A potential game changer

The IBL has the potential to serve as a game changer and take a sport that is hugely popular in many countries to a wider audience in India.

Let the science decide

It is shocking that eight ‘cases’ of bladder cancer in patients who are on pioglitazone was the only ‘data’ the ministry relied on to ban a drug that has been used by a sizeable number of diabetics for about a decade.

Of politicians and some verdicts

The slew of judgments from the higher judiciary in the period of just about a month or so has been like manna from heaven on the parched earth of electoral reforms.

Making negligence pay

The recent Supreme Court ruling should serve as an occasion for sober reflection on the vexed question of award of compensation to victims of road accidents.

Parliament should back the court, not criminals

Parliament is entitled to remove some of the infirmities in its judgment, but the court’s view cannot be simply ignored. People across the country have welcomed the court’s judgment. All parties should accept it.

Home for everyone

Providing adequate numbers of affordable houses for the urban poor remains an elusive target. Policies framed in the past have failed to deliver. About 96 per cent of the 18.78 million housing units shortage pertains to lower income groups.

Demanding transparency in political finance

Recognising that they are the main link to the citizens (as voters) and, by implication, the mainstay of democracy, many countries, including India, have helped cushion their expenses at public cost.

A hatchet job, NEETly done

The Supreme Court’s decision to quash the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test to medical colleges favours States, unaided institutes, coaching centres and creamy layers — in short, everyone but students.

Missing ingredient in the school lunch

Social audits of the mid-day meal scheme by parents can ensure that the world’s largest intervention against hunger that also helps keep children in school need not suffer setbacks like the Bihar tragedy.

All for the want of a horseshoe nail

The Uttarakhand floods exposed that logisitics, key to reaching humanitarian relief speedily to victims, is a much neglected aspect of disaster management in India.

Mandela and the Mahatma

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi spent his years in prison in line with the Biblical verse, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Nelson Mandela was shut off from his countrymen for 27 years, imprisoned, until his release on February 11, 1990. Both walked that long road to freedom.

The chimera of Dalit capitalism

The recent launch of the first Dalit venture fund occasions an examination of the moral and ethical emptiness of capitalism.

Turning garbage into gas

To residents of Indian cities who have become inured to dust, smoke, diesel fumes, as well as lead and nitrous oxide poisoning, this may sound like just one more addition to the long list of risks they face in their daily lives. But dioxins belong to another level of threat altogether.

Perpetuating short-termism

The rupee’s fall has shown the pitfalls of these two policies. In June, there has been a big sell-off in India’s equity and debt markets and this has been in tandem with the fall in the rupee.

Spooked by politics - CBI vs IB

The tussle between the Intelligence Bureau and the CBI over the Ishrat Jahan case reflects the dangerous trend of policymakers eroding their independence and objectivity.

Crime, caste and judicial restraint

Recent judgments on the disqualification of convicted legislators and candidates in custody, and the banning of caste rallies, are not correct in law and need to be revisited.

Banking after the sting

The regulation of WMS has been sparse and vests with different agencies like the RBI, SEBI and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

Crosscurrents in India-U.S. ties

The growing convergence of views on many issues is not enough to iron out the divergence arising from different priorities, as Secretary Kerry’s recent visit proved.

An oasis against the knowledge famine

The Marrakesh draft treaty, which will allow free distribution of books in disabled-friendly formats, is not enough by itself without a wider culture of providing for accessibility in learning.

Live wire in the nationalist movement

The telegraph was an important symbol of colonial authority: it is no surprise that telegraph offices have been some of the most stately and imposing buildings in Indian cities.