A milestone for Pakistan

The transgressions of former military dictators are now the subject of history and they all ruled with impunity.

The employer’s creed

If human resources bosses decide they want to hire a certain sort of person, then young people begin turning themselves into that sort of person.

Second sunrise of Indian jihad

Each bombing the Indian Mujahideen carries out is a medium for a political message enmeshed with India’s dystopic communal landscape: that democratic politics cannot defend India’s Muslims.

When the courts legislate and execute

Protection of our fundamental rights remains paramount and the Judiciary must curb acts of excess, and ensure checks and balances.

Shooting the messenger to kill the message

While the Pakistan government is planning to set up a media commission and repeatedly talks of the safety of journalists, mere assurances cannot set things right.

Final reprieve for Bhullar

His death sentence stands commuted to life on two grounds — that there was an unexplained delay of eight years in disposing of his mercy petition, and that he suffers from mental illness.

Message from Sri Lankan polls

Though the losses do not appear massive, the message behind it cannot be wished away. The UPFA’s loss did not result in its main rival, the UNP, gaining votes.

The experiment of the century

Wherever you turn, whether in the factory, the newspaper, the farm or the university, the Chinese Communist Party secretary retains a decisive voice.

Abstention louder than any vote

With India’s abstention vote, it would seem that South Block is wresting back control of its decision-making authority from that domestic sphere that has ridden roughshod over several foreign policy decisions.

A diversified Muslim identity

The voting preference of Muslims in States is not an outcome of any national strategy; rather it is constituted at the grassroots level.

An elusive detector for an elusive particle

The delay of a go-ahead from the Cabinet for an indigenously designed neutrino detector is demoralising for scientists because it could turn investors away.

Striving for a polio-free world

The strategic plan approved last year aims to stop transmission of all naturally-occurring ‘wild’ polio viruses by the end of this year and complete the task of eradication by 2018.

Quest for oil threatens Africa’s oldest wildlife reserve

Sceptics argue that the seismic survey is a cover for hidden oil prospection that could have serious consequences for the environment.

Transitions of the angry middle class

What the people of India want, just as the angry middle classes in Ukraine, Bosnia Thailand and Venezuela do, is a government that is accountable, responsible, and effective in moving their country further into the modern world.

The shifting sands of Muzaffarnagar

Today the bitterness has been put behind. Instead there is relief at having survived the ordeal, which the Muslim refugees attribute to the SP being in power.

Food security in the time of inflation

If the expansion of the Public Distribution System results in an increase in market prices, it may counterbalance the benefits of food subsidy.

A chance to cleanse the game

The Supreme Court order appointing former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar as interim head of the Board of Control for Cricket in India to manage the affairs of the Indian Premier League this year ought to be welcomed.

A mandate for the UNHRC

No progress has been made to fix responsibility for the mass killings in the last phase of the civil war in 2009.

Scientists create ‘designer’ chromosome

In contained use, on a small scale in a lab, it’s absolutely fine. In a commercial situation, on a scale say for biofuels, you run into problems about how you adequately and securely contain those organisms.

Many realities, multiple platforms

The digital divide has gone out of favour, but millions of Indians not only remain illiterate, but are unable to access welfare schemes