Politics of identity and location

The people from India’s northeast face severe discrimination in Delhi and elsewhere. But how does the northeast treat the ‘outsiders’?

Dealing with ‘wolves’ and ‘beasts’

By sounding the death knell in the name of sending out a strong signal, including in the Shakti Mills and Delhi cases, judges seem to be addressing “societal conscience” by handing down the irrevocable sentence.

Where should the judiciary draw the line?

Starting from inventing the ‘basic structure’ doctrine, the judiciary has played a highly proactive role in ensuring that India develops into a thriving democracy.

Preparing for a poor monsoon

It must be borne in mind that not every El Niño leads to a drought over India. Indeed, an analysis found that the monsoon became deficient in only 43 per cent of the El Niño events that took place between 1880 and 2005.

Appointments and propriety

The Lok Pal Bill mustered the numbers in Parliament with great difficulty, and the haste in pushing through an appointment would have negated all the spadework done so far.

Putin’s comments could pose challenge to the Internet

His remarks come in the wake of a law passed by the Russian Parliament this week requiring foreign social media websites to keep their servers in Russia.

Getting the sunny side up

The cost of solar panels and the poor 10-15 per cent efficiency in harnessing heat energy feed into these costs. Still, thanks to the innovations, expenses are falling.

Monsoon vagaries

here is also need for reforms that enable agro-processors to procure directly from farmers, as opposed to the present intermediary-dominated system that keeps markets segmented.

A new economic agenda

To become a developed country, India’s GDP will have to grow at 12 per cent per year for at least a decade. Technically this is within reach, since it would require the rate of investment to rise from the present 28 per cent of GDP to 36 per cent.

Judicial overreach should be avoided

All the three constitutional branches, the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary must be aware of their boundaries and limitations, says Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam.

Disabilities of our democracy

Substantive equality can only be achieved with a rights-based approach and a robust protection of civil and voting rights.

Drones cannot replace politics

There have been 11 drone strikes in Yemen this year, and the country is now the main such target, as al-Qaeda seems no longer to have a presence in Saudi Arabia.

Sustainable mining

The verdict represents an acknowledgement that the problem with mining is not the activity itself; rather, it is illegal and unregulated mining that needs to be clamped down upon.

Demographic Dividend: India’s roadmap for skills development

There is hope and India can still achieve the rich demographic dividend, but all stakeholders must come together and work in a holistic way.

Where’s the coal to run power plants?

After taking charge in 2004, the UPA dished out over 40 billion tonnes of coal assets to captive miners without a semblance of transparency. The exercise added a mere 15 million tonnes of production in a decade and gifted the UPA with a major scandal to boot.

Corruption kills

This is not the ‘no harm, no foul’ kind of corruption which can at least be tolerated. This is corruption which kills. It is time we did something about it.

Questioning an iconic number

Accurately estimating the numbers of those dead in any conflict is notoriously difficult. In Bangladesh, these practical difficulties are exacerbated by the partisan nature of the politics.

A virus to watch out for

Unlike the swine-origin flu virus that caused the 2009 pandemic, the MERS virus does not easily spread from one person to another.

BCCI and a credibility deficit

the Court has, in a welcome move, chosen to request Justice Mukul Mudgal, who headed a Court-appointed panel that came out with an insightful report earlier, to hold a full-fledged investigation.

What Pakistan wants from India

There is a view that compulsions of a rightist political lineage may force a BJP government to reverse ongoing peace initiatives or escalate tensions in Kashmir.