Appropriate support

The MSP mechanism can be calibrated to encourage farmers to diversify away from water-intensive crops to pulses and oilseeds.

The garb of policy-making

Experience shows that corrupt deals do take place in the garb of overtly proper administrative decisions, while policies and norms ostensibly serving the public interest are on many occasions framed in such a way as to suit vested interests.

‘Research in India happens in a few elite institutions’

The striking weakness of research in India is that research happens in a few elite institutions. But in the last five years, it has been broadening out a bit.

What About US?

It is easy to say we should just walk away from talks if we don’t get what we want, but isolating Iran won’t be as easy as it once was.

Long walk to normalcy

Nepal is making another try at Constitution-writing, hoping that a free and fair election exercise this time will give deliverance.

The rupee’s continuing troubles

A convergence of unfavourable factors appears to be behind the renewed fall in the currency after the relative stability of the last few weeks.

A crucial milestone

There seems to be broad support for the “bottom-up” approach, which would involve countries submitting voluntary commitments assessed and monitored for compliance by the treaty’s guardians.

Stalling the return to democracy

The decision of the Maldives Supreme Court to cancel the second round run-off on grounds of alleged poll irregularities was an obvious ruse to block Mohamed Nasheed from making a comeback.

Dramatic rise in research collaboration

Since 2008, India and the U.K. have committed close to £150 million for joint research programmes. They have a great research relationship helping to answer some of the most pressing questions the world faces.

Post-Taliban Afghanistan, 12 years on

The picture in Afghanistan today is bleak: worsening security, ubiquitous Taliban presence, poor coordination between donors and the government, and a slowing economy.

The plot against France

‘In Europe, as in America, fiscal scolds don’t really care about deficits. And France, which refuses to play along, has become the target of incessant negative propaganda.’

The challenge in Maldives

From the polling pattern it is very clear that the deeply divided country will vote to elect the MDP’s Mohamed Nasheed President as and when a second round is held.

An opportunity to free CBI

The court’s judgment holding that the CBI is not a legally constituted police force has been stayed by the Supreme Court for now.

Opinion polls: the way forward

Opinion polls should be regulated, not banned. Ideally, it should be self-regulation by pollsters and media organisations.

Green Partners in conservation drive

Named Green Partners, the citizen-centric conservation programme seeks to enhance biodiversity and improve ecosystem services outside forests.

Reprieve, for now

The skidding rupee, a high CAD, weakening GDP growth and rising inflation had set off fears of an imminent downgrade of the country’s sovereign rating.

Surrender on CHOGM

A decision by Dr. Singh to go to CHOGM and include a visit to Jaffna would have been a powerful reaffirmation of New Delhi's stakes and interests in the region.

Of election reporting and shedding hate

Politicians across the world have the propensity to say almost anything if it will get them headlines and media exposure.

A flawed approach to Montreal

In rushing to embrace the U.S. proposal to amend the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion, New Delhi has neither helped multilateral efforts to tackle climate change nor ensured that the appliances industry gets access to viable alternative refrigerants.

People want to move on, want good governance

Gujarat administration and the police were in no way complicit in the 2002 riots, and Mr. Modi has been able to reach out to the people, including Muslims, through “good governance.”