Integrating ecology and economy

For almost every destructive project, there are often alternatives that cause less harm to environment and local communities, and can provide overall long-term benefits

The geopolitics of the Islamic state

Sectarian lines are being hardened in the Arab region.The battle now does not revisit the ancient fight at Karbala. This is not an age-old conflict. It is a modern one, over ideasof republicanism and monarchy, Iranian influence andSaudi influence.

Tackling fiscal slippage

A minor overshoot on deficit is fine if accompanied by aggressive disinvestment and subsidy rationalisation.

Laying out space goals

The Indian space agency is well-placed to provide the sort of assistance that the Prime Minister envisages.

Playing into Taliban hands

If the malpractice allegations are proved, they will have shown themselves incapable of honest participation. Nothing would suit the Taliban better.

The importance of piecemeal reforms

Personal law has no relationship whatsoever with the development or backwardness of any community.

Minimum deterrent and large arsenal

A show of determination and toughness on non-nuclear fronts such as terrorismis more important than stockpiling nuclear weapons

Of fact, procedure, and principle

Since the Emergency, when it had touched its nadir, India’s democracy has been struggling to restore the balance between the executive and judiciary.

Messy turnaround

If FYUP was illegal, why the UGC released funds for it last year is a question that begs an answer.

Eastern outreach

Bangladesh will watch to see if the continuity with UPA extends to another trait: playing favourites with Bangladesh’s political parties.

Virtual courses for a knowledge-based society

Equal access to higher education requires the introduction of massive open online courses

A quota for the ruling class

The Maharashtra government’s announcement of a quota for the Marathas showsa desperation to placate the community ahead of the Assembly election

The searing hypocrisy of the West

Israel’s excuse for the latest rampage through Palestinian lives is that it is searching for three settlers who went missing on June 12.

A tragic conflagration

There may well be lessons to be drawn from the latest accident while seeking to resolve this issue.

An eventful year on Mars

What makes the completion of one Martian year all the more significant is the rover’s ability to not only survive the harsh environment of the red planet but also fulfil its primary objective — providing much sought after information on whether past environmental conditions there were favourable for microbial life.

‘Hate, censorship are political tools of suppression’

Interview with Sri Lankan auteur Prasanna Vithanage on his film With You, Without You

India’s call at Cancún conclave

Negotiating positions can never be frozen, but must actually evolve over time

NGOs of the mind

The NGO as an expression of voluntarism is a Janus-faced entity and it is this double-edged nature that puts it in a perpetual state of suspicion.

A step back for education

The stand-off between Delhi University and the University Grants Commission reflected an ad-hoc, callous and arbitrary approach toward higher education in India 

Changing rules of the game of thrones

Idealists have argued that a multipolar world would be desirable, limiting imperial excess while at once creating a web of regional powers that would limit each other’s ambitions.