Crisis looms on the horizon

With the RBI refusing to lower interest rates, foreign investors have lost confidence in the government, and speculation on the rupee has mounted.

Spot in a fix

The government’s questionable decision to allow NSEL to deal in one-day forwards without bringing the exchange under regulatory watch has now caused a Rs.5,600 crore payments crisis.

Adding fuel to the fire

The Centre has sought to curb Nagaland’s constitutional right to regulate petroleum and naturalgas extraction, ignoring its special status under Article 371A.

A high-level let-down

A recent U.N. report on sustainable development is soft on big business and private investments, making sustainability, equity and well-being difficult to achieve.

Making India’s Durga Shaktis matter

The Union government can and must protect upright All India Service officers from harassment by unscrupulous political forces in the States.

For a more inclusive ballot

While denying voting rights to undertrials contradicts the principle that a person is innocent until proved guilty, disenfranchising convicts will aggravate their alienation from society.

An unwarranted ban

The Election Commission and the Jamaat had been engaged in a back-and-forth since 2008, when the registration of political parties was made compulsory; while the latter had made substantial changes to its original charter, the EC felt it needed to do more to conform to the country’s statutory requirements.

Warrior, pilot, strategist, scholar

From Thiruvananthapuram to Srinagar, from Shillong to Jamnagar, he would organise seminars and workshops at various IAF stations on topics ranging from air power to nuclear and space strategy.

Parliamentary supremacy under attack

The executive’s attempts to circumvent the legislature and the growing influence of money power in deciding elections have eroded people’s legitimate aspirations.

The devil is in the detail

Per capita entitlements under the food security bill will not cover beneficiaries as comprehensively as household entitlements.

Crude and not sweet at all

Far from being automatic, the energy security from India’s overseas oil assets is only as good as thecontracts and joint ventures that govern them.

A suspicious suspension

The most charitable explanation for Ms Nagpal’s suspension would have to be that the SP is trying to play politics with the religious sentiments of the people.

Understanding the poverty line

What it signifies, what it does not tell us and what it will definitely not be used for.

Accounting for accountability

In making the internal deliberations of parties and their criteria for selection of candidates also subject to the RTI Act, the CIC clearly exceeded its jurisdiction.

The drift to a national security state

Ensuring national security is an important attribute of a modern nation-state. But as the erstwhile Soviet Union realised, the threats to the state these days do not come from orthodox sources.

The shaky geopolitics of India’s food security

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) certainly seems to have, because it has pushed through a major food security initiative without so much as a murmur on how it will operate with respect to India’s international commitments.

Great power and greater responsibility

The welfare state has made governance a one-way street, offering citizens a sense of entitlement withoutany commitment to nation-building.

Caste out by the law

The British government's attempts to dilute legislation that recognises caste-based discrimination render it insensitive to the treatment of Dalits in the U.K.

Manning verdict could intimidate whistleblowers, feel rights activists

Bradley Manning faces a sentence of up to 130 years in prison and civil rights groups accuse the U.S. government of seeking to intimidate future whistleblowers.

From the granary to the plate

Despite its many flaws, the food security bill is an opportunity to end the leakages from the PDS and prevent wastage of public resources.