Interference sans responsibility

Jayanthi Natarajan’s explosive letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, with its stunning revelations about Rahul Gandhi’s interference in the functioning of the Union Environment Ministry when she headed it

Climate change deniers

Unlike conventional crude, mining and turning tar sands into oil is highly carbon-intensive and hence has far worse consequences for global warming.

Nuclear deal no cause for celebration

If the government is looking for cheap electricity to promote development, importing American reactors hardly seems like a smart choice

Food insecurity acts

The Shanta Kumar Committee’s recommendations to unbundle the Food Corporation of India are in tune with U.S.-led demands raised in the World Trade Organization

Choosing satyagraha over spectacle

It is the Irom Sharmilas, the Mahasweta Devis and the Ela Bhatts who have to colour the imagination of India and take it beyond the triteness of state politics.

Achhe din ahead for mining sector

The Mines and Minerals (Development) Ordinance will help the steel industry by extending lease periods

Doing what it takes to stop a ‘Grexit’

Germany should take a flexible view of Greece’s debt, to contain the Left wing, anti-austerity uprising

Borrow in India

While the Centre has been cautious about borrowing overseas, corporate India has been most imprudent

Over 38,000 Somali children facing starvation: UN

Over 38,000 Somali children are at “high risk” from dying from starvation despite hunger levels improving by almost a third across the war-torn nation, UN experts have said.

Sending the right signal

The decision not to appeal has implications for other such similar cases involving multinationals and is, in that sense, a significant one.

Czar Putin’s next moves

If Vladimir Putin gets away with crushing Ukraine’s new democratic experiment and unilaterally redrawing the borders of Europe, every pro-Western country around Russia will be in danger

Gita, Gandhi and Godse 

Both Nathuram Godse and Mahatma Gandhi read the Bhagavad Gita but one became a martyr and the other a murderer

Obama and religious freedom

The first public reactions to U.S. President Barack Obama’s soul-stirring “Address to the People of India” at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi before winding up his three-day historic trip to the country on January

Takeaways from the Obama visit

U.S. companies are apparently still studying the Indian proposal for a nuclear insurance pool to mitigate investment risks, so it may be too early to claim victory on the civil nuclear front.

An unfair allegation

It is untrue that the position the BJP took on the nuclear deal in 2005 was L.K. Advani’s alone; it was arrived at after detailed discussions within the party at every stage

Strengthening Indo-US ties with a little help from a friend

The Indo-US bus, stalled since 2009, is moving again. It has new tyres, engine and a coat of paint, and its cocky new Indian driver is determined to take it in his chosen direction: not just towards a particular country but the world at large.

Indian science’s Y chromosome bias

Why are women virtually non-existent in the Indian science establishment?

Needed – a Budget for medium-scale units

MSMEs need a helping hand by way of tax breaks and credit guarantees, as exports come under stress

Micromanaging loans

The RBI would do better to empower borrowers rather than regulate the pricing of loans

The lesson from Yemen

Arming weak states such as Yemen, where the U.S.-backed government recently fell, has not helped; investing in human capital could have better payoffs