Understanding Article 370

Article 370 was and is about providing space, in matters of governance, to the people of a State who felt deeply vulnerable about their identity and insecure about the future.

Mommy, the drone’s here!

It’s a business taking flight. Experts say there may be as many as 30,000 unmanned private and government drones flying in this country by 2020, ratcheting drones into a $90 billion industry, generating 100,000 jobs.

Sharpen the focus

With its long history of communal violence, India certainly needs a specific law with a strong focus on preventing clashes between the majority community and minorities and providing reparations to the victims of such violence.

Cure the malaise, not its symptoms

There has been a systemic breakdown in the justice delivery system.

New bird flu strains

Unlike the H7N9 strain, the latest H6N1 has infected just one person, a 20-year-old woman who presented with typical influenza-like symptoms.

In for a penny, in for a pounding

The ‘Rayala-Telangana’ idea seeks to exploit a regional divide within a regional divide. It could backfire with serious consequences.

Bangladesh’s new radical Islamists

The resurgence of new radicals such as the madrasa-based Hefazet-e-Islam, patronised by both the Jamaat and the BNP, is viewed by India as inimical to the interests of a stable, democratic Bangladesh.

Transforming bilateral ties

Through the last decade, India and Japan have made determined efforts to transform their bilateral ties. The week-long two-city state visit to India by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko is evidence that those efforts have been successful.

Dangerous opportunism

Telangana is now close to statehood on the strength of an untiring, intense mass struggle that had its basis in the assertion of historical political identities.

The Snowden fallout and notions of liberty

In America, debate and outrage at the NSA spying revelations have hardly abated; in Britain, the story has elicited barely a shrug. So what’s going on?

Sauce for the goose, but not the gander

The refrain that the Geneva interim agreement and a diplomatic thaw in U.S.-Iran ties are also good for India is a reminder that New Delhi has not been able to chart an autonomous course with Tehran since 2005.

Towards an economy of mutualism

Modern economy must come to assume a mutualistic, and not a predatory, role toward the natural resource-based, labour-intensive sector of the economy.

Look Northeast

Though it has been repeatedly held up as the gateway for India’s Look East policy, the country’s growth story has left the North-East region behind.

Economics at a loss for words

Most Americans think we’re still in recession, by which they doubtlessly mean ‘bad times.’ Something’s changed, but our economic vocabulary hasn’t kept up.

Internationalising the 1984 riots

The ghosts of the 1984 riots are not going away just yet. Vigorous efforts are under way to resurrect them.

Strengthening the regulatory network

Though there are many positives to take away from reforms in the power sector, a major goal, of making electricity tariff affordable to the consumer, is nowhere near.

Serving the justice needs of the poor

To be able to deliver appropriate legal services to the rural and tribal communities, we need an alternative delivery system with a different model of legal service providers

The challenge of 5 per cent growth

India’s GDP grew at 4.8 per cent for the second quarter of the current year, July-September 2013. The data, released by the Central Statistics Office on Friday, are entirely in line with expectations.

Indonesia’s toilet Trojans

Indonesia changed the practice of open defecation by educating ‘facilitators’ from within communities, who were then expected to trigger a larger transformation.

An economic agenda for India 2020

The Indian financial system suffers from a hangover of cronyism and corruption that have brought the government budgets on the verge of bankruptcy.