The moral issue of climate change

Scientists are convinced that the connection between carbon emissions and rising temperatures is real, but sceptics have studies to demonstrate the opposite

Sectarianism of the secular brigade

Progressive politics has to move towards affinity and an idea of shared spaces rather than focus on mere claims of essentialised identity.

India and the global politics of status

The signifiers of power have changed since the Cold War. But India’s trying to straddle two boats

Women entrepreneurs deserve better

The policy response to specific ecosystem challenges faced by women in business remains inadequate

The wages of inefficiency

More than the cost overruns, the economy cannot afford the opportunity cost of growth lost due to stalled projects

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon ‘surges 450 per cent’

Deforestation in Brazil’s storied Amazon basin region skyrocketed more than 450 per cent in October from a year earlier, a non-governmental group warned on November 17.

Getting them back to school

Asurvey commissioned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, in September shows that out of the estimated 20.41 crore children in the age group of 6-13 in India, an estimated 60.41 lakh (2.97 per cent) are out of school.

New clarity to ties with Australia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia was long overdue, coming 28 years after Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi travelled to the continent.

Countering another string of pearls

Narendra Modi’s visit to Fiji has to be followed up with a robust programme ofco-operation in areas in which India has particular strengths

Radical face of Saudi Wahhabism

The agenda of the Islamic State today is merely an extension of the devious plan laid downby Abdul Wahhab almost two hundred years ago

False promise of nuclear power

India should actually be encouraging its industry to export its tested and reliable midsize reactor model, which is better suited for the developing countries, considering their grid limitations.

Useful progress at Brisbane G20 meet

The G20 has moved away from its core function of global coordination of economic, fiscal, monetary and financial regulation policies to take on jobs, nutrition, trade, Ebola, climate change, etc.

Increasing fear Rajapaksa not playing a straight bat

The BJP-led government in New Delhi has been more open and clearheaded in its approach to Colombo.

For a law that liberates sex workers

By adopting a moral and paternalistic approach, laws governing sex work fail to address the rights of sex workers

Japan slides into recession

Japan’s economy unexpectedly slid into recession as housing and business investment declined following a sales tax hike, further clouding the outlook for the global economy.

Trade facilitation on track

The deal between India and the U.S. on the contentious issue of public stockholdings of foodgrains for security should put the global trade negotiations back on track.

Resolute policies on children

On the 25th anniversary this week of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, is the world a better place for children?

Why we can’t (or won’t) govern

We Americans are increasingly given to political escapism. Regardless of our place on the political spectrum — Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative — we prefer self-serving fictions to messy realities.

Linking Sindh with Gujarat

It is not the national capitals of India and Pakistan but the border provinces which can playa constructive role in pushing for robust economic ties even during times of tension

Military justice in a political season

The announcement of the Macchil conviction on the eve of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections is a political decision, not one in support of justice or transformation