Loss and damage claims in climate justice

Compensation or reparation for damages associated with any country’s contribution to historical emissions amounts to a ‘duty to make amends’ and is not an act of charity.

Obamacare’s secret success

The news on health costs is remarkably good. You won’t hear much about this good news until and unless the Obamacare website gets fixed.

Mobility matters

The global report on human settlements, recently published by UN-HABITAT, is a timely pointer to what is wrong with current transport planning in India.

Indian secularism is about mediating between different communities

Women’s empowerment in films is a comforting fantasy even though it lasts only a few hours.An interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyam , historian.

From insurgency to electoral democracy

Accommodative politics, combined with political incentives, helped pave the way for the Mizo National Front to turn into a mainstream political party.

A fresh opportunity in Nepal

The results of the elections to Nepal’s second Constituent Assembly are yet to fully come out but there is little doubt that the Nepali Congress is set to become the single largest party.

Beyond the here and now

The note of caution from the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations on the risks of a short-term approach to global governance merits consideration.

National interest should override sectional interest

If new States increase insecurity and threaten national security and integration, what is the rationale for creating them?

Giving life to aspirations of a backward region

Those opposing statehood for Telangana are being oblivious to history.

Iran, the next stage

As administration strategists seek a comprehensive deal, they have several priorities. All will be harder to negotiate than was the limited six-month freeze on the Iranian programme agreed last weekend.

The evidence of circumstances

Those who criticise the Aarushi verdict cast aside decisions of eminent judges who believed that a conviction did not always require “conclusive evidence” or proof “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Sahara’s legal battles

In 2011, SEBI ruled the debenture issue illegal, after which the Sahara group has gone on a spree of litigation at different forums, basically challenging the capital market regulator’s jurisdiction.

A firewall that doesn’t protect

Sexual violence predates the Internet. Blaming technology is another way of ignoring young people’s experiences.

Taking the stigma out of sex crimes

Rape has always been seen as a stigma that only the woman victim has to bear. It is vital to change this perspective.

Troubled history hangs over Pakistan’s new army chief

Each of Nawaz Sharif’s past choices for army chief has ended in a crisis for the country. Will he prove fourth time lucky?

Expanding access to justice

Additional benches of High Courts will help reduce the costs of litigation, create new opportunities for people to seek justice, and provide more practice to lawyers.

Safety in regional airlines

The flight from Moscow reportedly made a second attempt to land at the capital of Tatarstan, after apparently trying to abort a landing, and the aircraft exploded as it hit the runway.

Israel’s Iran dilemma

Iran is to be tested. Nobody can know the outcome. Things may unravel but at least there is hope. Perhaps this is what is most threatening to Mr. Netanyahu.

A mole in Mumbai helped 26/11 attackers

An interview with Ram Pradhan , former Union Home Secretary.

From economic ties to strategic partnership

For a politically rising Japan that is beginning to shed its pacifist blinkers, India is central to both its economic-revival and security-building strategies.