Going beyond symbolism

On its 66th Republic Day, during a mighty parade in the national capital, India showcased “woman power” with all-women contingents of the three Services for the first time.

The dynamics of inequality

Occupational and geographic mobility across the region are bridging income and consumption-related disparities, says the World Bank report, ‘Addressing Inequality in South Asia’.

Poverty and electoral priorities

There is a widespread feeling in the U.S. that a small percentage benefited during the slow recovery phase and something needs to be done to correct growing inequality

In the cause of right-wing liberalism

We are for secularism, but a certain sort of secularism which is not aimed at creating only vote banks

The new entente with the U.S.

The special relationship with the U.S. today, especially the ‘vision’ statement, is rooted in New Delhi's apprehensions about China’s aggressive ‘peripheral diplomacy’.

A bridge across the Palk Strait

It can connect India and Sri Lanka in more ways than one, enhancing business and social relations

Talk to farmers, don’t bully them

Empower them with information. Then they will make the right decisions on parting with land for industrial expansion

Dealing with PDS reform

The Shanta Kumar panel’s recommendations are broadly in the right direction

Turkey’s politics of fatigue

After the Paris shootings, and amid a rise in Islamophobia, Turkey could have stood as a modern, democratic, pluralistic Muslim country, but that is not the prevailing mood

A new chapter of openness

As he listed the reasons why he believes the India-U.S. relationship is the “defining partnership” of this century, Barack Obama dwelt in his farewell speech on all the similarities between the two nations: as diverse, multi-religious, tolerant democracies that respect human rights.

Ignoring the ‘other Osama’

It's inconceivable that the U.S. administration watches blankly as a man designated just as much as Osama bin Laden once was, flaunts his immunity with impunity

Securing a future for ‘Digital India’

New Delhi should not offer open-ended commitments to buy U.S. services without a forensic analysis of what they would mean for domestic constituents

After the nuclear step, the big leap

The real outcome of the Obama visit is captured in the statements on the India-U.S. bilateral Strategic Vision and the Declaration of Friendship.

India-US nuclear deal: Ratify convention on supplementary compensation

The sensible thing to do is to make India’s liability law fully in conformity with the Convention on Supplementary Compensation that India is yet to ratify.

Punish the Delhi Police Special Cell for framing Sayyed Liyaqat Shah, set an example

There is no accountability either – Special Cell’s chief, Special Commissioner SN Srivastava stays put in the chair since July 2012.

All you wanted to know about: Grexit

A weekly column that puts the fun into learning

A better law for the jungle?

The Subramanian panel report on environment regulation should not be accepted in a hurry

Beyond symbolism

Behind the Modi-Obama bonhomie lies a more nuanced understanding of mutual imperatives

When the young revolt against corrupt elites

The rise of Syriza in Greece can’t just be explained by the crisis in the eurozone: a youthful generation of professionals has had enough of tax-evading oligarchs

The deadlock in Nepal

The political turmoil in Nepal continues as the prospects of reaching a consensus over a new draft Constitution still appears bleak. The Constituent Assembly was expected to promulgate a new Constitution on January 22,