An entertainer should help build the moral fibre of society

Some films may not entertain you, as in make you laugh or clap, but they engage you emotionally, spiritually, and are therefore “entertaining” in their own way.

A principled course

Sunday’s fractured verdict placed Mr. Kejriwal on test and his challenge is to resist a continuing flow of inducements from the two other contenders.

Woes of migrant labour

The widespread exploitation of migrant labourers in Qatar threatens to undermine whatever prestige the country may have earned by winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Not just about the islands

China’s decision to have an Air Defence Identification Zone in the East China Sea could have more to do with bigger maritime security issues than with any dispute over islands administratively controlled by Japan.

Making human rights a reality

Progressive judicial pronouncements were a reaction to social action groups and movements that sought judicial intervention to persuade the government to defend the rights of the marginalised.

When the definition of poverty harms the poor

We rarely ask the poor what poverty means to them and what changes in lifestyle would make them poverty-free.

Small consolation

The long-pending demands for reworking of Centre-State relations and for greater autonomy for the States will not go away no matter which party is in power.

Talk of war and peace

The denial by Nawaz Sharif of his “fourth war over Kashmir” remark, and his reiteration that problems with India have to be resolved through peaceful methods, came not a moment too soon.

The not-quite ‘semi-final’ and what it portends

Everything now points to the BJP emerging as the single largest party, by some distance, in the sixteenth Lok Sabha. But the Modi-led alliance will not go into the mid-2014 ‘finals’ as the favourite, in any event not the overwhelming favourite.

The Modi effect on voter behaviour

Other than in Rajasthan, where his huge rallies translated into increase in seats for the BJP, the impact of his campaign was less than that claimed by his supporters.

Brilliant campaign, audacious debut

If politics is so dirty, why not assume responsibility and clean it from inside instead of grandstanding from a safe distance?

Rising hostility towards the press in Ecuador

Investigative journalist Juan Carlos Calderon has received multiple death threats after launching a digital magazine exposing high-level corruption — something rare in the claustrophobic media climate of contemporary Ecuador.

Nationalism and free press

While the attempts to tame the press are global, they could not take away the spirit of freedom, resistance and the commitment to tell the truth from journalists.

From prisoner to President

For South Africans exhausted by the struggle against one another, Nelson Mandela filled the need for a unifying figure who could give them a vision of nationhood.

Upholding judicial independence

It is a unanimously held view that the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary should in no manner be compromised. It is widely perceived that the collegium system has not worked well and requires extensive reforms.

Nelson Mandela

The world has lost one of the greatest figures of the 20th century in the passing of Nelson Mandela, iconic revolutionary who ended apartheid in South Africa.

Shameful neglect

The joint estimate for the year 2011 by the WHO and UNICEF of the number of people who defecate in the open is yet another reminder of why the country has to address this issue on a war-footing.

Don’t harness modern weaponry to old hatreds

The loathing for Japan, now harnessed to a growing military power, forms the backdrop for dangerous tensions in the East China Sea … This is a chance for everyone to take a deep breath and think about the rise of China.

Persisting challenges

According to the RBI, India’s current account deficit (CAD) narrowed sharply to $5.2 billion (1.2 per cent of GDP) in the second quarter from $21 billion (5.0 per cent) during the corresponding period last year.

Posturing over airspace

China’s move to implement an Air Defence Identification Zone in the East China Sea has sparked concern among its eastern neighbours and the United States.