Tombstones do not remain mute

The Army’s clean chit to the accused in the Pathribal fake encounter case is an insult to the sacrifices made by its men in Kashmir.

Japan, India and the balance of power

India and Japan can honestly say that they are not building relations in hostility against China; but it is right for them to plan for the eventuality of Chinese hostility.

Reopen the Pathribal case

The Army court has egregiously concluded that “the evidence recorded could not establish a prima facie case against any of the accused.”

Nothing fishy about this genetically modified biofuel

A genetically-modified plant that produces seeds packed with fish oils is set to be grown in open fields in the U.K. within months, scientists announced on Friday.

The indefensible statute

The time has come for a national debate on the death penalty, a punishment that is arbitrary and pointless.

A law that raises more questions than it answers

In order to inquire into complaints of sexual harassment of women at any place, a law must be enacted to deal with offences, delinking them from employment rules.

Coming full circle: Shinzo Abe in India

A “normal” Japan that takes on greater security responsibilities in Asia, coupled with its new-found confidence under Mr. Abe, bodes well for India and the region.

Stamp out kangaroo courts

The Supreme Court and the National Commission for Women have taken suo motu cognisance of the incident, which has caused widespread outrage and revulsion.

Towards a rules-based policy

The ultimate goal is to contain CPI inflation within a target band of 4 per cent plus or minus 2 per cent. A smooth two-year transition is envisaged.

Identity and inclusive governance

Only a party that combines governance with a welfare agenda that is inclusive of social identities such as Dalits, OBCs, minorities and women can surge ahead in the coming elections.

Selling women’s rights short

When Kejriwal says “rape tendencies” begin with “sex and drug rackets,” he damages the progress made on the understanding of sexual violence.

A broken army lies at the heart of conflict in South Sudan

South Sudan’s problems are political but the military must be fixed to ensure enduring stability.

New notes for old

Sceptics can still point out that not all black money is held as cash and not all unaccounted cash will be in the form of notes issued prior to 2005.

An ominous situation

There is also an immediate and pressing need for the high-burden countries to increase the number of beds for treating drug-resistant cases.

Nagaland: descent into chaos

The absence of a credible state in Nagaland has created a power vacuum that is being filled by chaotic sub-nationalist forces often at war with one another.

On a wing and a prayer

Pakistan should develop a measured response to the ruthless militancy which started even before the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

Two countries, two elections

The AAP leader and the Jakarta Governor represent a break with the standard establishment- politician.

Oil exploration and security

Truth to tell, it is not as if too many foreign companies are lining up to invest in the country’s oil and gas exploration sector, not to talk of Chinese ones.

The injustice of delay

Apparently taking note of the secret execution of Afzal Guru, the court has crafted a new rule that families of convicts ought to be informed in writing as soon as their mercy petitions are rejected.

An economic turnaround?

Revisionists argue that U.S. economic fundamentals are now stronger than they seemed, and that those of the BRICs are weaker.