Beyond theory

The winners of this year’s Economics Nobel have shown that it is possible to reach out of the ivory tower to the real world.

Missing the power point

In their haste to propogate the populist measure of distributing laptops to school students, State governments are overlooking the basic issues that can make this scheme a success.

Atrocities that no longer shock

While the Delhi rape incident saw mass protests for justice, crimes against Dalits hardly evoke such outrage, which is why the killers in the Laxmanpur-Bathe massacre have got away.

The many roads to Kabul

China is quietly but surely pursuing its strategic interests in Afghanistan. It is time India worked outthe implications for itself.

Lessons from Indonesia’s Hindu legacy

The country’s official recognition and generally peaceful acceptance of Hinduism contrasts with India’s own problematic record of religious tolerance.

To secure wakf wealth

With the Wakf (Amendment) Act, 2013 now in place, the prospect of some order evolving in the management of the more than four lakh registered wakf property parcels has emerged.

The doubt of the benefit

That the prosecution must meet the highest standards of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, is an indispensable condition in the trial of any criminal case.

Getting its own off the hook

A Punjab and Haryana High Court decision to halt the framing of charges in the graft case against its former judge Justice Nirmal Yadav raises disturbing questions about judicial accountability.

What’s Mandarin for great game?

In contrast to a flagging American foreign policy, China is hitting all the right notes in forging relationships and configuring partnerships.

Rich harvest in the name of charity

Delhi’s new law on public-private partnership for land development seems tailor-made to suit big buildersand marginalise housing for economically weaker sections.

Much ado about the Bose in the boson

Bose’s name was conferred on the class of particles called bosons by Paul Dirac in honour of Bose’s collaborative work with Albert Einstein in defining the properties of such particles in the 1920s.

Message behind the Peace Nobel

The quick and effective elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons would reinforce the world’s faith in multilateralism and vindicate the Nobel Committee’s choice for what is arguably its most prestigious prize.

The persecution of Jwala

So glaring is the injustice being perpetrated by the BAI that the silence of the Sports Minister is baffling, as is the indifference shown by other mature sports administrators and personalities in the country.

Looking east through India’s universities

New Delhi must reach out to Myanmar by offering education and training in the diverse fields in which capacity building is required for the newly emerging country.

Where knowledge is poor

The role of education in reducing poverty is widely recognised but our planners are yet to realise how the impoverished struggle with a learning process that is unresponsive to their needs.

The legend bids adieu

Sachin Tendulkar’s decision to retire after his 200th Test match, scheduled against West Indies in mid-November, brings to a close a career like no other.

Cautiously optimistic

India’s external sector which, like the rest of the economy, has been passing through a bad patch, has recently found some reasons to cheer.

The happiness of being Alice Munro

There is finesse to Munro’s writing that makes even her most painful stories appear like moments of redemption in the midst of utter loss.

Avoiding a false choice

Going green is smart economics in a resource constrained world, as maintaining high environmental standards is now a prerequisite for achieving steady, long-term growth.

In search of the ordinary woman

Contrary to the perception that she is vengeful and abuses the law, all she wants is a life of dignity.