The antics of a Chief Minister

Until reason prevailed, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was not merely sitting in dharna in Delhi, he was also toying with the people’s trust and endangering their hopes for an alternative form of politics and administration.

A patchy record

Even as the prevalence of daily smoking among men in India has come down from about 34 to 23 per cent between 1980 and 2012, the absolute number of smokers has risen.

Does Brazil have the answer?

The Brazil example gives rise to a question we don’t ask enough in the United States: what’s the point of economic growth if nobody has a job?

Outsourcing environment decisions

Instead of one independent regulator to protect the environment, India must put in place governmental decision-making located within the public sphere of influence.

A mismatch of nuclear doctrines

ndia intends to deter nuclear use by Pakistan while Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are meant to compensate for conventional arms asymmetry.

Changing the rules of the game

Citizens’ protests in the last few years signal a consensus among all segments of society that the “rules of the game” of conducting politics in India need to change.

Kashmir: fewer troops, more peace

Long-term deployment of soldiers inevitably leads to friction with local communities. In Kashmir, the tensions have been heightened by the failure of the government to sanction the prosecution of military personnel involved in human rights violations.

Truth is the best defence

A CBI investigation monitored by a court needs to take place. Political prejudice should not halt the career of a genial, well-meaning individual.

The diaspora’s dark side

Sex-selective abortions have only recently attracted attention, following a series of reports in the Independent , which commissioned Imperial College London to analyse the 2011 census.

From Hindutva to development

After having outdone Mr. Advani as Loh Purush, Mr. Modi needed to extend his support beyond the core constituency of the Hindutva brand of politics.

There are no goodbyes

Most victims, as advised by TV studios, have moved on with their lives. But, what of the indelible imprints left on the memory?

Freeing temples from state control

What is scandalous is the corruption after the takeover of temples as politicians and officials loot the temple’s wealth and land, and divert donations of devotees to non-religious purposes.

Genes and environment in brain development

Recent scientific breakthroughs that targeted rare genetic forms of brain disorders have identified pivotal developmental processes necessary for normal brain development.

A leader steps forward

Some cheer on the economy

In the first half of the current year (2013-14), the economy grew by barely 4.6 per cent and it may not be able to match the CSO’s estimate of 5 per cent for last year, the lowest in a decade.

Justice in judicial appointments

A more independent judiciary based on an equally independent Judicial Appointments Commission is a categorical imperative for democratic praxis in India.

Lawyer, judge and aam aadmi

Even while ruling that sexual harassment is an infringement of the constitutional right to dignity, the justice pyramid stood apart as an exception to this standard.

A voice for probity in public life

Justice J.S. Verma, whose birth anniversary falls on January 18, was heard with respect and fear by the erring judge, dishonest public servant and wily politician.

Safeguarding ancient treasures

An important lesson from the return of the three idols is that unless India vastly improves protective measures and investigative infrastructure, it can neither control trafficking nor recover lost antiquities.

Shale or not, emissions will continue to rise

BP in its global energy outlook said gas would take a 27-per-cent share of global energy consumption and global emissions would rise 29 per cent by 2035.