Why diplomatic immunity matters

The Khobragade case is not about hurt national pride. There is a principle at stake here, and that makes New Delhi’s rare display of spine a welcome sight.

The inexplicable silence

The Congress has steered clear of any debate on the AFSPA, leaving a politically untenable choice for the next government: repeal the Act or leave it untouched.

Building better universities

The regulatory mechanism for higher education should aim to ensure quality and accountability, rather than leave institutions constrained by rules.

Put jobs back on the agenda

Reducing unemployment isn’t a political priority because keeping workers disempowered seems to suit corporates.

The tide is turning against homophobia

The journey towards genuine equality for lesbian, gay and transgender people is still long.

Legal relief for Mr. Modi

For those still sceptical about the relevance of the judicial clean chit in the face of the enormity of such state-condoned violence, this would be a much-delayed response to capture the moral high ground, now that the legal issues are behind him.

The all-rounder of his era

Had Jacques Kallis played all his career as a batsman alone, he will have had a place among the greatest in the game’s history.

Cloud intelligence in Nepal

With the people having voted with their head and heart, Nepal is back on the track to constitution-writing and a turbulent democracy.

Creating a robust accountability system

The Bill may be flawed, but a document that seeks to set up national standards for rehabilitation of riot victims can't be a bad thing.

For a new avatar of the AICTE

The policy paralysis at the top of the All India Council for Technical Education is manifested in different ways at all levels.

The lesson from Machhil encounter

Accountability for military misdeeds during counter-insurgency operations is undoubtedly a great challenge to the Indian state.

Politics of privacy

With the Gujarat government having already constituted a Commission of Inquiry to go into this sordid episode, the decision of the Centre to set up another inquiry commission on the same issue will necessarily be seen as a politically coloured exercise.

Unlearning undemocratic values

India’s long-standing legacies of caste, gender and class antagonism replicate on campuses as well. As higher education moves forward, it does so on these social cleavages.

All eyes on Hamid Karzai

President Karzai has to steer Afghanistan to safety while adhering to the constitution.

When politics is determined by guns

The rebellious spirit continues through protests across Syria against boththe Islamists and the Syrian government.

A pardon for the wrong reasons

Turing should be forgiven not because he is a modern legend, but because he did absolutely nothing wrong.

Wrong-footing the drug cartels

Uruguay has become the first country to legalise cannabis, taking this most radical step instead of engaging in the so-called war on drugs.

Let the dialogue begin

The long-awaited meeting between the Directors-General of Military Operations of India and Pakistan did not come up with any eureka ideas on how to safeguard the ceasefire on the Line of Control.

How to split the costs of carbon emissions?

Understanding the impact of consumption-generated emissions on climate change is a necessary first step for concrete mitigative action.

Beyond small mercies

In the harsh lives of the elderly, the pension is a chance to enjoy small comforts — relieving their pain with some medicine, winning the affection of grandchildren with the odd sweet, or simply avoiding hunger.