Gandhi, morality and political legitimacy

Like with any thinker of such enormous and lasting influence, Gandhi’s repertoire of ideas turns out to be more surprising and resilient than we might realise.

Mary Kom does it again; becomes first Indian woman to win a boxing gold medal at Asian Games

Magnificent Mary just goes out and does things no one else has done, things few others consider doable.

The road to smart cities

It is paved with technical computing technology and soft power from India’s IT industry

RTI under threat

If the information seeker has to give reasons for seeking information it is likely that the application will be opposed by the public institutions at the admission level.

Young western women among jihadis

Hundreds of young women and girls are leaving their homes in western countries to join Islamic fighters in the Middle East, causing increasing concern among counter-terrorism investigators.

The gendered brain debate

All this latest slice of paranoid gender-obsessed biology teaches is how attached science is to its pink and blue safety blankets

Deepening relationship

After a hectic, often frenetic five days in the United States, it is time to take stock of the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit.

Afghanistan’s change of guard

The new President of Afghanistan, Ashraff Ghani, and Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s ‘chief executive officer’ — a new post that is to evolve into a prime ministership in two years — have their work cut out.

Dangers of imperious impatience

From prime minister to policeman, from cobbler to caliph, the gaze of law falls equally on everyone. However high may you be, the law is always above you.

Falling commodity prices are good, unless they signal global recession

Two worrying trends have emerged on the global scene. One is a crash in commodity prices. The other is an imminent rise in global interest rates.

The RBI stuck to the script, rightly so

A standstill policy seemed inevitable. However, the acceptance of a ‘new normal’ for inflation is disturbing

Two industry indices that don’t match

Is the performance of core industries a good indicator of overall industrial production?

No interest respite

The RBI has not adequately factored in bearish global commodity market signals in its latest policy review

A men-only U.N. meeting on gender equality

Mr. Sveinsson said the conference convened by his country and Suriname will be an “exceptional contribution” to events marking the 20th anniversary of a landmark U.N. conference on women in Beijing.

A policy of status quo

The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decision to maintain status quo on interest rates is on expected lines.

Disappearing wildlife and why it matters

As humans, we need reminding of our relationship with nature so we can choose how to act

Forward and together in progress

Narendra Modi and Barack Obama talk about a renewed U.S.-India partnership forthe 21st century

‘Political courage needed to admit government can’t deliver promises’

We could hold people accountable to a reasonable standard of expectation and that’s the first step, says economist Esther Duflo

A return to social science

As a society, we need new mindsets to create a new style of social science, a thinking which can revive the dullness of public policy and the hysterical triteness of social change.

Government needs to get its act together

Jim O'Neill, the man who coined the term Bric, identifies one major risk factor for the economy and the markets, besides a possible monetary tightening by the US Fed: Narendra Modi's failure to deliver on his promises.