Climate change: We have no solution

The only real hope of disarming climate change-related conflicts is new technology. As yet, no magical fix has emerged.

A bucket list for the new government

To realise growth potential, the new administration will have to make decisive and transparent choices about growth and welfare. This is not an ‘either or’ choice — it would have to be both.

India learning

Through participating in internships, nationally relevant projects, election campaigns and other hands-on social experiences, the very best of India’s talent will, we believe, learn how to lead the nation.

Bodo hopes and minority rights

The violent rivalry between Bodo political outfits and gradually emerging non-Bodo political conglomerations is a reflection of the agenda of elite ethnic dominance.

Defending India’s patent law

No one can attack India’s well-founded Intellectual Property regime as being weak merely because a drug that is claimed to be an invention fails the test of law.

The flight of the backward castes

For Modi, hammering home the message that he is an OBC was crucial: it was, after all, the waning of backward class support for the party in U.P. in the late 90s that saw its fortunes dip in the State.

Lessons from Mullaperiyar

The verdict sends out a message that rights crystallised by judicial orders cannot be abrogated by legislation.

Weak institutions, easy targets

One clear implication is that corruption and weak public institutions make countries easy targets for determined terrorist groups.

Next government needs to maintain, nurture India and Bangladesh cordial relationship

Whoever forms the next government in Delhi, one of the most important tasks will be to maintain and nurture the cordial relationship shared between India and Bangladesh over nearly a decade.

Why the bullet train can well wait for now

For now, we should improve the safety, quality and speed for all. Those who need still higher speed can travel by air for now.

Net freedom campaign loses its way

One word to describe NetMundial: Disappointing! Why? Because despite the promise, human rights on the Internet are still insufficiently protected.

The Gujarat middle

Maharashtra does better on all the summary indexes. Why, then, should it not be held up as a model?

Raising the bogey of illegal immigration

If the right wing tries to make good Narendra Modi’s ‘pack up’ threat it will only whip up anti-Indian passions that will help radical forces recover in Bangladesh.

The case against privatisation of education

Even when it comes to the mere training of professionals, it would be difficult to hold that a significant number of private institutions have surpassed the IITs and the IIMs.

The real Africa

Africa faces in acute forms the same problems that afflict pretty much every region these days.

Turning against the referee

No institution including the Election Commission of India (ECI) and no personality or office in a democracy can be beyond public criticism and debate.

Crime and punishment

The charge against Mr. Shah is that he was the mastermind of the scam and engaged in a criminal conspiracy to turn the NSEL into a non-banking financing institution.

Climate change making food crops less nutritious

Rising carbon dioxide emissions are set to make the world’s staple food crops less nutritious, according to new scientific research, worsening the serious ill health already suffered by billions of malnourished people.

The unorganised sector: Government must shake out old laws and focus on new ones

With a new government, there is an expectation of overhaul of the legal system, which means dispute resolution and re-examination of "laws".

India's Farming Saga: Mapping the UPA government's agriculture revolution

First, the post-Independence period when there was an acute shortage of food supply and the country was dependent on the US PL480 programme to feed her citizens