All you wanted to know about: Round-tripping

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Towards urban dystopia

49 urban clusters in 183 relatively developed districts will account for more than three-fourths of India’s growth in the coming decade.

Scientists track flight of the Amur Falcon

For the first time, the bird’s entire migratory route has been plotted

The real enemy at the gates

The suicide bombing at the Wagah border in Pakistan is a tragic, and sadly ironic, reminder that it is not India that is the enemy at its gates. Forces within Pakistan are actively tearing down the country.

Protecting children in schools

Extremely disturbing incidents of sexual assault on children inside school premises have been reported in quick succession from Bengaluru.

Europe’s chronic stagnation

Low interest rates won’t spur economic growth if lenders don’t want to lend and borrowers don’t want to borrow. That’s been true in Europe.

Bridging the innovation gap

For a country aspiring to global economic leadership, the 2014 Global Innovation Index brings bad news for India. For the Index saw the country drop 10 places compared to last year.

No country for small fishers

Small-scale fisheries continue to have potential for decent livelihoods with dignity, provided transnational and mega- development-driven dispossession is kept at bay

How to reform and how not to

Where the State leadership has understood the potential of the programme, every effort has been made to make it more effective, and this is true across the political spectrum.

‘CCI is also protecting consumer rights’

Not just focussed on anti-competitive practices, the CCI is increasingly looking into whether such practices harm consumer interest, says the former Additional Director General, CCI

SC should maintain confidentiality in black money names to maintain healthy foreign relations

It is absurd that the names of alleged stashers of black money overseas have started floating around barely days after the government gave the list of account holders in Switzerland in a sealed envelope to the Supreme Court.

Prune government flab

The Centre’s intent on curbing non-Plan expenditure by 10 per cent by cutting down on travel expenses, foreign trips and 5-star stays of senior officials is unexceptionable, but the exercise is neither substantive nor novel.

Swachh Bharat: a scheme or a pipe dream?

If Prime Minister Modi is serious about Swachh Bharat, he must provide leadership in converting the slogan into a viable multi-faceted programme

Winning with metropolitan clusters

To develop a granular growth strategy, companies should consider focussing on metropolitan clusters

The road to ultra-populism

As the largest and most anchored democracy around, India’s shift towards a closed society portends a perilous journey for South Asia as a whole.

Tackling the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) challenge via CSR

The subject of sanitation (mainly toilets) and hygiene is at the centre stage of the development effort and is receiving a huge thrust from the highest echelons of decision making in the country.

What will it take to clean the Ganga?

Certainly not a ₹5,000-fine for spitting. The job must be given to an outside agency, with a definite time-frame

An outrageous penalty

The death sentence imposed on five Indian fishermen by a Sri Lankan court for drug trafficking has added an unfortunate dimension to relations between the two countries.

Going beyond disclosure

Confidentiality in tax matters is both an essential part of due process in preliminary proceedings and a necessary ingredient for international cooperation in curbing evasion.

The rise of an Iranian troubleshooter

Ali Shamkhani appears to bridge the radical and moderate camps at a time when opinion in Iran is divided about a nuclear deal