The struggle to produce the salt of life

Salt workers toil under inhuman conditions to create the ingredient that converts a tasteless lump of calories into consumable tasty food

Positive step, but hurdles remain

The Nuclear Liability Bill, which puts the onus of damages on the supplier, continues to hamper normalisation of India’s nuclear trade with countries including the U.S. and France.

Continue the conversation

Britain’s global leadership role on this issue would if anything pile positive pressure on authorities at home to put in place mechanisms that are more humane and sensitive while screening applicants.

Rhapsody in Realism

Intellectual life is ironic because really smart people often do the dumbest things precisely because they are carried away by their own brilliance.

Pest sprays poisoning world food supplies

The world’s most widely used insecticides have contaminated the environment across the planet so pervasively that global food production is at risk.

Individuals and institutions

Even before Narendra Modi’s personality added a new dimension to the question, many have viewed the BJP’s attitude towards institutions of parliamentary democracy with suspicion.

Independence from the government

Although meant to function as watchdogs, human rights institutions in India are treatedas subordinate departments with scant regard for their autonomy or statutory character

When the law gives no refuge

The lack of a law providing certain basic rights to refugees violates India’s obligations under customary international law.

Far-reaching moves

The insistence on a 25 per cent public float for public sector undertakings, instead of the present norm of 10 per cent, is an important step that could have multiple benefits.

The tragedy of Muzaffarnagar

Most of them are scared and, in the absence of any security, determined not to return to their villages. In many cases their homes have been burnt and their property has been looted.

Upholding the Five Principles

The Five Principles have withstood the test of time and made significant contributions to the cause of world peace and progress

For an aspiring global power, India suffers from shocking levels of malnutrition

The latest UN report places India's maternal mortality as highest in the world at 17% of global maternal mortality.

An NSA for hard times

Doval is not one for grand, cooperative schemes. He isa hawk, but a cautious one. His diagnoses are gloomy, but his prescriptions restrained.

For more openness in teacher education

Emphasis on education as a single and narrow discipline is inimical tothe development of a coherent field of study with a well-defined domain

Standing up for women in a man’s world

Women in power should rise above political, caste and religious considerations and come together to form advocacy groups.

Guard against hasty revision

Even the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Rural Development had in three instances reviewed the proposals for revising the Act and consulted various stakeholders.

Biting the bullet

The two hikes together are expected to fetch the Railways between Rs.7,000 crore and Rs.8,000 crore in a full year.

A few simple lessons to get the education agenda right

The prime minister's 10-point agenda indicates seriousness about education targets.

A time for Arab, Asian statesmanship

There is a broad consensus on the causes of the present crisis and the way forward for Iraq. Mr. Maliki’s sectarian approach has to be replaced by a broad-based government that provides the space and the opportunity for the country’s diverse population.

The lost moral of Islam’s divide

At the core of the dispute was an impassioned argument over whether the principle of succession in the nascent Muslim state should be dynastic or meritorious.