An anti-environment political discourse

Sixty-seven years after Independence, despite enormous strides on a number of fronts, India continues to struggle with poverty, unemployment, social strife, and environmental destruction.

Bridging the narratives in Sri Lanka

If the Tamil National Alliance wants to lead the Tamil people through a painful process of introspection, it should speak about the grief of Sinhalese and Muslim families that lost family members to LTTE attacks.

Beyond male and female, the right to humanity

The judges referred to each person’s experience of gender, which may involve a freely chosen modification of bodily appearance or functions by medical or other means.

Tasks before the Navy chief

Delays in production and acquisition, and the Defence Ministry taking inordinately long to clear proposals, has reduced the fleet strength.

Fair & peaceful, so far

The EC was also pragmatic enough to modify its order on Mr. Shah and allow him to hold rallies, after he gave an undertaking to play by the rules of the game.

The zealots win again

The debate over campaign contributions is never-ending for a simple reason: Both sides of the argument have merit.

The politics of quota and merit

There is unquestionable value in a general policy of reservation because it attacks caste-based inequities that have proved so damaging to our society; but through an ever-expanding scheme of reservation, we have lost sight of what our aims were in the first place.

Handling the energy crisis

With India consuming high levels of energy, serious efforts need to be taken by the new government to avoid a severe energy supply crunch.

The unbearable heaviness of an information void

We are nowhere near knowing how to prevent the occurrence of such a tragedy when another plane takes to the skies.

Haunted by inflation

The latest data have obvious implications for monetary policy, and the Reserve Bank of India, which has now shifted to the consumer price inflation as its benchmark, will be watching closely indeed.

When liberals turn illiberal

There’s a difference between creating a society where we have genuinely removed certain forms of hatred and demanding that people shut up because they have to conform to certain expectations of what is acceptable.

A modern-day enlightenment

A renewed appreciation of the ideas of Babasaheb Ambedkar would help us not just to critique Mahatma Gandhi, but also to challenge Hindutva ideology.

Affordable air power

The largely Indian designed Tejas light combat aircraft is not in the same class as the Rafale, but it is far more capable than the MiG-21s it was designed to replace.

‘Jobless growth’ no more

For the first time in India, there was a decline in the absolute numbers of the poor after 2004-05; until then for nearly 30 years, there was only a fall in the percentage.

Salutary judgment

The positive right to make decisions about their lives, to express themselves and to choose which activities to take part in.

UNHCR faults Cyprus on refugee protection

The UN refugee agency on Wednesday accused EU member Cyprus of failing to provide effective protection for displaced foreigners seeking sanctuary on the island.

US-India relations: Business that goes beyond the roadblocks

US-India relations are passing through a challenging phase, but we should not lose sight of the big picture. We will soon have a new political dispensation in New Delhi and mid-term elections in America later in the year.

Data distortions

Understated industrial growth does not mean all is kosher; it only shows that we need much higher rates of growth to absorb the workforce.

No country for whistle-blowers

Of the 21 warning letters issued by FDA in 2013 for serious drug quality problems, one-half were issued to Indian companies.

Writing no wrongs

The sophisticated handling probably comes with practice; the political memoir is a well-established genre in book writing in western democracies.