A roof to rent

With property prices spiralling and supply constricted, renting a house has become as difficult as owning one.

A palpable failure

Both the Centre and the States must evolve specific security strategies and evolve better coordination of intelligence-sharing, in fact even institutionalise mechanisms for intelligence and security coordination.

The culture and crisis of kushti

Changes in society and culture, the decline of small-holder farming, a recurring water-crisis and State neglect have combined to undermine what is perhaps the most deep-rooted sport in the rural economy.

A tiny step for a giant leap?

There are divisions over whether ambitious science missions like the Mars project are worth the investment by a country where large sections do not have basic amenities.

A tale of two handshakes

While the Prime Minister fanned the warmth and strength of India’s relationship with Russia, he also conveyed the message that ties with China can continue to grow if impediments are dealt with speedily.

Unfriendly portals, dwindling options

The post-Independence decades saw an acceleration in the flow of students from India to U.K. campuses, with ever-larger numbers seeking work, and a good number of them citizenship in the country.

Cleansing the system

Nearly 2,650 people died during clinical trials between 2005 and 2012; about 80 deaths were directly attributable to them.

A nuanced approach

The central bank had downgraded its growth projection for 2013-14 to 5 per cent from 5.5 per cent. Even this is higher than practically all other forecasts, by both private and multilateral agencies including the IMF.

Seven billion people, seven billion terrorists

While executives seem to have no knowledge of what the security agencies do, elected assemblies are even more disconnected from access.

A vote for the social sciences

The subject and its research tools have come a long way from being a grey area to occupying a role in the political landscape.

Wrestling with the rural economy

Kushti is located at the intersection of sports, politics and culture and is deeply embedded in the agrarian economy. If farming tanks, so does Maharashtra’s greatest spectator sport.

Cloud computing can help the SME sector grow and transform

Cloud computing market in India is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2015; the SME sector is likely to drive growth.

Wide-ranging implications

The fact that most of the irregularities occurred in the books of Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, two troubled institutions that JPMorgan was nudged to take over by the authorities in 2008, has not been seen as a mitigating factor.

The spying game

If America has been able to sustain its virtual global hegemony for over half a century, it is in no small measure due to the cooperation that Washington D.C. enjoys from governments abroad — whether dictatorial regimes or democracies.

India’s weight of the world moment

As the country develops economically, its double burden of malnutrition and its health implications will increasingly affect women and those who are socio-economically weak.

Walking a tightrope between depositors and deposits

While the proposed rules under the new Companies Act 2013 are laudable, the government must not end up closing an investment avenue.

The case for making it to Colombo

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should attend CHOGM and reaffirm the first principles of India’s foreign policy that he has so often spoken of.

Weak economy exerts asset quality pressure on banks

The profitability of Indian banks is under increasing pressure due to subdued growth in interest income, sharp slowdown in deposit growth, and an increase in credit costs led by a rise in non-performing assets (NPAs).

Not much comfort

Although India and the U.S. share a goal in nudging Pakistan to fight terrorism, New Delhi should not hedge its bets on President Obama’s words.

Regrettable and irresponsible

The manner in which leaders of the principal political parties have traded allegations in the last few days over the tragedy of the Muzzafarnagar communal clashes reflects an increasing trend of competitive irresponsibility.