It’s time to contemplate a Uniform Civil Code

Courage and Commitment spoke to on her four decades of public life and why she is espousing a Uniform Civil Code.

Memories of a living saint

Asked why he picked up Christians and Hindus in his ambulances, he replied: ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you.’

Mind our language

Salman Khan may have regretted his remarks in the next breath after uttering his “rape” analogy, or not. His father, Salim Khan, certainly did not hesitate to issue an apology on behalf of his routine

Can we have some silence, please?

Aggressively promoting oneself seems to be the new mantra for survival in our society and silence mitigates this ‘virtue’

The legacy of Jo Cox

The murder of Jo Cox has put the threat to Britain’s social fabric from racial hatred and violence firmly on the political agenda

A strategic exit

In declaring that he will not seek a second term after his first ends in September, Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan has chosen the best and most dignified way out of a situation that was

India’s first ‘Mach’ women to take wing tomorrow

One dreamt of flying like a bird since childhood, another wanted to carry on the family legacy of flying, and a third one began to fancy a lifelong career as a pilot since amateur flying in college.

The wars of Thomas Hardy

here were several interesting things that I did not know about Thomas Hardy when I went for a wander around Casterbridge — Dorchester in southwest England, to you and me — on his 176th birthday last w

Life lessons from Muhammad Ali

Ali stood up to power and injustice no matter what the personal cost. And he did so by eschewing violence

Floating like a butterfly

Muhammad Ali, who died aged 74 on Saturday, after a protracted battle with Parkinson’s, was not only the paramount athlete of the last century, but was also peerless in that he provided a curious

A story of Ghalib’s twilight years

The play is presented by Mr. Mohiuddin’s Kathputliyaan Theatre Group, in association with the Karnataka Urdu Academy and is free.In 1857, the crumbling Mughal dynasty’s capital Delhi was reduced to al

Death of a terrorist

The death of Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the leader of the Afghan Taliban, has thrown the insurgency into its second leadership crisis within a year. Mansour, who took over command of the Taliban

Fishermen in troubled waters

To be in prison in one’s own country is itself a nerve-wracking ordeal. But imagine how much more agonising it must be to languish in another country’s prison, often endlessly, and for no fault or for

Now seems a great time to scale up in India

Think of our products as tools to learn; they empower people to do things they could not do otherwise

Rajan’s tenure extension opposed

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan is facing opposition within the government and the ruling BJP to the extension of his tenure as he did not heed their calls for ‘aggressive’ rate cuts

‘I want a break from this male-dominated world’

Bollywood broke and subverted the real to create stereotypes and myths. And now we are so surrounded by lies that if someone speaks the truth, we are surprised.

The lone voice of Pankajakshi Amma

When collective enjoyment is at stake — that too as part of a religious ritual —an elderly woman’s anxiety over safety would seem like trivial nuisance

A star in a strange role

To have a controversial actor at the centre of India’s Olympic campaign not only detracts attention from sportspersons but also demeans their contribution

Appropriating Ambedkar

While the Modi government moves him to the centre stage of national conversation, an effort is simultaneously underway to bring about a confluence of Left and Ambedkarite politics

A young woman forester’s mission impossible

Here’s an incredible saga of a woman forester in the Seshachalam biosphere, who has to crisscross Kadapa and Chittoor districts to reach her highly inaccessible, 20,000-acre Moghilipenta beat.