Lending weight to the question of mass

The work behind this year’s Nobel for Physics advances the search for a grand unifying theory on the fundamental aspects of nature.

Don’t ignore the children

A clinical examination of children combined with laboratory confirmation in suspicious cases would go a long way in revealing their TB status.

Trading on hunger

Not only should the needy be provided access to food but farmers too must be incentivised to produce more grain to reduce reliance on imports.

Finding common ground across the seas

India and Indonesia share a lot of similarities which New Delhi can leverage to forge a special relationship.

A better life, a healthier mind

Poverty takes a huge toll on the mind and on this World Mental Health Day, the focus should be on the well-being offered by community-based alternative approaches.

Commandeering change

With just a lacklustre UPA and a partisan BJP to choose from, the country must vote for inclusiveness, compassion and harmony in 2014.

The right to safe abortions

According to a 2008 WHO report, about “two thirds of all abortions” that take place in the country are outside authorised health facilities.

The wrong way to fight terror

Whatever the tactical gains from its recent commando raids on terrorist targets in Libya and Somalia, the United States needs to reflect on the strategic costs that such ‘surgical strikes’ impose on the target countries, the wider region and, ultimately, on itself.

The unended Arab awakening

The Brotherhood, which claims democratic legitimacy, could now develop a form of Islamism that is more openly responsive to public discourse.

An ambitious ploy in the heights

The Keran episode shows that the jihadists are desperate to keep the Valley on the boil until they can give it their full attention after international troops withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014.

Washington’s partisan squabble that could bruise the world

The ongoing battle on Capitol Hill threatens America’s economic health and could affect countries with close ties to it.

NOTA small matter, this

The Supreme Court’s recognition of a negative vote as a constitutional right should be followed by acknowledging it as a rejection of all candidates.

Take child’s play seriously

That the programme should languish in spite of the Supreme Court’s intervention since 2001 to universalise and upgrade the ICDS shows deplorable lack of commitment across the political spectrum.

A general’s move

General Kayani gave himself the task of rebuilding his Army’s image, severely dented by the unpopularity of his predecessor, Pervez Musharraf.

On shaky ground

A Sri Lankan Supreme Court judgment on devolution of land powers underlines the 13th Amendment’s shortcomings to keep in check central intrusion into provincial governance.

Flying high on its achievements

The IAF evolved into a modern fighting force through the dedication and hard work of its Indian pioneers and their achievements in theatres of war.

The forgotten promise of 1949

The RSS wrote a non-political role for itself as part of an undertaking it gave Sardar Patel. The overtpolitical role it has assumed in 2013 is a breach of that agreement and its own constitution.

Publishing start-ups crowd world’s biggest book fair

A rush of publishing start-ups and ever new ways to lure readers in an industry with Amazon breathing down its neck will be a central theme at the world’s biggest book fair, opening in Germany on Wednesday.

Bicycle phobia

The prohibition imposed on bicycle riding and use of non-motorised transport in 174 designated roads of Kolkata during most hours of the workday or round-the-clock is undemocratic, environmentally retrograde.

Singh and Obama play ‘small ball’

The September 27 Manmohan Singh-Obama meeting made some incremental moves, but the India-U.S. relationship needs more energy and stronger economies.