The importance of labour statistics

Hard data on what works will lead to greater stability in India’s labour policies, and a move away from informalisation

A taxing decision

The Supreme Court’s quashing of the National Tax Tribunal Act as unconstitutional is a setback for tax reforms

Tragic toll of negligence

The notoriety that India seems to have acquired over the decades for deadly stampedes, has once again been brought into focus.

Some memorable moments

Agold medal in hockey in the Asian Games is always a great moment to cherish, rare that it has been since the sport was introduced in the Games in 1958.

National laws for international Indians

NRIs face multiple jurisdictional clashes and are unable to reconcile their rights with corresponding obligations in Indian laws

Electrified, but without electricity

India needs a meaningful electricity service, not merely a wire connection to every household

Investigating the investigators

A police officer wanting to do the right thing can now cite this ruling and take the bold stand that whatever he did was likely to be subjected to a subsequent judicial probe.

US NRIs not welcome in Indian financial business

It looks likely that many financial businesses will sign the compliance agreements with the IRS, but may still avoid US citizens in order to avoid the cost, complexity and risk of reporting.

The over-recovery dividend

This is the right time to decontrol diesel and allow independent fuel retailing

For clarity on Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been rocked by a spate of student-led protests that have swept across the city’s sensitive financial, administrative and shopping hubs.

A Scotland on Kashmir?

Many thousands of Kashmiris who live in Scotland could vote in the Scottish referendum,but they have little say in their own State

Taking ties beyond the Beltway

The message that the Indian-American community is now a force whose expectations cannot be ignored, including for better India-U.S. ties, is a positive asset.

A sound, and legally valid tax tribunal the need of the hour

The point is to ensure speedy resolution of tax disputes, not have them resolved in one particular fashion.

Indian athletes' phenomenal performance in Asiad kindles hope of an improved show at Rio Olympics too

While India has won just one individual gold medal in its 92 years of participation at the Olympics, India did not win a single medal at Seoul in 1988 or at Barcelona in 1992.

What an independent judiciary is all about

The key is to keep the executive out of judges’ promotions and transfers. How they are appointed is not the only issue

Stowaway threat to biodiversity

The WWF has listed these ballast-transferred marine invaders among the perpetrators of a 52 per cent drop in wildlife numbers that it had measured from 1970 to 2010.

The message behind the broom

In launching the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or Clean India Mission, on Gandhi Jayanthi day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to highlight the importance his administration attached to both sanitation and Mahatma Gandhi.

The distance to disarmament

The commemoration of the first International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons on September 26 was a moment for introspection.

The right to medicines in a world of stock-outs

Access to essential medicines in the public health system cannot be a service that the state voluntarily undertakes; it must be considered an undeniable right of every Indian

Dismantle the walls of secrecy

Recent orders of the Madras High Court have redefined the RTI Act — reducing its scope, expanding its restrictions and creating new grounds for denial of information