More rice from less water

With water becoming an important cost, and with climate change and soil degradation,the System of Rice Intensification offers disadvantaged farming households better opportunities

The many shades of anti-terror fight

Pakistan’s second-phase of anti-terror operations in North Waziristan is part of what many believe to be a fundamental pattern of playing the good versus bad Taliban game.

Governors in the firing line

The government is trying to use the bureaucracy for this unconstitutional work/move while trying to keep a safe distance so that it can emerge clean in case of a hue and cry.

Banking on better times

The sooner the PSBs are allowed to go ahead, the better equipped they will be to grab the credit growth opportunities in the days ahead.

U.N. approves peacekeeping budget after tough debate

The dispute was over the amount of money that countries supplying troops to U.N. missions should receive per soldier for extra expenses involved in their deployment.

Fighting food inflation

The decision to bring the two vegetables under the purview of the Essential Commodities Act and imposing stock limits on them is a direct result of this reading.

Mr. Cameron’s conciliatory tone

It was feared that if a vote was forced on the nomination of the former Luxembourg Prime Minister to the position, London’s further isolation in the bloc of 28 countries would strengthen the Eurosceptic parties into exerting pressure on the government.

An Indian peace road map in Iraq

India's primary interest in Iraq is in its oil, which is in areas controlled by the Kurds and the Shias. The present turmoil does not affect that interest, but a full-scale civil war would.

Centring the Northeast

The Northeast needs a skilful person who can take the region out of its insurgency grip, mobilise leaders of substance and work out a decentralised multi-level development strategy

Rising membership of unions puts onus on states

The court said that if contract labour was prohibited, contract labour employed would automatically become employees of the principal employer.

Knee-jerk solutions

Invoking the Essential Commodities Act and clamping export restrictions on potatoes and onions will not address food inflation.

Great expectations from this Budget

A big win for Narendra Modi has raised the outlook for a faster economic recovery led by a revival in the investment cycle. India’s economic growth was below the 5 per cent mark at 4.7 per cent in 2013-14, against 4.5 per cent in 2013.

Controlling rising prices

Both macro policies like monetary tightening by the RBI as well as commodity-specific measures implemented by the government have to be used to deal with inflation.

Take your kettledrums elsewhere

It was unfathomable that a reporter could have a life beyond news, that he or she may be in a relationship, or would like to read, or watch a play or a film.

A significant visit

At a political level, the Minister’s visit has provided New Delhi an opportunity to advance its ties with continental Europe, which revolves around a Franco-German core.

Heritage lessons from Mumbai

Cities often act too late and offer too little to protect heritage structures. As a result, they either lose important landmarks that signify their history or get entangled in bitter legal fights over conservation efforts.

The empire of contention

History’s lesson is that the political system remains a permanent work in progress. It can never be taken for granted.

Speaking up for the judiciary

For a few days, there was an impression that the collegium, which recommends all appointments in the higher judiciary, had acquiesced in the government’s decision to overrule its recommendation.

An unenviable task

It is extremely unlikely that the fiscal deficit target of 4.1 per cent for the current year can be maintained but that will be a small price to pay for more transparent government finance.

An overburdened public sector and an exploitative private sector

The government needs to engage the private sector in restructuring delivery of health services.