Speculation is not the answer

The Navy has much at stake in a thorough investigation of the INS Sindhurakshak incident as officers and sailors need to be assured that the fault lines have been found and rectified.

Where have all the women gone?

Overcoming son preference in India remains a daunting challenge as even educated women are prone to it.

Food for thought

Having proved the science, commercial production of meat would become a reality only if scientists solve a few major problems.

Nothing here to like

The ultimate arbiter of what constitutes offensive online content is the executive. In practice, that means touchy politicians and trigger-happy policemen.

Turning out to be rocket science

After years of effort and back-to-back failures, today’s GSLV launch is crucial to ISRO’s quest for an indigenous cryogenic engine.

Too close for comfort

The INS Sindhurakshak tragedy is a wake-up call for the defence establishment to relocate bases awayfrom bustling cities and economic hubs.

The trouble with German solutions for Europe

Chancellor Merkel’s enforcement of economic policies on eurozone states while seemingly distancing her country from a leadership role has come in for criticism.

Leaving no stone unturned

The draft National Conservation Policy’s exclusive focus on the preservation of ASI monuments is akin to a project solely to protect the tiger without factoring in the other elements in an ecosystem.

Looking for good company

With Parliament passing the Companies Bill last week, the country will finally have a contemporary legislation to regulate the corporate sector.

The leopard-eaters of the Himalayas

If big cats are to survive in this country, a credible alternative has to be found to the colonial-era hunter in dealing with 'man-eaters'.

What went wrong with India’s TB control

The story today is a far cry from the 1960s, when we led the developing countries’ fight against the disease.

The rediscovery of India

The country today needs to reinvent itself through the ideals and dreams that drove the Independence movement.

Playing responsible Big Brother in Myanmar

Protests have forced Chinese companies heavily invested in the country to take social and environmental concerns of local communities seriously.

Inaccessible India

Our size and ambition should dictate a more cosmopolitan world view, especially in our restrictive visa regime.

A settlement long overdue

The ratification of the Indo-Bangladesh land boundary agreement will reduce the difficulties in administering border enclaves, and improve the conditions of those living there.

When someone moves your cheese

Unlike many countries that have passed laws to protect citizens’ privacy, the Indian state is collecting more and more information about private individuals under various pretexts and restricting their right to access their own information.

Not such a straight poverty line

In making these two claims, among others, he derides the “great shrillness” around the poverty line debate.

Nip this in the bud - GM crops

Genetically modified crops, whose ecological effects are irreversible, could become a mainstay of Indian agriculture thanks to collusion between the government and the biotech industry.

Ill-educated politics

Interference by netas threatens the country’s plans to establish world-class research and academic institutions.

Justice is still teething, 15 years on

Powerful countries like India must sign up to the International Criminal Court if it is to continue its fight against impunity for mass crimes.