By the ruling class, for the ruling class

The electoral system in its current avatar is not serving India’s democracy.

Talking without saying

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden’s current visit to Kiev is largely symbolic, but so is the Geneva agreement: it says good things, but avoids the things that matter.

A sinister design

Article 14 of the Constitution guarantees equality before law within the territory of India, and Article 15 prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

Defence Modernisation: A Revolution in Indian Defence Procurement

The inability to develop suitable small arms after decades of design experience cuts to the quick of Indian defense industrial policy.

Cooling dragon, stumbling elephant

There is an opportunity here for both countries — one desperate for long-term capital and the other seeking more rewarding investable avenues.

The right inflation target

Forecasts of a less than robust monsoon courtesy El Nino, increases the probability of a hawkish monetary policy stance.

For a fair and open system

The procedure of selection of High Court judges by inviting applications through notifications which is followed in the United Kingdom may well be adopted in India so that transparency in the appointment is achieved, eliminating the charge of discrimination.

Ending the gender binary

The transgender community was, until the advent of colonialism, a respected section of society.

CAG scan of the private sector

The government and the regulators should resort to CAG audits sparingly and only under exceptional circumstances where they suspect serious wrongdoing by a player.

The power of words

Elections always throw up inventive rhetoric, catchy one-liners, barbs, and taunts. These are amplified even more when social media rule the roost among the young and trendy in particular.

India has administered the wrong medicine to cure its CAD problem

The decline in capital goods imports of 14.7 per cent between July and February, the sharpest after gold, was a direct result of a deteriorating investment climate.

An aspirational new-generation and future of India

The new generation wants equality of opportunity in all fields and quality public and private services — and not just rights-based approach. The next government should tailor policies factoring in these expectations.

Fix the broken BRICS

The premise on which BRICS was instituted was that the group would be positioned as a viable alternative to the West in an increasingly multi-polar world, less dominated by the West.

Deterrence debates and defence

The perceived failure of deterrence, despite the possession of nuclear weapons by India, could lead to greater instability in Indo-Pak bilateral relations should there be another crisis with Pakistan.

The myth of the wasted vote

A vote is a tick of faith given to a particular party or candidate that the voter believes in; it is not is an endorsement of what a perceived majority might or might not want.

The Delhi dilemma

A fresh election is the obvious way out of the present impasse, but none can guarantee a decisive verdict with any one party winning a majority.

Gabo puts down his tools

Fondly called Gabo, Marquez was known for his magical realism that came to him through stories he heard as a child from his grandmother.

Yes, the CBI does call for vital reform

The real question is to produce accountability without losing autonomy in the process. Simultaneous, multiple lines of accountability is the solution.

India must reignite the faith of its young voters : Dr. Kalam

You have to choose the best candidate among the contestants based on their work and contribution to society. Your 'right to vote' is precious.

The imperative to restrict CAG’s ambit

All audit objections have to be evaluated for their significance by the concerned stakeholders. In the case of the statutory audit, the annual general meeting evaluates audit observations.