe limits.

The message from speedy trials

There were moments in the last year or so when many believed that the national outcry since December 2012 may have been in vain, as sexual crimes continued to be reported, and no part of the country seemed safe for women.

America’s challenge in Ukraine

Will American leadership help create a stable and prosperous Ukraine that can join the European economy, without threatening the security of Russia?

Myanmar’s marine ‘Lost World’ braces for tourism

The islands harbour some of the world’s most important forms of marine biodiversity, and are a lodestone for those eager to experience one of Asia’s last tourism frontiers.