Myanmar’s appalling apartheid

For decades, Myanmar’s military rulers have tried systematically to erase the Rohingya’s existence with oppression, periodic mass expulsions and denials of their identity.

No magic cure for an ailing economy

India seems to be on the cusp of such a combination of strong governmental leadership and disciplined economic policy.

A sustainable CAD solution

On the face of it, the sharp fall in India’s current account deficit (CAD) to $32.4 billion in 2013-14 from a record $88.16 billion in previous fiscal is great news.

The fearful asymmetries of Modi’s world

India’s neighbourhood is seeing the emergence of a new kind of Pakistan, where central authority is being degraded by Islamist assault.

The end of American world order

Stability of a multiplex would require new forms of international cooperation where leadership is shared rather than monopolised by a single nation.

Avoiding doctor-centric health solutions

The economic growth and development dialogue needs to centre round the human capability dialogue — the educated and healthy create wealth, not the illiterate and the sick.

Welcome initiatives

In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Mr. Sharif called for attitudes to change from “confrontation to cooperation”.

A preventable tragedy

The derailment of the Gorakhdham Express on its way from Delhi to Gorakhpur on Monday, following a collision in broad daylight, was most certainly a preventable tragedy.

On Mideast, a hopeful dialogue

Listening to the Brussels conversation was a reminder that the status quo really isn’t tenable.

Taking charge of electronics

An electronics development fund also needs to be set up to encourage design and value addition in India and encourage entrepreneurship in this field.

A requiem for moral coherence

Beyond underlining the synthetic unity of Kashmir with India and his calling attention to the ‘suffering of sections of J&K society,’ can Narendra Modi achieve something significant and long lasting in Kashmir?

A coming together of dreams

The Chinese and Indian dreams are interconnected and mutually compatible representingthe shared aspiration of 2.5 billion people.

Invigorate the European Project

The prospects for regional integration globally would be strengthened immeasurably by an invigorated bloc of 28 states in Europe.

A refreshing exercise

Overall, Mr. Modi seems to have made some effort to identify younger people who were loyalists or political heavyweights with experience and expertise to back them.

Engagement, not boycott, for Sri Lanka

Once the ceremonial bonhomie of the inauguration is over, proactive measures are in order to make Colombo do the right thing by its Tamil minority.

Look East, look nearby

Our foreign policy should be directed at creating an environment that enables such a partnership to take place.

All you wanted to know about: The mining ban

Illegal mining can create a murky cocktail of corruption, politics and kickbacks that impacts taxpayers. But an outright ban impacts the livelihood of all those who receive direct or indirect employment from the mining industry.

Lessons of the past for the future

While the new government’s peacetime posture toward Islamabad may generally remain the same as that of the UPA, the real test of a government’s character in New Delhi will only take place during a crisis with Pakistan.

Roadblocks in reviving old ties

Notwithstanding Narendra Modi’s large following in the U.K., British MPs with south Asian constituents will continue to watch his minority policy closely.

Does corruption influence voter choice?

Notwithstanding the campaign rhetoric, however, the issue of corruption does not matter in the way commentators and political parties think it does.