Narendra Modi sending back illegal immigrants, pushing water pacts hold key to Dhaka politics

In Bangladesh, both Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia seemed to be in some kind of competition to congratulate Modi.

The subsidy challenge

The job is not so much to eliminate subsidies but to distinguish between good and bad.

A deft tightrope walk over West Asia

India has been able to balance conflicting interests and engage relevant parties. And that’s served it well.

For another line of treatment

The new government should move away from compulsory licensing to spur drug innovation.

Two states in a nation

As I was leaving Pakistan, my thoughts were on the warmth I had received, the many friendly people I had met but equally so on the intimidation I had faced from some quarters.

The failure of reconstruction

This period of reconstruction is not a ‘transition’ towards normalcy, but rather a failure of planning that has led to dispossession.

Enforcing justice, not exacting retribution

There is a thin line between enforcing justice and exacting retribution, which has been scrupulously observed.

The big debate

Is democracy in long-run decline? A new charismatic rival is gaining strength: the Guardian State.

Clear tax laws, superior infrastructure, better investment climate will help re-route FDI to India

India is a caged tiger. It has the power and vigour to be a world-beating economy, but is penned in by thickets of regulations and political inertia.

We need to prepare more than annual budgets and make taxation transparent

If the new government truly wants to make a difference and usher transparency and better governance in tax collection and its utilisation, the above points could be considered.

Putting patients first

Patient is a very important stakeholder. Unless they come out and participate in trials, no innovative medicine will be available to patients.

The rights of prisoners with disabilities

Where a prisoner with disability requires support for daily living, placing him in solitary confinement and denying him facilities for personal care is violative of the right to dignity and bodily integrity.

Challenges on the price front

Reviving industry through a soft interest rate policy is not going to be easy as long as inflation remains above the RBI’s comfort zone. Supply side measures to cool inflation need to be undertaken by the new government with utmost priority.

‘Higher standards’ are double standards

Israel and India are two lonely democracies in turbulent regions of the world. They have much in common, but have never been close.

Carpe diem

In his first public speech after leading the BJP to a historic win, Narendra Modi was careful to strike precisely the right note with not only those who voted for him, but those who did not.

An open letter to Narendra Modi

Let this historic win be followed by a historic innings, which stuns the world by surprises your supporters may not want of you but many more would want to see you unfurl, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Not how many, but who voted made the difference

This election has created new trends and narratives even as it has sharpened old ones, says Rukmini S. through an analysis of electoral data.

Don’t dismiss those election petitions

If the petitioner loses interest in pursuing the petition, the court could consider substituting the Election Commission for the petitioner.

Renewal of political authority should help leverage this Mandate for new reforms

The electorate was disgusted with the corruption associated with the ousted UPA regime and expects the Modi-led government to wipe out corruption from public life.

A mandate to revive the economy

The Narendra Modi government should go for a smart, light regulatory approach to kickstart investment.