Upsetting a very fine balance

Three recent instances invite disturbing questions about the transformation of the Supreme Court

We need democracy because people can be wrong

It’s the only political system that allows us to regularly check the mistakes we make, bloodlessly, and correct them

What the courts miss in the Constitution

A distinctive feature of Indian secularism is that it rejects the ‘wall of separation’ but demands that the state keep a ‘principled distance’ from all religions

There’s no concept of National Song: SC

Bench refuses to intervene in plea to frame policy

Governor not ‘duty-bound’ by popular will, says SC

The court made this clear even as it allowed a petition seeking to stop the appointment of Sasikala as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to be withdrawn as infructuous.

Story of a controversial ordinance

The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance has been promulgated many times

Change of guard

But will the AIADMK leadership give Tamil Nadu’s new Chief Minister a free hand?

Jugaad jurisprudence, the Tamil Nadu way

After more than 10 days of high suspense, the Governor finally chose what was always the correct option

Should elections be state-funded? - Favour

State funding is a possible solution but it alone will not do away with the black money-electoral politics nexus

Should elections be state-funded? - Opposed

It is based on the presumption that there would be no private funding. This is antithetical to democracy

Child marriage widely prevalent in A.P., says study

Krishna district tops list, Vizag comes second

SC makes legal services affordable

Middle and lower income groups can avail the scheme by paying a nominal amount

Set up mechanism to delete sex determination ads: SC

‘Order to Internet giants is to make search engines responsive to Indian law’

Edappadi Palaniswami sworn in

New Tamil Nadu Chief Minister says he will take floor test tomorrow

A few good officers

Increased digitisation of public documents is of absolute importance if we are to rein in rapacious public servants

The devil is in the fine print

Electoral reforms announced in the Budget are not what they are claimed to be — they will neither cleanse our politics nor bring transparency

The conviction and after

Corruption in high places is a malaise that is easy to diagnose but difficult to cure. Even in the rare cases they are arraigned before a court, top politicians often pay their way through legal battles, and spend little or no time in incarceration.

Importance of goods and services

As the polls in Uttar Pradesh shift eastward, issues of economic delivery and the impact of demonetisation appear to be increasingly salient for voters

The long and winding road to justice

It has taken over two decades, but the conviction of V.K. Sasikala has come not a moment too soon. Now the Governor has to ensure that the MLAs are able to choose their next leader without fear or coercion

Rebel factor, minority choices

Uttarakhand goes to the polls on Wednesday for its fourth Assembly elections since its formation after it was carved out from Uttar Pradesh in 2000.