Reining in cancer

Though it would take 10 to 20 years for the benefits to show, half the battle against cancer would be won if only tobacco consumption can be reined in.

The echoing silence of caste

Whenever the caste issue is raised, it is alleged that it is a nefarious design to divide an otherwise united Hindu community, and a problem that is internal to it. How is it a ‘Hindu problem’ when Islam, Christianity and Sikhism in India are equally bedevilled by it?

Another case of fraud in science

Unfortunately, for a fraud of this magnitude, the investigation by a six-member committee constituted by the Riken Center did not measure up to the standards one would normally come to expect of such institutions.

How PSUs can be put on a high-growth path

The way state-owned companies have grown over the last 20 years in India is noteworthy. They contribute significantly to India's economy and promote industrial and urban infrastructure.

Shareholder inactivism

In recent times, Indian policymakers have been in a regulatory overdrive to empower small investors to stand up for their rights.

The war of winning hearts

In 2000, Badranna decided to surrender along with his wife. ‘I am almost illiterate and it was causing an impediment in my way up in the party ranks’

Development is intrinsic to a secular project

Indian secularism is violated only when religious identity is politicised in a manner that causes injustice to other communities.

Staunching the vitriol

Ultimately, the responsibility to stem the degeneration of political discourse lies with the political class.

Merger medicine

Digesting acquisitions is never easy in the corporate world, especially when the acquirer and target are of similar size.

Robots search sea bed for MH370

Despite the greater depth, the comparatively flat Indian Ocean floor could be easier to search than the area around the mid-Atlantic ridge where AF447 was eventually found.

Modernise IIP data collection & analysis to get a clearer picture

While modernising industrial data collection and analyses, the Central Statistics Office also needs to bring out an index of services output; a set of leading indicators.

Don’t blame jobs scheme for food inflation

Higher rural incomes have raised demand for non-food items. And, why grudge a general improvement in living conditions?

Dancing with the nuclear djinn

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s election manifesto promises to review India’s nuclear doctrine. What does this portend?

The quiet IPCC warning

If temperatures rise to 2˚ C or more above 20th century levels, yields of major food crops will probably fall; the likely yield increase in colder climates as those grow warmer may not offset declining yields elsewhere.

India’s pro-rapist lobby

In the midst of a bruising election campaign, he spoke as he did because he knew there is political gain to be had from this stand.

Competitive restructuring

The Competition Act requires any merger or amalgamation where the combined entity has assets of over ₹1,500 crore or turnover exceeding ₹4,500 crore to seek CCI approval.

Inter-state ranking of distortions: What skews Indian farm markets

Agriculture's share in GDP has declined. For constant prices and agriculture and allied, the share is down to a bit below 14 per cent.

Reviving the Maritime Silk Route

The proposed route has clear strategic objectives, and India is studying its implications carefully

Triumph for the Afghan public

The counting process is being managed better than it was in 2009, with duplicated teams so as to limit fraud. Every polling station is required to post its results for the public to read or photograph.

Watching the money flow

Apart from the irritation some of these norms could cause to normal and bona fide day-to-day cash-carrying transactions by even ordinary citizens and businesses.